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Gigi JK - Your Personal eCommerce Guru

Gigi JK - Your Personal eCommerce Guru

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What do I Have to Offer to Your eCommerce Business?

As an eCommerce consultant, I always try to address the real-world problems of my clients. Many eCommerce consultancy services promise you the world and hype up the latest tech they are using. However, even having military-grade software solutions can only help your online business if you know how to apply them. 

I can help you improve your eCommerce store to generate more traffic, sales, and conversions while ensuring a memorable user experience. Here are some ways you can use my expertise to optimize your eCommerce store.

Personalized eCommerce Strategy

My decades of experience working with leading eCommerce brands have taken me to places no other eCommerce advisor has been to. I have worked with practically every industry and helped them meet complex eCommerce goals. With my expertise, I can create a personalized eCommerce strategy to meet your desirable KPI goals.

Feature Selection and Implementation

As an eCommerce guru, I can guide you in identifying potential features that provide a better user experience to your customers. Besides that, I can also help you identify admin features to optimize business management processes. With a team of technical experts behind me, I can also help you implement personalized features and capabilities to your online store.

Personal Consultation From an eCommerce Guide

The difference between an eCommerce expert and a guru is that the latter has expertise in every aspect of eCommerce. An eCommerce expert typically specializes in the development and marketing part of the business. With an eCommerce guru, you get expert advice on everything from platform selection to advanced SEO strategies for your online business.

eCommerce Project Implementation

My greatest strength as an eCommerce guru is the team I lead. As the CEO of Virtina, a dedicated eCommerce development company, I have personally led numerous challenging eCommerce projects. My expert team includes certified developers, experienced designers, a dedicated QA team, and more. When you hire me, you also have the option to utilize my expert team.

Budgeting and Revenue Optimization

One of the most common problems eCommerce companies face is their budgeting. It isn't easy to understand when and where to invest your money optimally to generate more revenue from your business. I can help you effectively budget and optimize your eCommerce store's revenue.

eCommerce Platform Selection

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you must find a reliable eCommerce platform to build an eCommerce store and meet its unique needs. Choosing a poorly aligned platform could restrict the features and functionalities you can add to the store. I ensure it doesn't happen to you by assessing your unique eCommerce requirements and finding the ideal platform choices.

Leadership for the Development Team

As an eCommerce guru, I can show you the right path and lead the way until you reach your goals. I have worked with leading brands like Sony, Staples, KemoSabe, and more. Under my leadership, the team delivered a project for the world's largest government-run retail chain. My team and I can help you create a revenue-generating machine with advanced features and capabilities.

Growth Roadmap

An eCommerce business must have a long-term plan with short-term goals. As your eCommerce consultant, I can help you develop a growth roadmap for meeting your long-term goals with short, feasible steps. The roadmap will give you a holistic idea of the steps you must take to complete your eCommerce (revenue) goals.

Market Research and Analysis

Market research is an art, and the devil is in the details. My decades of experience in the eCommerce industry help me identify the hidden KPIs that your typical marketer overlooks. Reading the right KPIs and making small changes could significantly boost your traffic and sales. With me as your eCommerce advisor, you will get valuable tips and tricks you need to do this.

Customer Relationship Management

Your eCommerce business is only as strong as your customer base. I know more than anyone else how critical customer relationship management is for the growth of an eCommerce business. Besides helping you find the ideal CRM solution for your unique eCommerce business, I will help you formulate personalized strategies to establish trust and boost brand confidence.

Optimized Inventory Management

Inventory management can be tricky in an online store without the proper tools for the job. Businesses have varying inventory needs based on their industry niche and other unique factors. My team and I have delivered complex inventory requirements for B2B, B2C, and dropshipping companies. I can help you optimize your inventory to impact your revenue.

Accelerate Your eCommerce Revenue With Gigi JK

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Gigi JK is a revered eCommerce strategist and the CEO of Virtina, a successful eCommerce development company. With more than 30 years of experience as an Entrepreneurial Digital Transformation Catalyst, Gigi has witnessed first-hand the changes in eCommerce. 

More importantly, Gigi JK succeeded in guiding the entrepreneurial and corporate sectors through the years with innovation and the latest tech. He has played a vital role in transforming eCommerce for numerous online businesses through the inclusive humanization of business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

After working with countless eCommerce brands, Gigi realized that most lack direction and experience. Gigi found he could significantly grow his client’s online business by being their eCommerce consultant and guide. Now, you can learn from the best and bring feasible revenue growth for your online business. 

With Gigi as its leader and eCommerce consultant, his company delivered several projects for leading brands like Sony, Staples, KemoSabe, and more. Besides that, Gigi took the reins when his company had to undertake a project for the World’s largest government-run retail chain. He is also a contributor to the Forbes Tech Council, where he pens insightful articles on the latest tech and how to combine it with innovation.

ecommerce consulting

Reasons to Hire Gigi JK 

as Your eCommerce Consultant

Hiring an eCommerce consultant for your online business can be a tough decision. Gigi JK brings a unique set of skills that makes this decision easy for you. More importantly, his expertise helps you grow your online business in every aspect. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring Gigi as your eCommerce consultant.


Priceless Expertise and Experience

Nothing can replace the expertise and experience Gigi JK has in the eCommerce industry. Being an Entrepreneurial Digital Transformation Catalyst means Gigi has the expertise to combine the latest tech innovatively. Gigi can instinctively identify operational inefficiencies. He then cross-checks them with the latest analytic tools. Moreover, as the CEO of a successful eCommerce company, he has the resources to optimize your online store for higher overall revenue.


Strategic Vision

Beyond being an eCommerce consultant, Gigi JK is a visionary who uses years of acclimated knowledge and puts it to best use via technology. His passion for eCommerce pushes him always to find a better, more feasible solution that accelerates revenue/profits/, increases customer experience, and maximizes human engagement.


Proven Success

Gigi JK and his company, Virtina, have won awards and accolades, proving his eCommerce expertise. Under Gigi’s leadership, Virtina has delivered countless eCommerce projects for every industry niche, including high-risk businesses. When you hire Gigi JK as your eCommerce consultant, you can access the limitless knowledge he and his company acquired over the years. It means you can benefit from already tested and proven strategies and insights combined with the latest technology-based solutions, including AI.


Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset

Gigi JK consistently brings a fresh perspective to your business thanks to his entrepreneurial background. With Gigi as your eCommerce consultant, you get an eCommerce expert who can identify and implement changes to help your business grow. He understands that running a successful business and establishing a long-term customer relationship is not just about profits and numbers.


Expertise Working With Leading Brands

Under the leadership of Gigi JK, Virtina has completed numerous eCommerce projects, which include leading brands all over the World. He has worked with Sony, Staples, KemoSabe, etc., just a couple of brands, and Gigi’s role in these projects was pivotal. Besides the leading brands, Gigi led his company to deliver a big government project on time. With Gigi as its leader, his company built an eCommerce store for the World’s largest government-run retail chain. Hiring Gigi means getting access to such incredible insights to set up your online store and guarantee its success.


Thought Leadership

Many eCommerce consulting companies claim to be thought leaders, but with Gigi JK, it is true. He is a respected speaker and contributor to the Forbes Tech Council. He has a demonstrated history of leading his company to deliver innovative solutions. Having Gigi on your side means you have access to the latest trends, insights, and best practices in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.


Roadmap for Operational Efficiency and Success

Another reason to employ Gigi JK as your eCommerce advisor is the unique roadmap he can create for your online business. He helps you increase your organizational value with simple but effective strategies. More importantly, Gigi will help you with a roadmap to success. The roadmap gives you a comprehensive picture of what you must do to increase your online revenue effectively. It will help you reduce operational costs, streamline internal processes, and identify opportunities for growth in every aspect of your online business.


Feasible Growth and Cost Reduction

Unlike many self-proclaimed eCommerce maestros, Gigi JK does not make unrealistic promises. Gigi focuses his efforts on small and significant changes to minimize your overall operational costs. With Gigi’s guidance, you can optimize your eCommerce operations and identify opportunities to boost your sales and conversions.

Gigi JK - Your Personal eCommerce Guru
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