Medical & Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

The increasing demand for health products/services has created a need to fulfill the same with urgency, alongside thriving to serve people around the world. From caregivers to patients, all must be able to access the benefits with ease.

Expert consultations with physicians, ordering daily medicines, booking check-ups or making heavy-duty equipment purchases can now happen at the click of a button from your comfort zone.

Omnichannel gifts your business the ability to serve your customers better.

ERP, CRM, and other integrated systems to minimize the back-end labor for managing stock and consumer info plus improving order cycle times. Pharmacies deliver prescription drugs and other essentials within a day. Use video examinations, PDF’s and forums to connect with the sick in remote areas of the world.

  • Email, social media, chats, and medical boards allow GP’s to network with the diseased; without the need to be physically present. Improved accessibility helps both the parties to address the concern with immediate effect or at their convenience.

  • Bulky orders can be dispatched right to your customer’s doorstep, which eliminates the need for them to visit a nearby store. Shipping options become sleeker and simpler. Give the ability to customize the time, packaging, courier and more; even arrange for a pickup facility

  • Offer massive discounts and a variety of alternative medicines. Customers can view the detailed descriptions, images, and videos of each commodity; before finalizing the one that suits them best. Even feature certifications of every drug/gear sold on your storefront.

  • Give an extensive feedback and rating option; which in turn eases the decision making for the next customer. Also conveys a sense of transparency within your system.

  • Use the latest features on your various touch points, like Augmented Reality and Video Streaming to conduct an in-depth session with people. An online “wiki” of symptoms also helps the patient to perform a self-diagnosis before reaching out to a doctor.

Save on catalogs, pamphlet and invoice expenses. Now, make available your inventory in a document on the internet. All your customers can access the same or its upgraded version. Bring about innovative changes by adopting the latest eCommerce technology for your B2B or B2C medical practice.

Statistics You Should Care About:

  • Healthcare sector is projected to spend an estimated $32 billion on eCommerce

  • 15% of the revenue in the healthcare supplier sector came from eCommerce websites

  • 74% of B2B buyers research their purchases online & 93% of them complete the purchase

  • 71% of medical distributors with a site, find their customers using both mobile & desktop

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