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Hire Our Woo Experts for Any WooCommerce Plugin Development Needs

Add or modify any feature, functionality, or behavior of a stock WooCommerce plugin. The WooCommerce experts at Virtina are capable of tweaking a  plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Not only that, but our highly skilled developers can also develop a custom plugin from the ground up for your unique business requirements.
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WooCommerce Plugin Development Solutions

  • WooCommerce Plugin Modification
  • WooCommerce Inventory Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce Order Management Plugin
  • WooCommerce Plugin Upgrade
  • WooCommerce Subscription Plugin
  • Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce Payment Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce Shipping Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce Plugin Troubleshooting
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

If you are looking to add more features to your WooCommerce store via plugins, then look no further than Virtina. Virtina's WooCommerce experts and developers are well versed and highly competent in integrating or modifying any 3rd Party plugin. From pre-built extensions to custom ones, we handle every plugin requirement with ease. 

Our Woo experts also develop custom WooCommerce extensions that align perfectly with your business's unique demands and requirements. Our developers ensure that the planned extension blends with your business model and the core functionalities of WooCommerce. From multilanguage to multicurrency, our developers can integrate any feature via a plugin.

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WooCommerce Project Cycle - From Onboarding to Delivery

Brands That Entrusted Our WooCommerce Developers

Why Choose Virtina for WooCommerce Plugin Development?

Virtina has a dedicated team of in-house experts and developers who are highly skilled and familiar with every aspect of WooCommerce. Our resources, knowledge base, analytical approach, and ability to understand your pain points make us the leading company to assign any plugin development work. Collaborate with us to integrate any plugin of your choice.

Our developers will get down to the nitty-gritty of your specific plugin development issue. We will formulate the best roadmap for your plugin development project, from tweaking a plugin to customizing one from the ground up. We specialize in building unique WooCommerce extensions. Our team also provides a complete range of services related to the deployment of extensions.

  • One of 27 WooExperts Worldwide
  • Extensive Familiarity With WooCommerce Plugins
  • Dedicated Team of In-house Experts
  • Holistic Discovery Approach
  • Expert Management of Time and Resources
  • One of 17 WooExperts in the US
  • Rigorous QA Testing
  • Skilled and Experienced Woo Developers
  • Agile and Adaptive Project Methodologies
  • Human-to-human (H2H) Oriented Approach
  • Proven Work Expertise In WooCommerce
  • Proactive Round-the-clock Communication
  • Budgeted and Cost-effective Solutions
  • Personalized and Tailor-made Solutions
  • Data-driven Analysis of Your Requirements

Our Woo Experts Will Help Customize  Any plugin for Your WooCommerce Store

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Our WooCommerce Experts and Developers
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360 Reality Audio

360 Reality Audio

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower Meadows



WooCommerce plugin Development Services

Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development

Virtina's WooCommerce experts can develop custom plugins from the ground up to add powerful features to your WooCommerce store. Simplify your backend processes or make it easier for consumers to navigate, interact, and transact on your website. Our experts will develop the best plugin solution for your unique needs.

WooCommerce Plugin Modification

The Woo experts at Virtina have expert abilities to modify and tweak any plugin on your WooCommerce store. Our developers have hands-on experience in customizing a WooCommerce plugin to add extra features. Our WooCommerce developers are more than capable of expanding the potential of a pre-installed plugin on your site.

WooCommerce Plugin Troubleshooting

Virtina's WooCommerce experts and developers will review, detect, and fix any bugs or glitches affecting the plugins on your WooCommerce website. A timely intervention from our experts will ensure that the corresponding process runs smoothly, the online store doesn't face any disruption, and it runs flawlessly.

WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

Your WooCommerce store needs a reliable plugin to handle all the shipping requirements. Track delivery, track returns, display domestic and global carrier rates at checkout, print shipping labels, add different taxes, adjust rates for different customers, and so much more. Our Woo experts will integrate the best shipping plugin.

WooCommerce Subscription Plugin

Set up a program to handle sales of repeat products. Decide the interval, charges, products per plan, view deposited payment, pending payment, check cancellations, expired subscriptions, allow trials, vary billing cycle, and much more. Our experts can help you run and regulate every aspect of your subscriptions.

WooCommerce Order Management Plugin

Manage all the orders and returns with ease with the help of an order management plugin. Export orders, import orders, schedule orders, check order status, trigger emails based on order statuses, set labels based on order status, and control every aspect of your orders with ease. We can help manage your orders with a suitable plugin.

WooCommerce CMS Plugin Development

The expert WooCommerce developers in Virtina understand the value of content on your product detail pages. Thus, we make it easier and simplify the content upload and updation process. Our expert assistance will help you bulk edit and upload pages of the same kind. Besides, managing other internal pages and blogs.

WooCommerce Product Variation Plugin

If your online store has products with different attributes and variables, then it's best to choose or create a plugin for varying these products. Decide which part or aspect of the product can be changed and set flexible prices for each. Our Woo experts will help you create a plugin that lets you vary the base product with ease.

WooCommerce Payment Plugin

Your WooCommerce store will need a secure and smooth payment gateway to ensure order placements. The Woo Experts in Virtina can integrate or modify any payment solution. Add PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, or any other payment gateway to your online store. We can even resolve any ongoing issues with a payment processor.

WooCommerce News

news image

WordPress Ready for Next Phase with Feature-rich WordPress 6.1

December 14, 2022

WordPress 6.1, named “Misha” after jazz pianist Mikhail Misha Alperin, is jam-packed with new features. This version is the third big release from the eCommerce giant. The variant has enhancements and design tools that make site creation more intuitive and creative. It also has better stability, usability, and performance. It aids content creators with sublime designing and writing experiences with additional improvements to the Site Editor. It renders merchants more control and customization powers on their websites for a wholesome user experience with a suite of new templates. The highlight is Twenty Twenty-Three, a default theme with ten different style variations that allow users to create different looks with a single click within the same theme. The new update also embraces clean layouts and document display settings.

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WordPress Plugins Adapt Cloudflare Turnstile In Lieu of CAPTCHA

November 27, 2022

WordPress publishers have started extending support for Turnstile, Cloudflare’s privacy-focused alternative to CAPTCHA. The software is a non-intrusive, free, and easy-to-use spam-blocking solution that bars access to user forms for login, contact, or user registration. It does not collate or store user data and remains invisible for a friction-free user experience. It does not ask each visitor to check a box to verify that the user is human. Cloudflare collaborated with Apple to create Private Access Tokens. Operating systems supporting these tokens, like macOS or iOS, use Turnstile for verification without compromising information. Still in the beta stage, Turnstile’s integration with WordPress plugins continues to increase. It will soon become a reliable way for users to block spammers from accessing WordPress sites.

news image

Plugin Conflict in Yoast SEO 19.7 Causes Fatal Errors and Site Crashes

November 11, 2022

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin version 19.7 conflicts with other plugins, causing fatal website errors. This is the third time a Yoast update has caused severe plugin conflict this year. The error was caused when the update’s coding conflicted with another plugin. Yoast 19.7 counteracted with other plugins that change the admin login URL. It is a security measure designed to prevent hackers or hacking software from attempting to guess user login password credentials. On identifying the problem, Yoast was prompt to tweet that the update, when used in combination with plugins or code that alters the default WordPress login URL, creates a fatal error. They also released a new update, Yoast SEO 19.7.1, with bug fixes within two hours of identifying the problem. Yoast advises users to update to this latest version to prevent crashes.

Hire WooCommerce Plugin Developers

Our WooCommerce plugin developers can build the best custom plugin to match your requirements. The plugin will be secure and won't affect the performance of your online store. We'll help research, strategize, and create a robust framework for yourplugin. From payment to logistics, we can build any plugin you wish.

Our WooCommerce developers will perform extensive QA tests on the plugin to ensure that it meets your requirements. In essence, we won't release the plugin to the client's site till they are satisfied with the demo on our staging environment. Rest assured, you'll get the best plugin for your online store.

Case Study

We enjoy helping our clients and take pride in making their business successful. These success stories keep us inspired to deliver you the best, always!

National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound is a privately-held dedicated medical equipment supplier founded in 2003 with the mission to continually..

Healthy Path CBD

The Health Tree in Hammonton, NJ offers all-natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. They offer a large selection of gluten-free products..

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WooCommerce Plugin Development - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you create or customize a plugin for any business type?

Yes, we can. Our expert WooCommerce team is more than capable of developing or customizing an existing plugin for any business type or business size. From Small to medium businesses to enterprise level online stores, we can handle plugin requirements irrespective of your business complexities.

Which are the best Payment Gateway plugins for my WooCommerce business?

Selecting the best payment gateway is crucial for your WooCommerce store. However, there are several payment gateway plugins, and before suggesting a suitable one, we would need to analyze your business requirements, goals, budget, and other variables. 

Can I get a free stock plugin customized by Virtina?

Yes, you can. Our WooExperts will install the free plugin and then customize the same to suit your unique business needs. Ultimately, the modified plugin with the added features will behave exactly how you wished.  The extent of customization will depend on the inherent limitations of the plugin.

How much does it cost to start a WooCommerce plugin development project with Virtina?

The project cost will vary depending on the complexity of your requirements. The exact nature of your WooCommerce plugin project, be it changes to a plugin or building a new plugin, will determine the final rate. Nonetheless, our developers and managers will conduct a holistic analysis of your needs to deliver a cost-effective quote.

How long will it take to create a custom plugin for my WooCommerce store?

The amount of time will vary depending on the number of features and exact requirements of your plugin. If the requested functionalities are fewer, then we'd finish it sooner. In essence, it's hard to predict the extent of time. The overall complexity and size will decide the end date. Regardless, we'll do it on or before the due date.

How compatible will the plugins be with the current and next version of WooCommerce?

Any plugin we customize or create from the ground up will be compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. However, we don't have any control or access to the changes that will happen in the future. For future compatibility issues, you can start another project with us, and we'd happily modify the plugin to work with the latest version.

Does Virtina prefer to customize a plugin or create a new plugin?

The decision to customize or create a plugin depends on your business needs. If the pre-existing plugin partially meets your requirements, customization would do. However, if you wish to add new functionalities to an existing plugin, that would either not be possible, given the inherent limitations of the plugin, or not advisable. In that case, we prefer to build a new plugin from the ground up.

Is Virtina willing to sign an NDA for the WooCommerce plugin development project?

Yes. We are more than willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Virtina respects and upholds client confidentiality. We don't share the sensitive code or any other information with third parties. We will present you with an NDA document and other confidential letters before starting the project.

How compatible will the plugin be with the next version of WooCommerce?

Any plugin we develop from the ground up will be compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. However, we don't control the changes that occur on the platform post that. For future compatibility issues, you can start another project with us, and our Woo experts will upgrade the plugin to sync with the latest version of WooCommerce.

Can you resolve plugin conflicts on my WooCommerce store?

Yes. Our experienced and skilled Woo experts are more than capable of identifying and resolving the plugin conflicts occurring on your WooCommerce store. Once done, both of the plugins will function smoothly and won't clash with each other. As a result, you will be able to extract the benefits of both plugins.

Can Virtina help me choose a plugin for my unique requirements?

Yes. Our WooCommerce experts and consultants will evaluate your specific requirements, scope, and budget to suggest the best plugin. The plugin could either be free or paid. All costs for third-party extensions will be paid by the client directly. The billable hours will only include the time to analyze your needs and finalize the extension.

Do you have an internal team of WooCommerce developers?

Yes. Virtina has an internal team of in-house experts to work on your project. We don't allocate the work to any third parties or freelancers. All the work gets completed on-site; thus, we can guarantee the quality of work and ensure timely updates - besides making it easier to get the best visibility on the project from start to finish.

Start a WooCommerce Plugin Development Project With Virtina!

Virtina's WooCommerce experts and developers are more than capable of modifying or customizing a plugin for your WooCommerce store.