Touch up your Fashion Venture, with an eCommerce Presence

eCommerce Fashion

The fashion industry has expanded beyond the traditional model. No domain is good enough for sales; the competitive market has warranted the need to set up stores in other devices. Besides brick and mortar, you now need to be seen everywhere to maximize revenue.

The changing consumer pattern in discovering content has made brands look for other options to scale their business. Visibility leads to chances of higher sales. So, have a store on every front.

Go omnichannel to realize a future with higher rewards

Know your buyers and get instant feedback, deliver items with ease, study buying patterns, SEO your brand, blog, sell a look, move beyond your territory and make a mark in other regions.

  • Not being able to try clothes is a thing of the past. With Augmented Reality; find the perfect fit, view rich detailing and other aspects of the garment with strict accuracy.

  • From tiered pricing to selective discounts; vary your marketing strategy as you please. Pitch your items in innovative ways. Give a personalized shopping experience, to target customers better.

  • The ability to have images, videos, icons, alongside elaborate descriptions will give your buyers a better insight into the apparel. An added configurator will help to customize the product.

  • Social media selling is hot these days. Capitalize and plug your products across various platforms, to generate higher traffic, which will no doubt manifest into higher sales.

With omnichannel access, your user base can find you anywhere. Turn into that responsive brand and become the top choice for every visitor. Don’t limit yourself, become a power seller and flourish forever.

Why eCommerce matters for fashion industry?

  • According to Forrester, the online Fashion segment market share has reached 27%

  • Mobile commerce accounted for over 65% of the online fashion traffic in 2018

  • By 2022, eCommerce fashion sales would reach 36% of the total retail sales

  • 67% of millennials are preferring other channels over physical stores

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