Shopify Theme Customization

Shopify theme customization

Shopify, as a flexible eCommerce platform, makes it possible to morph your e-commerce store into exactly how you had envisioned it. Though Shopify’s default themes come packed with tons of themes, it might need minor to major customization process to make your business look precisely as you had dreamed of.

So, what is Shopify theme customization?

It is the process of tweaking the existing themes with discrete changes to your Shopify store to give it the exact look that suits your brand. Virtina is a market leader when it comes to Shopify customization. These customizations require knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as Shopify templating language, Liquid, all of which our Shopify developers are experts at. 

Our customization mechanism consists of 3 major categories :

1. Basic Tweak includes minor alterations to your theme code which changes trivial functions such as :

  • Typography adjustments like font, text size, text color
  • Layout or style adjustments
  • Adding terms and conditions checkbox
  • Adding age verification
  • Adding social media buttons

2. Small Customization involves slightly bigger code changes covering revisions like :

  • Changing the layout position of theme elements
  • Creating a page of collections controlled by menu
  • Logo + branding integration
  • Adding embeddable social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Connect newsletter services like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor 
  • Adding custom images and icons to fixed theme sections
  • Shopify app installation

3. Professional Theme Installation involves starting the theme development from scratch. It includes :

  • Full setup of theme with specific content
  • Style customization
  • Other minor customizations

Get in touch with Virtina for all your Shopify theme design and customization services. Our expert Shopify developers build SEO friendly themes with high-quality graphics, creative layouts, and appealing features to ensure higher conversions and ranking for your website.

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