Brand Stories

Welcome to “Brand Stories," a special corner of our website where we share the unique tales behind different eCommerce brands.

Brand Stories

Do you always find someone else's success story inspiring? Does it motivate you to do something great on your own? Do you feel your success story has the potential to inspire another set of fellow entrepreneurs? Then this is the perfect spot for you.

“Brand Stories” is a unique corner on our website that celebrates the triumphs and journeys of our fellow eCommerce entrepreneurs so that someone new to the scene can learn from them.

Brand Stories

What is “Brand Stories?”

Each of us is looking for a role model for guidance and motivation. This place provides just that. We bring you authentic and raw narratives about successful entrepreneurial journeys.

Virtina would love to regale some inspiring success sagas from established and self-made eCommerce entrepreneurs nationwide. The U.S. has no dearth of diversity in ethnicity and culture. Every individual has a story of their own to tell. The entrepreneurs we feature here are from diverse backgrounds and have taken different career routes. Their road to success, innovative ideas, and struggles are different. By showcasing them to you, we aspire to inspire you to chase after your dreams and make a mark in doing what you love.

What Does Being Successful Require

What Does Being Successful Require?

Persistence is the key to achieving success. Coupled with hard work and strategy, you can do wonders for your business. Having a disruptive mentality and understanding market requirements is a must. But above all, every enterprising business owner looks for mentorship and guidance. They look for someone who can steer them through their business course - someone who has already traveled the route before them. “Brand Stories” desires to be that mentor to budding entrepreneurs.

What is in it for Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

If you are a start-up owner or an enterprising entrepreneur looking to scale your brand, “Brand Stories” is a safe space on our website to find motivation and creative ideas to get your business on track. It is a place where you can refer to when you are plagued with business hurdles. Sometimes, ideating and kicking off an online business can feel overwhelming and cumbersome. You might have come to the brink of quitting many times. Whether writing a business plan, procuring a business loan, or creating a website, “Brand Stories” anticipates being your reference book to derive inspiration on how to build your eCommerce journey.

I’m Successful in My Rights

I’m Successful in My Rights.

How Can I Contribute?

If you are an established entrepreneur with a successful business -small, medium, or large - we fancy hearing about how you got there. We are sure you have had your ups and downs before you got to where you are. There might be times when you even thought about giving up but did not. You might have turned around a failing business or started on an incredibly skeptical idea and swung it into a thriving business. Whatever your story, we would love to showcase your journey as an inspiration for the coming generation of eCommerce entrepreneurs who can learn from your innovative strategies and entrepreneurial setbacks.

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