eCommerce Performance Optimization

Are you witnessing high bounce rates on your eCommerce website?

The high abandonment and increasing bounce rates can be attributed to the slow page loads, non-responsive, badly cached pages, weak hosting provider, and many other critical issues that increase the Time to First Byte (TTFB) and Time to Interactive (TTI). Both of these components drag and slow the performance of an eCommerce website. As such, you lose sales- which in-turn affects your revenue and profits.

Enhance Your eCommerce Store's Performance with Virtina

The unlimited potential of eCommerce performance optimization ensures you derive all of the following benefits from its impactful and conversion-centric tactics.

  • Improve Your Rankings in Search Engine
  • Increase Retention Rate
  • Lower Bounce Rates
  • Increase Revenue and Profits

  • Increase Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • Increase Credibility of the Brand
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value

eCommerce Performance Optimization

Load Testing of your eCommerce Website

Virtina's load test focuses on testing the performance of the requests to your backend. The most fundamental aspect our load testers analyze is the maximum load any URL can sustain at a given time. Our load testing protocols generate the most accurate load with real browsers.

We create the most logical representation of a load on an eCommerce site. Virtina will create realistic runtime scenarios that take into account the number of users, browser types, network limitations, and schedule. Check all the parameters like the number of connections, response time, performance throughput, transaction times, and more.

Standard Package

Number of URL - 1

Concurrent Users - Upto 50

Number of URL - 1

Concurrent Users - 50 to 100

Number of URL - 1

Concurrent Users - 100 to 250

Custom Package

Scope - Entire Website

Build - Create different Buyer Journey's

Buyer Journey - Buyers arriving on a unique URL of your eCommerce site from Social Media, Home Page, Search Engine, PPC Ad, etc.

Analyze - Comprehensively study each Buyer Journey

Standard Package

The standard package will execute severe load tests on a set number of pages for multiple users. This test will help us to determine the extent of load your eCommerce website can handle. The load testers will check for the maximum number of simultaneous users generating HTTP requests to a web server. 

Furthermore, we will also check for the maximum number of simultaneous users loading a single page repeatedly in a browser. Not only that, but we'll also test your website from multiple locations around the world. We will adjust the number of users in real-time to measure performance in fluctuating conditions.

The load testers will discover how your eCommerce website responds to various loads and identify performance bottlenecks before they cause any damage to the production environment. We will extract insights about how your website scales and whether it can perform under pressure.


The price will vary depending on the number of users being tested for every unique URL (Page).


The eCommerce performance engineers in Virtina will submit the performance analysis of the page. We will generate a report containing the various metrics and performance outputs of the page being tested for a given number of users. Ultimately, we will create and forward a report containing the maximum user load that the URL can handle.

Custom Package

The Custom Package will carefully curate your eCommerce website. A holistic analysis will help our load testers to discover various buyer journeys. A buyer could land directly on a product page, get there from the home page, social media, backlink, or anywhere else. A variation in the journey could potentially see changes in performance behavior. Our experts will meticulously assess each buyer's journey.

We will test the most frequent user journeys. We will mimic the precise user journey or user scenario and create a logical flow of how users interact with your website. A load test here will simulate a user's path before landing on a designated page. We can create performance scenarios to test for any condition you want to test. Our load testing measures seamlessly replicate intricate user journeys. 

In essence, we will script various user paths and flows and test them under different load conditions to help you identify potential issues that can break your website during peak times. An eCommerce store owner knows fully that all these critical user-flows need to be working correctly under high traffic.

The performance experts in Virtina will deliver custom solutions tailored to your unique large-scale eCommerce load testing needs. We will create various workloads and check how the site reacts with the varying load. Our experienced enterprise-grade performance engineers will carefully decipher the extent to which your eCommerce system can handle an unexpected volume of traffic via different buyer journeys.


The price will vary depending on the number of possible buyer journeys and the number of pages appearing on each buyer journey for your eCommerce website.


The performance eCommerce engineers in Virtina will thoroughly analyze the various buyer journeys and the several pages within each journey to arrive at the suitable values, metrics, and results for every unique URL on your eCommerce website. Nonetheless, we will establish the threshold of acceptable performance. Ultimately, we will generate and forward a report containing the maximum user load.

Diagnosis for your eCommerce website

The metrics and report data extracted in the load testing phase will inform us how your eCommerce website responds, handles traffic, the kind of performance your site visitors can expect when the site is under a severe amount of load, and where the hot spots and bottlenecks might be. We will get to work to diagnose various areas of your website that affect performance throughput. 

The problem could be down to a weaker server, memory utilization, cache issues, unoptimized database, Content Delivery Network, improper images, scripts, etc. The point is, a slow loading website could be due to a high number of concurrent requests, failures caused by large data sets, unoptimized code paths, inefficient hardware resources, and so much more. 

We will validate the results from the load testing phase to detect possible bottlenecks. Our methodologies assess the performance of your site and catch all performance regressions. Our performance specialists will evaluate the results and tell you what is slowing your eCommerce website. In the end, we would have diagnosed and identified all the interruption elements on your website.


Once the diagnosis is performed and we have identified potential problematic triggers, we will generate and submit a comprehensive and easy to understand performance report. The report will give you intuitive data, deep visibility, vital metrics, and much more into the problem areas on your eCommerce website.


During the diagnosis stage, we will employ several prominent tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, Load Ninja, Neo Load, Load View, Npm mechanism, YSlow, Dareboost, Webpage test, and much more. The tools will help to get to the root of the issues affecting the performance of your eCommerce website. 

eCommerce Performance Optimization Tactics


The hosting provider will influence the page speed on your eCommerce site. The inability to handle a high load of visitors, will lead to sudden downtime and unexpected crashes during a peak sales day. If you aren't already invested in a stable hosting solution, we can help you switch. Every eCommerce store deserves a reliable and dedicated hosting provider for maximum uptime.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Users around the world must not access the central server. Instead, they must be served content from the Content Delivery Network nearest to their geographical location. Oftentimes, businesses make the mistake of selecting the wrong CDN. Instead of choosing the CDN closest to their target audience, they opt for a random and popular CDN solution- which then depletes the UX and costs them valuable sales.

Multimedia Optimization

We will compress and optimize everything from product images, to videos, to other visuals on your eCommerce store that deplete the site's performance and save it in the appropriate format to ensure a fast page load. All of the heavy elements on the web page will be shrunk to a bare minimum. We will utilize lazy load, srcset, video embedding, image optimizers, and various other tactics to optimize a laggy site.

Redirects and Links

We reduce redirects as much as possible. We avoid redundant redirects, reduce chain redirects, clean-up your old redirects that conflict with new URLs, and create errors on the page. Existing redirects before adding new ones are analyzed and we delete the ones that are no longer needed. Aside from this, we help fix broken links, fix redirect loops, 301 and 302 redirects, and 404 error pages.

Mobile Optimization

It would be unwise not to have a responsive website. In the world of "Everywhere Commerce," buyers are browsing on other devices. We are capable of optimizing your site for mobile. We use Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Our mobile-friendly software engineering saves you from getting penalized and lowering your rank on SERP.


Every time a customer visits your website, their browser loads all the files from the server. However, if the browser has already downloaded all of the essential content, then the page load times can be vastly reduced. Either utilize a 3rd Party plug-in, or smartly use the in-built page caching (Varnish Caching). The capabilities of the platform will improve the performance of your eCommerce store.


We minimize the code size as much as possible. Fewer lines of code will speed up the delivery of the site’s files to the requesting browsers. We use the best CSS delivery practices. Minify CSS, JavaScript, remove all of the jumbled and complicated HTML code, merge JS files, and trim the excess of code pieces to reduce the number of server requests and deliver the content more smoothly.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Too many redirects will increase the number of server requests- which will slow down your web page loads. Also, too many page elements can severely downgrade the performance of your website. We will optimize the page by cutting down on the unnecessary extensions, images, and other files. The numerous additional round trips to perform the DNS lookup, TCP handshake, and TLS negotiation time are brought down.


Bloated third party plug-ins with buggy code will put an overwhelming amount of load on your server's resources and diminish your eCommerce website's performance. Such plug-ins often introduce additional database queries and processing- which will slow down the site. In such cases, we would help review, re-write their code, and optimize the said plug-ins for increased and efficient performance.  

Platform Specialization

Virtina is a Certified Expert on 10+ eCommerce platforms. Be it Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, WordPress, or any other platform, we possess the intricate performance optimization know-how on every single platform.

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Why Choose Virtina for eCommerce Optimization?

Our in-house eCommerce experts deploy the best-accelerated technologies to assist you with performance optimization on any aspect of your eCommerce website at every step of the way. Depending on the targeted area of website performance optimization, you receive a detailed report with actionable and informative insights tailored to your specific issue and estimates with expert impact ratings.

When you rely on Virtina for your eCommerce performance optimization strategy, you will be fully in the loop about the ongoing procedures and of the process ahead – ensuring business transparency and a clear roadmap.

Resources – Our performance optimization crew is made up of the best talent and support system which includes brilliant developers, designers, experts, industry specialists, and more.

Wisdom –  Our prior Knowledge of various eCommerce Performance Optimization Projects will come in handy. The insightful familiarity makes us the leading choice of many well-renowned brands worldwide.

Industry – Served and successfully closed several complex eCommerce performance optimization projects in various industries, such as electronics, automobile, healthcare, F&B, and more. Our awareness and expertise about every industry, is what helps us to personalize an effective plan for your website

Business Types – We possess a discerning understanding of both B2B and B2C businesses. Not only that, but we even customize the performance optimization plan in accordance with your business type.

Let's Optimize the eCommerce Store Today

Though your eCommerce store performance may have declined lately, it is perfectly understandable for an unoptimized website made up of extensive content, extensions, and various other elements. 

In between attending to clients, sales, and other business management activities, any store owner would be overwhelmed and want no part of the various technical problems emerging. Thus, you would need a group of highly qualified professionals to address such issues – hence Virtina.

We have a dedicated team of eCommerce performance experts that will conduct a holistic analysis of your website and apply the necessary fixes to stabilize and speed up your eCommerce store for faster page loads and optimum User Experience. Get in touch with us Now!

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