eCommerce Integration

Get superior functionalities, friction-free, user experience, and easy management for your eCommerce website.

If eCommerce was a marathon race, then the integrations are the running shoes that protect your feet and keep you as comfortable as possible through the race. Now, it’s not necessary that you need a pair of running shoes to win a marathon, but it definitely helps, to say the least.

Much like the running shoes, the integrations make the journey easier not just for the user but for the administrator as well. With integrations, your business becomes easy to manage by automating time-consuming processes like tax returns, payments, inventory management, logistics, and even social media management.

Streamlining and Enhance Your Website With eCommerce Integration

Integrations also play an important role when it comes to providing superior functionality and a friction-free user experience. Integrations make it possible for users to apply multiple filters to find the product they are looking for, autosave payment details for easier checkout, and a lot more. Integrations further enable the admin to manage and control their eCommerce store from the back end making business easier and faster.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Integrations

  • Distributed Data Integration

SaaS or Software as a Service is nothing short of a blessing for eCommerce store owners. SaaS makes use of cloud-based service. It is usually subscription-based and centrally hosted. SaaS software, like CRM,  ERP, SAP, and others, does more than just make your work life easier. It empowers you as an Admin and gives you superior control over the eCommerce store.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management does exactly what its name suggests. It manages your company's relationship with customers and potential customers. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning helps to keep track of parts for manufacturers and distributors. Similarly, there are many SaaS software out there that can optimize the functioning of your eCommerce store regardless of your business vertical (B2B/B2C/D2C).

Most of the SaaS software can be employed in your eCommerce store by integrating their dedicated plug-in or extensions. You can also find the most popular and reliable SaaS solutions depending on your requirement and nature of business. For example, HubSpot is one of the leading CRM software that you can employ for your business.

SaaS software usually employs API or Application Programming Interface, as the medium through which the software components interact. Almost all of the major SaaS software use API. Virtina, being a software engineering company at its core, can both create and consume APIs. Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience working with APIs enable us to deliver any requirements you may have.

However, that does not mean we are limited to integrations using APIs alone. Our experts employ FTP, CST, and Scrapers for data collection. If that’s not enough, our expert team will customize the popular plug-ins to fulfill the needs of your unique business. We often had clients approaching us seeking help to implement integrations on their eCommerce store set up on a platform that does not support a particular plugin they need. 

Virtina has carried out countless successful custom integrations which enabled our clients to accommodate payment gateways, zip verification, device activation, handle abandoned carts, and more. In other words, no matter what your integration requirements may be, the team of experts at Virtina will exceed your expectations every time.

Why Choose Virtina for eCommerce Integration Services?

Inventory Integration

Implement the best inventory integration in the market for your store and supply it with custom capabilities and features to fit your unique business needs.

Payment Integration

Don’t let the lack of payment options stop your customers from buying more. Virtina can implement payment gateway integrations and enable all credit cards or direct payments processing on your site.

Plug-in and App Development

Make your eCommerce store accessible from all devices and expand the reach of your store exponentially. Our custom plug-ins enable you to employ advanced features for your website.

Customize Integration

Customize integrations and equip your eCommerce store with unique and additional features to enhance the user experience and get superior control from the admin’s side accessible through the dashboard.

Third-Party Integration

With third-party integrations such as TaxJar, you can employ advanced features and manage your business with ease. Virtina ensures smooth integration and avoids any conflicts with the existing system.

CRM Integration

Ensure seamless connectivity between your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software with third-party applications, including ERP, to streamline your internal processes and enhance the customer experience.

Want to Employ a Customized Plug-in or Extension for Your B2B Business?