SHADOW: Real-time Data Backup Solution for Your SaaS Platform

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A Real-Time Data Backup Solution for Your SaaS Platform

Software as a service or SaaS-based eCommerce platform is like the all-rounder that has everything you need. It comes with built-in software, hosting, and usually comes with excellent tech support. Unlike the self-hosted solutions, businesses running on SaaS platforms need not supply web hosting as they are hosted on the SaaS provider’s servers. In other words, a business running on a SaaS platform only requires a computer with access to the internet and a capable browser.

However, like any other system, the SaaS isn’t perfect either, and perhaps the biggest downside of it is only being able to backup certain data, not all. Most SaaS providers do not offer data backup and it is limited to bulk backup intended for unprecedented disasters like a server crash. Although this backup is merely meant for hundreds of accounts, it still does not offer the certainty that all of the data will be restored because it becomes a lot more difficult to guarantee recovery. In short, there is no undo button for your business on a SaaS platform due to human error.

In an eCommerce store, you are always under the threat of data corruption or loss. Any unintended changes to your original data caused by an error that occurs during writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing can be termed as data corruption. It doesn’t take much to cause data corruption to take place as a simple human error is sufficient to trigger it. The only viable solution to the problem is to have a real-time data backup for your eCommerce store.

At Virtina, we understand that losing your data could potentially devastate your business. This is why we’ve come up with the “SHADOW” data backup plan for SaaS platforms - a real-time data backup solution. 

4 Reasons Why You Need to Employ Shadow Backup

Minimal Human Error

The number one reason behind data corruption is human error. This can be triggered if you try to edit or modify theme code or if the plugin or third-party app you installed is not compatible with your system. Human errors are the most common reason for eCommerce failures, and even the most insignificant error could cause a chain reaction and bring down your store. A real-time backup means you have the ability to start afresh.

Complete Control

Our shadow backup gives you complete control over your eCommerce store’s data. Virtina’s Shadow Backup is a real-time data backup method. Much like a shadow, our data backup goes everywhere your eCommerce store does, and all the changes you make to it are recorded and stored. You can choose to access the data at any given point in time- giving you complete control.

Save Your Valuable Time

Having a data backup means that you will save valuable time in the event of data corruption. Simple data corruption may cause all of your data, including product details, customer details, blogs, multimedia, and more to be lost. Retrieving this data can be troublesome or even impossible, depending on the situation. Virtina’s Shadow Backup ensures that you don’t have to start from scratch, and bringing your site back to working condition is made easy.

Incompatible Apps

As an eCommerce store owner or manager, you’ll need to integrate multiple third-party apps to your store either for enhanced functionality or for easier management. The problem with this is that if your apps or integrations are incompatible with each other, it can cause your eCommerce store to break down, and your data could be put at risk. We inevitably integrate apps for better functioning of the store, and a data backup enables you to carry out these integrations without fear.

Ensure the Safety of the Valuable Data of Your Website With a Real-time Data Backup! 

What Are Included In the Backup?

At Virtina, we want to exceed your expectations while providing you with a peace of mind with Shadow, a backup plan that will never let you down! You will never have to worry about human error or forgetting to save again! Our services are low and affordable which is a no-brainer for your eCommerce business’ security. Sign up for our monthly recurring payment today and you can earn up to 50% off the initial setup fee. You can also pre-pay for a whole year and earn 14 months of your backup plan.





Setup Fee


Starting at $249

Data Storage

Recurring (Directly payable to the hosting provider)

Starting at $3.95/month

Backup Plan

Recurring (Charged for the number of API calls to backup orders or customer records)


up to 50
API calls


up to 250
API calls


up to 1000
API calls


up to 2000
API calls


up to 5000
API calls

Customized Plans

For more than 5000
API calls/month


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

The backed up data is kept under your hosting account with AWS starting at $3.95/month. Customer data is encrypted for complying with various privacy laws. You are in complete control of your backed up data under your hosting account on AWS or another hosting provider. Monthly fees are directly payable to the hosting provider. The backup plans are charged for the number of API calls to backup orders or customer records.