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BigCommerce Plugin Development

BigCommerce is a winner when it comes to the field of the shopping cart market and is favored by most of the online businesses of today. It is a scalable, flexible, easy to navigate e-commerce solution with loads of out-of-the-box benefits that will ensure that your business soars to new heights of success.

What is a BigCommerce Plugin?

BigCommerce plugins are small tools that aid in extending the default functionalities of the platform. Developing a fool-proof plugin needs a thorough knowledge of the platform, and for that, you need experts with profound experience.

With the vast experience and in-depth knowledge, we have amassed over the years, Virtina is all set to transform your online store into a unique shopping experience for your clients. Our plugin development experts strive to meet client expectations and deliver projects that make them highly satisfied. Our developers make your websites more search engine friendly and secure without compromising on the quality of the plugins.

Take BigCommerce plugin development services that Virtina offer include:

  • Plugin development and integration
  • Plugin installation and customization
  • Plugin updating and enhancement

BigCommerce is a highly robust platform and to unleash its real potential, it needs to be integrated with an array of available or newly custom-made plugins. We reach out to our clients, understand their exact requirements and craft custom, contemporary, fool-proof plugins that give them the best value for their money. We turn your website into a highly-compatible, smooth-functioning business machine!

BigCommerce Plugin Development Services

Virtina is a leading provider of cutting-edge BigCommerce plugin development services, helping businesses amplify their online presence and streamline operations. With a team of skilled developers and deep expertise in BigCommerce, we empower clients to leverage the platform's flexibility to create customized solutions tailored to their unique expectations and business concepts. We materialize the customer's vision with our custom tools.

Custom Plugin Development

Virtina offers bespoke plugin development services, enabling businesses to extend the functionality of their BigCommerce stores. Leveraging the BigCommerce API, our expert team crafts custom plugins that seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enhancing the shopping experience and providing advanced features such as personalized product recommendations and dynamic pricing.

Theme Customization and UI/UX Enhancements

Virtina has a bouquet of plugin development services focused on BigCommerce theme customization and UI/UX enhancements. Our expertise in front-end development helps create visually appealing and user-friendly themes reflecting the brand's vision. Our plugins enable firms to customize layouts, fonts, colors, and navigation, resulting in a captivating and intuitive shopping experience.

Integration with Third-party Systems

Our experts specialize in developing BigCommerce plugins that seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, such as CRM platforms, ERP software, and marketing automation tools. Such integrations streamline data synchronization, automate workflows, and improve efficiency, ensuring a seamless flow of information and enabling businesses to tap the power of interconnected systems for enhanced productivity.

Payment Gateway Integration

We specialize in integrating secure and reliable payment gateways into BigCommerce stores, ensuring seamless transactions and enhanced customer conviction. From popular options like PayPal and Stripe to industry-specific gateways, our developers implement robust integrations that support various payment methods, streamline checkout processes, and adhere to the highest security standards.


Shipping and Fulfillment Solutions

Virtina assists businesses in optimizing their shipping and fulfillment processes by developing BigCommerce plugins that integrate with leading shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. These plugins enable real-time rate calculation, label printing, order tracking, and automated fulfillment, empowering businesses to deliver a seamless post-purchase experience to their customers.

Inventory Management Integrations

Our BigCommerce plugin development services include creating advanced inventory management plugins. These plugins synchronize inventory data across multiple sales channels, automate stock updates, and provide real-time inventory visibility. By reducing manual errors and ensuring accurate stock information, businesses can streamline their operations and prevent overselling.

Marketing and SEO Enhancements

With a focus on driving online visibility and increasing conversions, our experts develop BigCommerce plugins that optimize marketing and SEO efforts. These plugins enable businesses to implement meta tags, generate SEO-friendly URLs, integrate with email marketing platforms, and depend on social media channels for effective promotion, ultimately boosting organic traffic and sales.

Analytics and Reporting Plugins

Virtina helps businesses intensely understand their store's performance by creating plugins that integrate with analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These plugins track vital metrics, generate comprehensive reports, and provide actionable data, empowering businesses to make wise business decisions and optimize their marketing strategies.

Mobile Commerce Solutions

Recognizing the future potential of mobile commerce, Virtina develops specialized plugins to create responsive, mobile-friendly online stores. Our expert BigCommerce team secures a seamless user experience across all handheld devices by developing plugins that optimize store layouts, implement mobile-specific features, and enable smooth navigation on smartphones and tablets.

Customer Engagement and Support

We assist companies in enhancing customer engagement and support through BigCommerce plugins that integrate with live chat systems, CRM platforms, and support ticket systems. These plugins enable real-time customer interactions, facilitate personalized communication, and streamline customer service processes, improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Multi-language and Internationalization

For businesses targeting global markets, Virtina develops BigCommerce plugins that enable multi-language support and internationalization. These plugins facilitate the translation of store content into multiple languages, support regional currencies and payment methods, and ensure compliance with international tax regulations, empowering businesses to expand their reach and cater to a diverse customer base.

Performance Optimization Plugins

Our BigCommerce plugin development services comprise creating optimization plugins that enhance store performance, speed, and scalability. These plugins implement caching techniques, optimize image loading, and minimize code size to reduce page load times, improve SEO rankings, and deliver a smooth browsing experience, resulting in increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

BigCommerce Plugin Development Client Projects

Virtina specializes in providing exceptional BigCommerce custom plugin development services that cater to the unique needs of any company that approaches us, irrespective of the business size and degree of challenge. With years of expertise in the BigCommerce platform, we develop tailor-made plugins that seamlessly integrate with existing systems, extending the functionality of online stores. These custom plugins empower businesses to enhance the shopping experience, optimize operations, and unlock new capabilities to stay ahead of peers.


Our client is an enterprise-grade software solution that implements live shopping and shoppable videos on eCommerce websites. Virtina took up the challenging project of creating an advanced plugin, a custom external middleware app, to implement shoppable videos on eCommerce stores using Firework's platform. The plugin ensures a seamless purchase flow transition from the video to the checkout page without any errors or delays to minimize cart abandonments. We also created an onboarding feature, an instant checkout page, and widget functionality.


This company is a leading name in Australia and New Zealand, known as LatitudePay and GenoaPay, respectively, for the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) interest-free products, with elite brands like Harvey Norman, Catch, The Good Guys, and as clients. Virtina created a payment plugin for BigCommerce. Due to the platform's stringent rules related to core file access, we successfully developed a Middleware App to mediate the transactions between BigCommerce and the payment gateway. Our custom Middleware lacks wait time, glitches, chargeback, or bugs.

Cabinets & Benches

This leading financial technology solution provider offers customers POS BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) services. Virtina created a custom plugin to enable the BNPL payment option in the BigCommerce backend using the client's payment gateway. Our middleware promotes immaculate communication between BigCommerce and the client's BNPL API. We also created a custom widget for easy customer access, custom checkout, and product pages to display the payment gateway and an after-purchase thank you page for the client to enhance transactional capabilities.

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BigCommerce News

news image

BigCommerce Expands to More Countries to Widen International Presence

May 8, 2023

With the global increase in ecommerce sales, BigCommerce extends its partner ecosystem and engineering team to more countries. They set up an engineering team in Poland and extended their presence to India, the UAE, and South Africa, with the BigCommerce EMEA in London managing the markets. They have a new country lead in South Asia and initiated two partner-based outfits, CustomSoft and Snowdog, in Eastern and Central Europe. With the expansion, the company intends to build local partnerships that will nurture businesses of all sizes to create a digital footprint, drive sales, and grow revenue. The move will help BigCommerce become a force to reckon with in the international eCommerce landscape. Their trusted country partners will lead the expansion and platform management while firms can concentrate on core business growth.

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THG Ingenuity Begins Digital Transformation With BigCommerce Partnership

April 27, 2023

To offer their customers a seamless digital journey and accelerate business growth, THG Ingenuity, the complete commerce division of THG plc, has decided to affiliate with BigCommerce. Through the new strategic commercial alliance, the two renowned brands aim to develop a comprehensive and scalable solution that will help merchants create seamless customer experiences. The union will bank on the enterprise ecommerce platform from BigCommerce. Meanwhile, THG Ingenuity offers extensive back-end commerce capabilities. They have a faultless order management system and smart fraud and customer support solutions. Additionally, the firm has automation options like Autostore and a global courier platform. Leveraging on both their capabilities, the brands could bring seamless feature-rich solutions with international reach.

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BigCommerce Launches BOPIS for Seamless Buying Experience

April 14, 2023

The flexible order fulfillment option Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS), also called Click & Collect, has a 10% per year growth trend. In an attempt to tap this opportunity, BigCommerce has announced the tool's launch through its platform as a multi-location inventory functionality for enterprise merchants. Current shoppers do not wait for delivery or want to incur shipping costs and prefer this option. The function seamlessly connects online and physical stores for merchants who have both options. The tool includes upgraded APIs that help sellers create custom BOPIS resources for buyers. The release has new Inventory and Pickup Methods APIs to handle inventory and pickup strategies. Upgraded APIs for Checkout SDK, Checkout S2S API, Storefront GraphQL, Orders API, and Catalog API supports BOPIS across locations.

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