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Find how your eCommerce website will look and feel like with Virtina’s eCommerce Prototype. Create the ultimate eCommerce website for your business with us!

When it comes to eCommerce, it is never a good idea to dive headfirst into the development, thinking you can address the issues as you go along. It is a mistake that could very well cost you valuable time and effort and, by extension, your money as well. This is where prototyping comes into the picture. A prototype can help you bring your concept to reality and ensure it captures all your requirements right from the initial stages. It is the lack of planning and involvement of the client that often leads to the high failure rate in eCommerce, which, according to Google, is a whopping 80%.

Virtina’s eCommerce prototyping uses advanced tools like “Just in Mind” to give you a high fidelity interactive prototyping experience. Having such extensive and detailed prototyping allows you, the client, to be involved and be an active part of the process ensuring that the site is built exactly the way you want it. By doing so, Virtina does the impossible and turns the industry statistics of an 80% failure rate on its head.

Virtina's eCommerce prototypes are comprehensive and customer-centric prototype creations done explicitly for eCommerce. Virtina creates an adaptive prototype for your eCommerce store capable of reshaping itself based on your requirements.

Virtina's eCommerce website prototype gives you an interactive demo of your website to help you get a comprehensive picture of how your website would look like before the development phase. The prototype enables you to unearth the design and functional aspects needed for your website that you yourself were not aware of before.

Bring Your eCommerce Website Idea to Life With a Prototype

Typically, building a prototype could mean several things. It could be a paper sketch or an HTML based one which is clickable. But at Virtina, we employ a prototype model that lets you navigate from page to page, actively interacting with the pages and even use certain functionalities like drop-down menus. By doing so, we enable you to get a more comprehensive understanding of how the look and feel of your website will be.

Prototyping can be carried out in various ways. You can create a very simple clickable prototype using a PowerPoint, PDF, even MS Word. Although these basic methods do get their job done when it comes to eCommerce prototyping, such juvenile methods are not enough. Virtina makes use of specialized prototyping tools for its eCommerce prototyping process.

Virtina employs the "Just In Mind" prototyping tool for creating the eCommerce prototypes. The tool comes equipped with fully interactive prototype designs capable of supporting clickable wireframes to completely interactive advanced prototypes. The "Just In Mind" prototyping tool also offers a full range of web interactions and mobile gestures.

See How Virtina’s eCommerce Prototyping Can Help Your Business

Why You Need to Build an eCommerce Prototype With Virtina

Provides Functionality and Interactions

Unlike a static mockup and wireframes that cannot convey animations or navigate you from one page to another, the eCommerce prototypes built by Virtina are interactive to their core. The prototypes built by Virtina are purpose-built and optimized with eCommerce functionalities unique to your business and its requirements. Furthermore, you can interact freely with the prototype and even leave your comment on what you like and what you don't.

Easy and Effective Communication

The eCommerce prototypes built by Virtina are interactive and equipped with functionalities that can actually work. The highly interactive nature provided by our prototypes enables you to experience first-hand how your eCommerce website may look and feel. Virtina's eCommerce prototype allows you to leave comments on specific components such as a feature or a design aspect enabling you to better communicate with us to implement any necessary changes you feel are needed on your eCommerce website.

Easier Error Detection and Internal Collaboration

Often, the ideas conveyed by the client are not implemented as it should be by the developer, and it is often too late to detect any error. With Virtina's eCommerce Prototype, the error detection is done swiftly. Once an error is detected, the prototype built by Virtina has the provision to mark those errors, which can then be viewed and shared between the internal staff at Virtina. The graphical representation makes it easier for our team of experts to fix your eCommerce store in no time.

Save Time and Money

Virtina's eCommerce prototype takes every design and functional requirement and visualizes them for the user/client. This enables the client to come up with a comprehensive plan for their eCommerce website without having the risk of running it through multiple iterations before they get it right. As the number of iterations increases, the time and the money invested in the project also increases significantly. Hence Virtina's eCommerce Prototype saves you both time and money considerably.

How Virtina’s eCommerce Prototyping Works

Requirement Specification

Requirement Analysis

eCommerce Prototype Creation

Final Prototype

Multiple prototype Iterations

eCommerce prototype Client Inspection

Requirement Specification

Virtina follows a holistic approach to its eCommerce Prototype development, and it is one of the most effective processes in the industry. Virtina's eCommerce prototype development process begins by listing all the requirements of the client. The requirements are listed based on their business and their unique needs. The listing of requirements itself is deep as it forms the base of your eCommerce prototype and, in effect, your eCommerce website.

Requirement Analysis

Once the requirement specification is done, the team of experts goes on to analyze the requirements. The requirements as analyzed through the eyes of the experts in the industry. This helps us come up with the most effective solutions. Both functional and design requirements are examined to find the optimal solution for it.

eCommerce Prototype Creation

After the design and functional features are finalized, our team can get started on building the prototype for your eCommerce store. Virtina's eCommerce prototype is an interactive and functional one with the ability to navigate from one page to another, providing you with an immersive experience. We use the advanced prototyping tool, "Just In Mind."

The tool comes equipped with all the features you could ever need. This includes exporting the documentation, a full range of interaction using animations and transitions, and you can even implement mobile gestures on the prototype. Thus Virtina's eCommerce prototype established every aspect of your potential eCommerce website covering everything from A to Z.

eCommerce Prototype Client Inspection

Once the prototype is built and ready to be inspected by the client, an invite is sent to them via email. Once the client receives the email, they may view the eCommerce prototype built by the Virtina team.

The client can interact and navigate from page to page on the prototype and mark their comments on each page as they go. The comments can be assigned specifically to the design or functional element.

Multiple Prototype Iterations

Once we receive the client's comments, the necessary changes are made to the prototype and resubmitted for the client's approval. This process is repeated until all concerns of the client are resolved.

Final Prototype Submission

Once all the client's comments are addressed, the prototype is ready for the final submission. The final prototype is the result of continuous changes made on the initial prototype and is the visual representation of what the client's eCommerce store could look like. Vietnam ensures that all the requirements are met one last time before the final prototype is submitted to the client.

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