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60%+ of B2B merchants will build an eCommerce site in next 18 months.

Let's make sure your competition doesn't eat your lunch


Use the internet to find products


Use Google to find products


Say Site Design is the most important buying factor


Are influenced by Social


  • Our revenue/profit focused approach helps you shape the most effective eCommerce strategy for your business
  • Check Circle
    Our platform agnostic approach helps to create an eCommerce site for the long term
  • Our B2B expertise helps you pick the right features that converts visitors into buyers
  • Our expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) helps you increase revenue without additional marketing spend
  • Our zero interest eCommerce launch financing plans help you reduce the financial burden 




Wish I’d picked this company first! It’s so hard to tell from an ad on a website what the people behind the company are like. I ended up with Virtina after another company messed my site up by not listening to what I needed. Bob at Virtina had a dialog with me to clearly define what I considered to be problems and he then fixed them. I hope to take advantage of their expertise in the future as my business and site grows.

Linda Sparks, CEO, Farthingales Corset Making Supplies

I’ve been very pleased with your team. I felt like the appropriate amount of time was spent on each step of the process. Communications were excellent every step of the way. This was from the gathering of my specifications to delivery of the end product. I was also pleased in your teams willingness to adapt to the way our company deploys the end product. Thanks you. Look forward to working with you on the next project.

Craig Chemberline, IT Manager Precision Electric Inc.


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