BigCommerce Migration Services

Bigcommerce Migration Services

Migrate Your eCommerce Store to BigCommerce

Is your current platform making it hard to run, update, and maintain your eCommerce website? Is your existing eCommerce platform too cumbersome, costly, rigid, lacks advanced features, and isn't very flexible? 

If yes, then it's time you move your eCommerce website to BigCommerce. The migration experts in Virtina will help store owners transfer all their data from the source store to the BigCommerce store without any loss.

Virtina's certified BigCommerce experts will help migrate your store to BigCommerce.

Why Select BigCommerce for Your eCommerce Business?

The SaaS capabilities of the BigCommerce platform makes it easy for every merchant to invest more time in business development activities and less on maintaining their eCommerce store. BigCommerce offers unlimited bandwidth and blazing fast speeds; all implemented and managed without coding implementation on your end. Merchants get to sit back and focus on expanding their business.

  • Suitable for All Business Types
  • SEO-friendly for High Rankings on Search Engines
  • Marketplace That Offers a Wide Range of Apps
  • In-built Tools to Support Marketing Campaigns
  • Round-the-clock Customer Support
  • Top-notch Security, Level 1 PCI Compliance
  • Superior Flexibility to Tweak Any Facet of the Site
  • Highly Active and Helpful Community Support
  • Sell Physical, Digital, and Service-based Products
  • Multichannel Selling From the Backend
  • Scalable to Support Your Business Growth
  • Hosted eCommerce Platform

Leave the upgrades, security glitches, hosting solutions, and other updates to the BigCommerce platform. As a Software-as-a-Service based eCommerce platform, store owners don't need to fret about excessive coding, development, and other frequent programming tasks. The host of built-in features address all your needs, so you don't have to go looking for 3rd Party integrations and plugins. 

BigCommerce can add all the enterprise capabilities to your eCommerce business - without the high cost, unmanageable complexity, and recurring glitches. BigCommerce streamlines your eCommerce business and enables you to launch and run your store with ease and simplicity. Start a unique, seamless, and attractive storefront with personalized experiences for your customers.

Virtina is proud to be officially listed as an eCommerce Business Service Provider (BSP) by the U.S. Commercial Service. The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the United States Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. They extend their services and a full range of expertise to companies involved in international trade including eCommerce.

ITA eCommerce Innovation Lab
ISO 9001: 2015

Virtina is now officially ISO 9001:2015 certified! This is a huge accomplishment for our team, and we are so proud to be recognized for our commitment to excellence in eCommerce development. The certificate implies that we are now recognized as an international leader in eCommerce development. We are always committed to providing our clients with the highest quality eCommerce development services.

Various Technologies

Why Must You Migrate to BigCommerce?

When merchants experience many problems on their eCommerce store,  it warrants an immediate migration to another platform - BigCommerce. There is absolutely no reason to persist with your current platform and deal with its complications. The inability to derive any robust benefits, difficulty in targeting and successfully capturing KPIs must warrant an immediate migration to another suitable eCommerce platform. 

The BigCommerce platform will help elevate the user experience, offer stupendous customer support, can scale to keep up with your business growth, and comes with tightened security protocols to ensure round the clock protection. Furthermore, the easy-to-maintain architecture means store owners can easily regulate and manage their eCommerce store. On top of that, BigCommerce supports omnichannel expansion for tracking sales from multiple touchpoints.

Why Choose Virtina for Migrating to BigCommerce?

Virtina has an impeccable track record of delivering innovative BigCommerce Solutions. Our team of highly skilled BigCommerce Experts has handled complex migration projects for various clients from different industries worldwide. At Virtina, we consider, document, plan, and prepare for every factor in your eCommerce business before initiating the Migration process.

Virtina’s migration service is the most convenient and secure way to perform a BigCommerce migration. Our migration experts will move the eCommerce data to the BigCommerce store smoothly, safely and swiftly. We provide the best lossless migration service with zero negative impact on your SEO. Furthermore, we ensure none of the sensitive data is corrupted or misplaced during the migration.
  • Hassle-free Migration to BigCommerce
  • Familiarity With Advanced Migration Projects
  • Proactive Round-the-clock Communication
  • Integrate New Features and Functionalities
  • Systematic Strategy, Planning, and Review
  • BigCommerce Migration Experts
  • Expertise in B2B and B2C
  • Time-efficient Migration Processes
  • Dedicated Team of In-house Experts
  • Balanced and Affordable Solutions

Transfer and retain all the pre-existing content from the source store to the new store. All the entities and their relations are preserved as it is. The Entities include but are not limited to products, orders, reviews, customers, images, blogs, and much more. Migrate without any downtime, crashes, or disruption on your source store. Choose Virtina to migrate your eCommerce store.

Virtina's BigCommerce Migration Services

Virtina's migration experts ensure 99.99% uptime during the migration process. On top of that, there is no data or feature loss, no traffic loss to your eCommerce website, while we carefully migrate the complete data, pixel-perfect store design, and code to the target BigCommerce store. Merchants can keep using their source platform right up until launch.

Data Relationship

Migrate to BigCommerce without any hassle. The migration experts in Virtina are proficient at the art of moving your entire data set without any data loss or corruption. After migration, we check for duplication, data integrity, completeness and ensure that all the entity relationships are maintained correctly.

Lossless Migration

The BigCommerce experts at Virtina ensure that the entire migration process is carried out securely. Migration experts will move all the data from the source store to the target store in BigCommerce, without any data loss. Our migration experts will transfer all the data completely and accurately to the BigCommerce store.


The migration Experts at Virtina will allow you to safely move all your products, options, categories, etc., over to your new BigCommerce store. The experts will import your entire catalog, retain complete consistency and maintain all the product configurations in the target store, irrespective of your inventory size.

Reward Program

The Migration experts at Virtina also move the reward Program to the target store. We will transfer the Customer Reward points from the source store to BigCommerce. The number of points against each shopper's account, redeemed rewards, points value, and the expiration of these points are all moved to BigCommerce. We can migrate the entire reward program structure to BigCommerce.

New Integrations

If you are looking to migrate to a new store, now would be a good time to think about integrating new features and functionalities that elevate the user experience and make it easier for you to manage backend processes. Simplify your business operations with custom integrations for your BigCommerce store. Integrate 3rd party CRMs, ERPs, shipment providers, and a lot more.

Theme Migration

If you like the aesthetics, design, and overall structure of your original theme, then we can help you retain the same theme in your BigCommerce store. Our migration experts, alongside our skilled designers, can make it happen. We can replicate the theme and make it compatible with BigCommerce. Our expert designers can even customize the theme or create a similar one from the ground up.

BigCommerce News

news image

Dippin’ Dots Launches BigCommerce-based eCommerce Platform

October 25, 2022

Built by BigCommerce Elite Partner Groove Commerce, specialty ice cream retailer Dippin' Dots creates a powerful eCommerce platform to deliver temperature-sensitive products to its customers. The company packs and ships the products with dry ice to avoid melting during transit. Since the product expires in 24 hours, delivery time is paramount for the process. The company now relies on BigCommerce's customization and fulfillment capabilities to ensure timely delivery. Groove Commerce created a customized shipping calendar and delivery date picker and integrated them into the optimized BigCommerce one-page checkout offering. The enhancements help customers pick a delivery date, view costs, see shipping options, and avoid blackout dates. The user-friendly site has bespoke CSS animation and detailed product info.

news image

BigCommerce Starts on Google Cloud Marketplace to Aid Enterprise Customers

October 12, 2022

BigCommerce launched on Google Cloud Marketplace to provide Global enterprise customers with enhanced audience reach and business growth within the existing cloud environment. It helps with scalable and customizable commerce architecture, prebuilt native integrations with cloud products, omnichannel solutions for Google, and a simplified billing structure to meet Google Cloud's committed spend. Enterprises get direct access to prebuilt integrations, essential Google cloud products, partner apps, and other series to create an omnichannel presence. It helps with quicker time-to-value and low TCO. Businesses can cater to unique requirements across B2C, B2B, Headless, and CaaS (Commerce-as-a-Service) solutions. The combination of SaaS and API creates flexibility with powerful APIs and SDKs, letting businesses customize platforms quickly.

news image

BigCommerce Expands Crypto Ecosystem With BitPay and CoinPayments

September 27, 2022

With the business shifting towards digital currency, the famous Open SaaS ecommerce platform BigCommerce partners with cryptocurrency tech partners BitPay and CoinPayments to get a competitive edge in the crypto market. The strategic collab with the leading crypto payment gateways allows BigCommerce B2C and B2B merchants in select countries to deliver easy and secure cryptocurrency payment solutions and make the mode mainstream. It helps merchants open up more crypto methods as payment options alongside existing gateways to reach a broader market. It also reduces transaction fees, lower risks, supports innovative future payments and attracts new customer segments. BitPay lets businesses accept payments from a plethora of crypto wallets. Merchants can access over 100 cryptocurrencies through CoinPayments at a 0.5% processing fee.

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I started Virtina with the sole purpose of helping companies do better business than what they did. I wanted to break the mould, get these business owners to shun their orthodox practices, and embrace new-age solutions. I wanted them to see how eCommerce can be a game-changer for increasing sales, simplifying operations, creating memorable customer experiences, and elevating profits. My goal ahead is to make more merchants view eCommerce the way I do - it's more than just a sales channel.

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BigCommerce Migration - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will there be any downtime in my live store during the migration process?

No, there will be zero downtime during the migration process. Our team of migration experts ensures that your store remains accessible throughout the process. The visitors will always find your store running and functioning as it usually does. Our experts can perform the entire migration to a preferable time when your store receives the least amount of traffic.

How long will it take to migrate my eCommerce store to BigCommerce?

The time would vary depending on your store's size, the number of products, plugins, reviews, customers, media that needs to be transferred, and so much more. Our Migration experts will analyze your eCommerce business to figure out an estimate on the number of hours. Our time-efficient methodologies and resources will try to get it done at the earliest.

What will it cost to migrate my eCommerce store to BigCommerce?

Virtina cannot advertise a fixed cost for the migration process. The final price will be an extension of your overall business. The extent of data, your inventory, testimonials, customer details, extensions, database size, and so much more will dictate the price. Once our BigCommerce experts have reviewed your eCommerce store, we will be in a position to give you an exact quote.

Is there any data loss during the migration to the BigCommerce platform?

No. The migration experts in Virtina are adept at moving your entire store to the BigCommerce platform and take enough care to keep the data intact. Furthermore, our experts will also preserve the relationship between all the entities and keep the relationship consistent in the source store. Our experts will ensure that the entities are not mismatched, missing, duplicated, and so on.

Can Virtina's Migration experts preserve the SEO juice on my BigCommerce store?

Yes, we can. Our Migration experts and SEO specialists will ensure that you do not lose the SEO juice after migration. All the SEO strength built over the years on every unique URL (page) will remain intact. We create 1:1 redirects, check redirect chains, prioritize "SEO valuable" URLs, and much more. Our experts will save old URLs in the target store to retain your SEO ranking.

Get Help With Migrating Your eCommerce Store to BigCommerce!

If your current eCommerce platform is unable to cope with your business model, then migrate your store to the BigCommerce platform, with the help of our migration experts.