BigCommerce Stencil Theme Development

Virtina will address all your BigCommerce theme development and customization requirements.

Why Invest in Custom Themes for Your BigCommerce Store?

BigCommerce stores can no longer look dull, bland, and monotonous. If a store owner wants to generate maximum conversions and revenue, they can't afford to overlook the theme and overall design of their BigCommerce website.

A superior frontend is important to retain visitors, create engagement and increase sales.

BigCommerce theme development

Visitors want a seamless and engaging user experience on your eCommerce website. To achieve this, merchants must invest in a team of certified theme developers who can design captivating and visually appealing themes for your BigCommerce store.

Additional BigCommerce Services Offered by Virtina

Our team of designers and developers are capable of providing end-to-end solutions for the theme on your BigCommerce store

  • BigCommerce Theme Development
  • BigCommerce Theme Customization and Iteration
  • Intuitive eCommerce Store Design
  • PSD/Sketch/AI to Theme Conversion
  • Responsive BigCommerce Themes
  • W3C-verified Stencil Themes

Virtina is the most reliable and trustworthy company for your BigCommerce theme development requirements 

  • Holistic Analysis of Your Requirements
  • Dedicated In-house Team of BigCommerce Designers
  • Personalized and Tailor-made Themes
  • Proactive Round-the-clock Communication
  • Expert Management of Time and Resources
  • Affordable and Cost-effective Solutions
Klein Electronics

Klein Electronics

The brand is one of the leading companies in the US to provide a diverse range of premium communication electronics.

Klein Electronics

The company offers tactical headsets, microphones, racing gears, earpieces, and phone accessories. The brand manages all its design, QA, packaging, and assembly needs in-house.

Sports Apparel Retailer in the United States

Sports Apparel Retailer in the United States

An online store to sell unconventional and aesthetic apparel, goods, gears, and other sports accessories.

Sports Apparel Retailer in the United States
Video and Audio Center

Video and Audio Center

The brand is well-renowned for selling a wide variety of high-quality electronic goods at the most competitive prices.

Video and Audio Center

The brand is well-renowned for selling a wide variety of high-quality electronic goods at the most competitive prices.

BigCommerce Stencil Theme Development

Our team of BigCommerce designers and developers have strong knowledge of stencil themes and continuously follow the latest stencil framework version to create stunning themes. We'll help customize and personalize powerful themes in rich detail and that too in sync with your unique business identity.

Our designers will cover and unify the best practices in theme designing to create an SEO-friendly, seamless, conversion-centric, and fast-loading Stencil Theme. We optimize the Stencil theme for various devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. Our designers will work with the Stencil framework to create unique templates for your eCommerce business.

Why Choose Virtina for BigCommerce Theme Development?

Virtina is a top certified and trusted partner of BigCommerce. Virtina has the best team of in-house certified theme developers and designers. From strategy to implementation, our BigCommerce experts will create the perfect roadmap to fulfill your theme requirements. Our creative and highly artistic theme developers create neat, cross-browser compatible, mobile-friendly, and intuitive themes.

From a minor tweak in a design element to a significant style upgrade - our theme developers know it all and can create the most beautiful templates for your eCommerce website. The theme designers in Virtina will handle the theme development to resonate with your business and brand identity. In the end, the theme would steal your customer's attention from the moment they land on the website.

Hire our BigCommerce theme designers and experts to create a stunning eCommerce design that boosts your visibility and augments your site’s revenue. We help create smooth, user friendly, and feature-enriched BigCommerce storefronts for our customers.

What Makes Virtina Different?

Our team of certified BigCommerce designers combines industry insights with unparalleled creativity to craft user-centric, revolutionary store designs that stimulate conversions. With years of experience developing BigCommerce themes, our developers are well-versed with the BigCommerce platform. We'll work with you to create a theme that enhances your brand's digital experience.

Virtina has the best expertise to build a sound, clean and seamless design for your BigCommerce website, just the way you want it.  With a genuine interest in your business principles, ideals, mission, etc., we work with you to learn all about your company, industry, inventory, and your vision for how you want the store to function. There is no limit to our creativity with BigCommerce theme development.

Simplify your users' shopping experience, lower your bounce rates, increase average page time, and elevate your conversions in no time. Our BigCommerce theme developers don't create anything less than a unique experience on your website. Virtina is the most reliable company for world-class theme development services for your eCommerce store. 

Don't like the themes available in the BigCommerce marketplace? Need not worry. The designers in Virtina are fully capable of creating a fresh theme from the ground-up. On top of that, the theme will be symmetric with your business model. Virtina helps to capture and reflect what your business stands for via the theme.

  • UI/UX Design Audits
  • Desktop and Mobile Mockups
  • Browser and Device Compatibility Optimization
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Sandbox Environment Setup
  • Post Implementation Support

BigCommerce Theme Wireframe and Prototyping

Virtina's eCommerce wireframing and prototyping takes every business parameter into account and then visualizes a theme for the client. Our team of expert designers creates static mockups and wireframes in sync with your unique business needs. Furthermore, we can also create an interactive prototype with essential elements.

 A prototype helps the client to get a comprehensive understanding of the structure of their eCommerce site. Prototyping takes the design phase a few steps further by completing the wireframe output. Virtina's eCommerce theme wireframe and prototyping will give a client enough idea about their store's look and feel before we start crafting a detailed theme.

BigCommerce Theme Development Services

Enhance the aesthetic quality and improve the user experience of your BigCommerce store with the following theme-related services from Virtina

Personalized BigCommerce Themes

The expert developers and designers in Virtina can create a unique theme that reflects your company's ideals and vision accurately. The designers will create the best, most aesthetic, and captivating storefront for our BigCommerce client's. Either we'll customize the current theme or design one from the ground up.

Pixel Perfect BigCommerce Themes

Our developers and designers can create pixel perfect themes for your BigCommerce store. The sharp, stunning and captivating theme is sure to increase the retention time, interaction and further conversions for your web store. Each pixel is given careful attention so that the final design looks even more perfect.

Responsive BigCommerce Themes

The theme of your BigCommerce website must also be compatible with other devices. Mobile and even tablet compatible theme design is something our designers and developers have expert familiarity with. Virtina's team can easily design the most stunning and responsive themes for your eCommerce store.

BigCommerce PSD to Theme Development

Our BigCommerce theme developers and designers are quite adept at converting any one of your high quality Photoshop (PSD) files to an artistic, and visually appealing BigCommerce theme. Hand over your PSD files to us and we will create the most eye-catching template for your website.

BigCommerce Theme Maintenance and Support

Every now and then your theme might encounter a bug, glitch, error or might require an upgrade to function properly. If you truly want to identify and address such issues, then you would look no further than Virtina. Our resources are capable of fixing and improving every template in BigCommerce

Stencil Theme Development and Customization

Our designers can use the Stencil theme platform on BigCommerce to customize existing themes and develop new ones. We'll help you add new features, and that too, without disrupting your live store. Plus, see a preview of all the changes on the Stencil interface before making it live.

BigCommerce News

news image

Dippin’ Dots Launches BigCommerce-based eCommerce Platform

October 25, 2022

Built by BigCommerce Elite Partner Groove Commerce, specialty ice cream retailer Dippin' Dots creates a powerful eCommerce platform to deliver temperature-sensitive products to its customers. The company packs and ships the products with dry ice to avoid melting during transit. Since the product expires in 24 hours, delivery time is paramount for the process. The company now relies on BigCommerce's customization and fulfillment capabilities to ensure timely delivery. Groove Commerce created a customized shipping calendar and delivery date picker and integrated them into the optimized BigCommerce one-page checkout offering. The enhancements help customers pick a delivery date, view costs, see shipping options, and avoid blackout dates. The user-friendly site has bespoke CSS animation and detailed product info.

news image

BigCommerce Starts on Google Cloud Marketplace to Aid Enterprise Customers

October 12, 2022

BigCommerce launched on Google Cloud Marketplace to provide Global enterprise customers with enhanced audience reach and business growth within the existing cloud environment. It helps with scalable and customizable commerce architecture, prebuilt native integrations with cloud products, omnichannel solutions for Google, and a simplified billing structure to meet Google Cloud's committed spend. Enterprises get direct access to prebuilt integrations, essential Google cloud products, partner apps, and other series to create an omnichannel presence. It helps with quicker time-to-value and low TCO. Businesses can cater to unique requirements across B2C, B2B, Headless, and CaaS (Commerce-as-a-Service) solutions. The combination of SaaS and API creates flexibility with powerful APIs and SDKs, letting businesses customize platforms quickly.

news image

BigCommerce Expands Crypto Ecosystem With BitPay and CoinPayments

September 27, 2022

With the business shifting towards digital currency, the famous Open SaaS ecommerce platform BigCommerce partners with cryptocurrency tech partners BitPay and CoinPayments to get a competitive edge in the crypto market. The strategic collab with the leading crypto payment gateways allows BigCommerce B2C and B2B merchants in select countries to deliver easy and secure cryptocurrency payment solutions and make the mode mainstream. It helps merchants open up more crypto methods as payment options alongside existing gateways to reach a broader market. It also reduces transaction fees, lower risks, supports innovative future payments and attracts new customer segments. BitPay lets businesses accept payments from a plethora of crypto wallets. Merchants can access over 100 cryptocurrencies through CoinPayments at a 0.5% processing fee.

Case Study

We enjoy helping our clients and take pride in making their business successful. These success stories keep us inspired to deliver you the best, always!

National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound is a privately-held dedicated medical equipment supplier founded in 2003 with the mission to continually..

Healthy Path CBD

The Health Tree in Hammonton, NJ offers all-natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. They offer a large selection of gluten-free products..

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BigCommerce Theme  Development - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you design and develop a custom theme for my company's website?

Yes, we can design a custom theme for your BigCommerce website. Virtina is one of the leading BigCommerce theme development companies in the US. Our expert developers will get a comprehensive overview of your eCommerce business. We can then customize a stock theme to align with your brand or create a custom theme from the ground up.

Will Virtina help fix any issues that arise with the theme post project delivery?

Yes, we provide a 30 day warranty period, within which we'd be more than happy to assist you in addressing any theme related issues. However, Virtina will not provide support for themes that have been customized by you or someone else post delivery. Our developers cannot be held liable for any defects or bugs that arise due to a third party's customizations. Such alterations and change in code are carried out at your own risk and isn't our responsibility.

Can Virtina design a theme that is SEO friendly?

Yes, we can. Stunning designs with fast page loads will effectively raise the SEO strength of your eCommerce business. However, cluttered, unbalanced, and scattered page designs elevate bounce rates; thus, Google's algorithm ranks the page lower. However, our expert designers and developers will help create structured, aesthetic, and correctly coded themes that rank higher in Search engines.

What are Virtina's theme development options?

Virtina could either build a theme from scratch, edit an existing theme, use a theme customizer to tweak a current theme, create a child theme to make changes to an existing theme, create a parent theme and child themes, or go on to use a theme framework. Either way, our expert designers and developers will pick the right approach for the best theme, with a more robust code that will minimize the number of revisions needed.

What is Virtina's approach while creating a wireframe when building a theme from the ground up?

Virtina will start with a research and discovery phase, where our team will gather enough information around your brand's unique identity. We will compile an understanding of your business goals and acquire enough information to create our initial wireframe design. Once we have agreed on our wireframe design of essential design elements, like menus, search field, banners, sliders, footer, categories, and more, we will begin the actual web design mockups.

How much do you charge for designing a custom theme?

The cost of designing a custom theme from the ground up will vary depending on your exact requirements. The extent of detailing, features and other parameters required within the theme will dictate the final cost. The number of iterations will also be a factor. Nonetheless, we offer cost-effective rates.

How long will it take to design a custom theme for my BigCommerce website?

The amount of time it takes to create a custom theme for your eCommerce website will vary depending on the requirements. We will evaluate your unique business needs, customers, industry, inventory, etc., before creating a wireframe, mock-ups, and a prototype in the discovery phase. Regardless, we are time-efficient and deliver projects before the due date.

Is a Stencil theme suitable for my BigCommerce website?

Yes. Stencil themes are fully responsive, offer high speeds, are faster to develop, and offer more flexibility when adding features. You may purchase a theme from the theme marketplace and either use the same without making any changes, or we can customize the same for you according to your preferences.

How will you update us about the progress of our theme-related project?

A project manager will keep in touch with you all the time and keep you updated about the progress. We'll notify you about every milestone that we complete around your theme. You may also get in touch through Skype, phone, email, instant messaging tool, or any other communication channel of your choice.

Are you willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement ( NDA) for the project?

Yes. We respect client confidentiality and don't reveal any sensitive information exchanged between us to anyone outside the internal team that oversees your project. Virtina won't intimate any third party about the theme framework, deadlines, development, or other deliverables. We follow a strict policy to secure your confidential info at all times.

Start a BigCommerce Project With Us!

Virtina will help you create the most stunning and aesthetic themes. Captivate buyers and increase the retention time on your BigCommerce website.