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Virtina is the answer to all your eCommerce needs. We can turn all your eCommerce ideas and needs into reality. From building an eCommerce store from the ground up to coming up with innovative and customized solutions that result in the feasible growth of your business's revenue, Virtina has you covered.

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Virtina's eCommerce Development Highlights

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Diverse eCommerce Services

  • eCommerce Web development
  • eCommerce Plugin Development
  • eCommerce Performance Optimization
  • Custom Module Development
  • eCommerce Search Engine Optimization
  • eCommerce Theme development
  • eCommerce Plugin Customization
  • eCommerce Maintenance and Support
  • eCommerce Strategy and Analysis
  • eCommerce Payment Integration
  • eCommerce Theme Customization
  • eCommerce Advanced Integrations
  • eCommerce Store Migration
  • B2C Marketplace
  • eCommerce Shipping Integration

eCommerce Project Cycle -
From Onboarding to Delivery

Our eCommerce Development Services

eCommerce Planning and Roadmap

No matter how cutting-edge your eCommerce development solutions are, they will come up short on their performance if it's implemented without proper planning. Virtina creates a customized eCommerce plan for your unique business, and our experts can even convert the plan to a roadmap that shows you a comprehensive picture.

eCommerce Website Development

As one of the top eCommerce development companies in the United States, Virtina specializes in eCommerce website development services capable of bringing you measurable results in terms of conversions and total revenue. We follow a holistic and purpose-centric approach that always leads to a higher ROI.

eCommerce Website Design

Virtina has one of the best eCommerce web design processes in the industry that makes use of advanced AI-assisted technology, including fully-interactive eCommerce prototyping. We build and customize your website exactly how you want it with minimal iterations saving you valuable time and money.

eCommerce UI/UX

We have a team of certified eCommerce designers who work rigorously to develop original designs that align with your brand and tell your brand story. We create an elegant yet strong baseline of your store aided by an advanced prototyping process and state of the art tools.

eCommerce SEO

Virtina knows that what really matters for your business is getting the right traffic to your store beyond the aesthetics and functional superiority. With Virtina's superior eCommerce SEO, your organic traffic is boosted effectively. Our SEO process ensures higher traffic leading to more conversions and higher revenue.

eCommerce Replatform

The eCommerce platform on which you build your online store is the foundation of your online business venture. Virtina helps you migrate your business from your current platform to a new and advanced platform. With eCommerce replatforming, we enable businesses to adapt to the changing environment.

eCommerce Prototyping

We provide one of the best eCommerce prototyping in the industry that is fully interactive. Our eCommerce prototyping enables you to understand how your website will look and function so that you can make a well-informed decision. It enables you to convey your ideas clearly to the developers and make your vision a reality

eCommerce Optimization

If not optimized periodically, an eCommerce store runs the risk of slow load time and even breakdowns. Our eCommerce development experts ensure that your website is running in top-notch condition. We cover every aspect of your store, from CTA button colors to conducting advanced AI-assisted A/B tests for eCommerce performance optimization.

eCommerce Custom Integration

Our eCommerce development services include creating superior custom integration. Virtina can either customize the plugins/integrations available in the market or create a new one from the ground up that is tailor-made for your unique requirements and add advanced features to your store.

eCommerce QA Service

We use several state-of-the-art tools, including fully-interactive prototyping and advanced A/B testing, to ensure the best quality of work at Virtina. Every change made on your store, even a mere color change to the CTA button, is assessed by our experienced QA team to give your online business the quality assurance it deserves.

eCommerce CRO

Targeting the right audience and using efforts like SEO to bring them to your website is important. However,  merely getting them to your storefront is not enough. Virtina provides you with an advanced CRO discipline that doesn't just focus on conversion but also on boosting your total revenue developed exclusively for eCommerce.

eCommerce Data Backup

Online stores always run the risk of a technical breakdown, no matter how small it may be. It is up to you to ensure the safety of your valuable data under all conditions. Virtina's real-time data backup ensures that your eCommerce store is safe and secure from any eventualities. We offer a real-time backup of your store data that ensures no data is lost.

eCommerce Consulting

At Virtina, we provide free consultation for all your eCommerce requirements. You can pose your queries with us and we inform you, clarify all your doubts, even provide a demo, if required.

eCommerce Migration

Do you plan to migrate to another platform? Consult us! At Virtina, we are keen to facilitate a hassle-free migration to other platforms of your preference. With our services, you will find great ease in migration. Our services are available from designing to complete migration strategizing. We will help you continually through the entire migration process.

Consistent Performance

Our crew are pleased to provide you good support assistance on any issues related to your websites. We ensure the steady performance of your eCommerce project and you can consult us with your queries. We are committed to extending good support as you may require. We ensure your consistent performance.

#1 eCommerce Website Development Company

A committed team of eCommerce developers, creatively ingenious web designers, stringent quality policy and devotion to customers requirements have all together propelled Virtina as a top eCommerce website development company in the US. We are continually striving to acquire excellence and with our channelized efforts, we are on the right path to success.

Are You Looking for an eCommerce Web Development Company?

Pause your search at Virtina, the trusted eCommerce development company and we will attend to your requirements with true responsiveness. Virtina is the answer to all your eCommerce needs. We can turn all your eCommerce ideas and needs into reality. Our impactful solutions result in the best user experience and highest conversion rate for your eCommerce store. 

From building an eCommerce store from the ground up to coming up with innovative and customized solutions that result in true business growth, Virtina has you covered. Find the best ecommerce development solutions with us. Our eCommerce experts build custom eCommerce solutions around your pain points, objectives, target audience, competitors and other variables.

Our Best eCommerce Technologies

Our eCommerce development team is eager to implement your plans with our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions on any given platform. We'll conduct a holistic analysis of your business. Furthermore, we use 20 parameters to finalize the best eCommerce platform, this helps us to arrive at the best platform for your business dynamics - be it open-source or SaaS platform. 

We believe that the eCommerce platform is like the car in a rally race, you shouldn't blindly opt for any random platform, just like you wouldn't risk racing with any substandard car. The experts in Virtina meticulously analyze your business dynamics, investor goals, competitor data, present objectives, and many such variables to recommend the best platform for your business.


Why Choose Virtina for Your eCommerce Development Solutions?

Virtina has earned its place as a top-tier eCommerce website development company with its platform-agnostic approach to eCommerce. We have certified eCommerce consultants, Ecommerce Web designers, and website development experts for all major eCommerce platforms. Our eCommerce capabilities exceed that of any other competitors.  From platform selection to  complex integrations, we provide a wide range of e-commerce solutions. 

Furthermore, our years of experience serving the eCommerce industry, along with our proficiency in B2B, B2C, and D2C projects, makes us the natural choice to elevate your eCommerce ecosystem and improve your customer experience. We have hands-on experience with creating top-notch e-commerce websites, in sync with their business specifics. We'll resolve all your technical requirements to result in the best digital experiences for your eCommerce business.

  • Proven Work Expertise In all Platforms
  • Dedicated Team of  In-House eCommerce ExpertsXtens
  • ive SEO Expertise in  All Platforms
  • Holistic Discovery Approach
  • Expert Management of Time and Resources
  • Platform-agnostic Strategy for your business
  • Rigorous QA Testing Practices
  • Skilled and  eCommerce  Developers
  • Agile and Adaptive Project Methodologies
  • Human to Human (H2H) Oriented Approach
  • Certified eCommerce web development experts
  • Proactive Round the Clock Communication
  • Budgeted and Cost Effective Solutions
  • Personalized and Tailor-made Solutions
  • Customized revenue-centric CRO Solutions

eCommerce Development Solutions We Offer

B2B Website Development

The eCommerce experts in Virtina will help to start a B2B store with functionalities more specific to the B2B landscape. From tiered pricing, to role-based recommendations, discounts, logistics, self-service, bulk orders, RFQs, payment options, memberships, and so much more.

B2C Website Development

Virtina can also help build an online store with specific B2C features. From subscription programs, to one step checkout, cart abandonment alerts, personalized discounts, top-notch performance, top performance, automated marketing, and so much more.

Online Marketplace

Virtina is also capable of building a fast loading and frictionless marketplace with a plethora of features for top-tier omnichannel selling. Vendors can easily manage their inventory and generate reports. Plus, you get to manage commissions and offer users the best experience.

Multistore Website

The eCommerce development team in Virtina can help to create a multi-store website, which gives every store owner the ability to run, manage, and oversee the activities of multiple online stores from a single backend. Get specific analytics and reports for each store.

Aggregator eCommerce

Virtina can help to create a robust aggregator platform. You'll be able to get multiple entities to list and sell services from one platform seamlessly. Get the best visibility on the performance of all the businesses (vendors) and their sales. Plus control and view other aspects easily from the backend.

Auction and Bidding Platforms

Our highly-skilled development team can create the best bidding portal for your business. Allow various authorities or even civilians to sell and trade goods on a portal. Manage users, sellers, view stats, purchase history, missing bids, catalogs, and even conduct live bidding and auction sessions on the website.

Progressive Web Application

Virtina can also help you create progressive Web Apps to help visitors access a site easier and faster, plus get an experience on par with native apps. Now, have your website available offline, with fast loading, push notifications, and a native app like experience.

Headless Commerce

Our eCommerce team can help you create a headless commerce website. Make the content available on multiple channels, improve your frontend development. Plus, make it easier to perform upgrades, performance fixes, applying new functionalities, integrations,

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CFS Binds

CFS Binds

The company is one of the leading stationery brands in the US. They are known to offer every known stationery item.

The company is well known for selling professional-grade, quality, durable, and long-lasting binding supplies and other accessories to businesses all around the US.

Klein Electronics

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Certified Developers and Partners

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  • woo

Virtina’s Adaptive Methodologies

As a leading eCommerce development company, we have developed two adaptive methodologies that are built specifically for eCommerce.

Adaptive Agile Build

Adaptive Agile Build
  • Agility for your emergency requirements
  • Ideal for time-sensitive projects
  • Quick implementation

Adaptive Hybrid Build

Adaptive Hybrid Build
  • Adaptive hybrid build for long-term plans
  • Ideal for long-term growth plan
  • Holistic and detailed approach

How Do We Make eCommerce Development Easier?

Easy Inventory and Order Management

With an eCommerce store, your orders and inventory management is made easy, thanks to the advanced integrations/plugins. eCommerce not only allows you to manage and view all aspects of your inventory and sales, but it also enables you to account for the sales made on the physical store if you have one. You can even choose to automate your taxes based on the new inventory & order management system.

Easy Analytics and Strategy Formation

Virtina can integrate superior analytic solutions to your eCommerce store, including Google Analytics, that can help you understand what your customers need and want from your store. The analytics provide us with insights such as the time spent on each page and the user's navigation through your website. Once we have established a behavior pattern, our experts analyze it and come up with a strategy that can boost your conversions.

Streamlined and Automated Business Management

Business management is not easy, and as a store owner, you often have to put in all the effort and still come up short with under-par results. Virtina uses the latest eCommerce technology and innovative thinking to make business management easier for you. We employ advanced ERP and CRM solutions that make life easier for store owners. Furthermore, automation of processes such as tax returns saves you valuable time and effort.

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No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 4, 2021

My Magento site was suffering from slow page loads – the performance was abysmal. I desperately needed a fix, the bounce rate had climbed severely in the last five months. Virtina came in, fixed all the issues, optimized the database, and compressed all the code to give me a fast website.

David Harbour

No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 25, 2021

We have been using Virtina for all our Magento requirements for the past two years and they have become somewhat family to us. We’ve used many Magento developers in the past both companies as well as freelancers but it was with Virtina that we found our perfect match.

Kenneth Tompkins

No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 8, 2021

Virtina has a good team of WooCommerce experts. We contacted Virtina as they were a gold partner on WooCommerce’s website and we were absolutely not disappointed. Furthermore, they are happy to go beyond the scope to ensure that everything is built and functions properly.

Simon R.J.
San Diego

No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 4, 2021

This is the second time that I’m using your WooCommerce services and I am really pleased with the result. What I particularly liked about them is how they took their time analyzing the problem and pinpointing its source which in effect helped us save a lot of time. Great job guys!

George Tom

No Title

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 30, 2021

Virtina is my go-to company when it comes to any WooCommerce emergency. They are fast, reliable, and efficient. They have found and fixed bugs on my WooCommerce store on so many occasions that has saved me and my business a lot of valuable time. Thanks to the expert developers!

Ned Hain

No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 28, 2021

We are really happy working with their team of WooCommerce developers. Virtina has often undertaken time-sensitive projects that our in-house team was not able to finish on time no matter how complicated the task was. The charges are much affordable than what many of their peers offer.

William Decker
Washington D.C.

No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 26, 2021

I’m a web developer myself and have been working with WooCommerce for many years. When I find myself in a situation too difficult or time consuming to fix, I turn to Virtina and rest easy knowing it will be handled quickly and affordably. They are my secret weapon to get things done!

Carl McVay
San Diego

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will it take to migrate my eCommerce store to a new platform?

The migration process of an eCommerce store and the time taken for it is unique because it is dependent on various factors such as its size, complexity, and scope. The time required for migration or replatforming is relatively longer for websites that offer a high number of products/services, as an extensive blog and media collection, and so on. The time frame for completing the project is also dependent on the complexity of the functions that are to be transferred.

How much do you charge for eCommerce web development solutions?

There is no fixed cost for the eCommerce web development solutions offered by Virtina. The pricing is dynamic based on the various factors that influence a typical eCommerce project's total cost, including the project's size, complexity, and scope. We will analyze your requirements and come up with an estimate depending on the hours required to complete the tasks. You can also buy blocks of time, which you can utilize as per your desire, and we even provide a refund in cases where the project is delivered before the allocated/brought time.

Do you develop custom themes for e-Commerce sites?

Yes, we do develop custom themes for eCommerce stores. Our eCommerce development experts can either customize a theme available on the market to align with your brand or create one from the ground up, depending on your requirements. Regardless, either of the themes will sync with your brand identity and result in the best customer satisfaction.

What happens if my site ends up not working as promised once the project is delivered?

Virtina is a leading eCommerce store development company globally and has a reliable QA team that assesses every project before delivery. Any unprecedented issue you encounter after the project delivery will be covered under Virtina's 30-day warranty. Our experts will fix any post-delivery issue within 30 days from our work's production release. However, this does not cover the problems caused by server/plugins, code changes, or changes by third-party service providers.

Can you add custom features to my eCommerce store?

Yes, we can definitely add additional features to your eCommerce website. There are many integration/plugins available on the market and by third-parties that can be integrated into your store. Even if they require a more personalized version of the feature/functionality, our experts can make it happen. We can even develop a custom solution from the ground up to meet all of your eCommerce needs.

Does Virtina build mobile-friendly e-Commerce websites?

Yes. The eCommerce expert developers in Virtina can help you create mobile-ready solutions. Even the themes that we create from the ground up are mobile-friendly. Every page that we develop will be responsive and optimized for multiple devices. Your customers will get a seamless and user-friendly experience on mobile devices. We can also come up with a responsive design for your online store.

Can Virtina build an extension for my eCommerce business?

Yes. Virtina can build an extension from the ground up for your unique business requirements. We will hold a discovery call to understand your pain points and objectives; from there, we'll chalk out a strategy and develop innovative solutions for your desired plugin. Rest assured, you'll get all the features and functionalities in your plugin.

Can you customize any of the existing plugins on my eCommerce store?

Yes. Depending on the extent of customization possible, our developers will try to accommodate your custom requirements on any of the plugins on your eCommerce website. However, the inherent limitations of the plugin will decide how far we can go with our customization. From payment to shipping, we'll help you tweak the plugin of your choice.

Do you provide search engine optimization as an eCommerce solution?

Yes. We have dedicated in-house SEO experts who can analyze the SEO strength of your eCommerce website. We will check for relevant SEO keywords, analyze the meta tags, check the sitemap, optimize multimedia elements, conduct a link analysis, and much more to improve your search rankings.

Can your developers integrate ERP/CRM tools with my eCommerce website?

Yes. Our e-commerce development team have previously done the same for other eCommerce businesses. We can help you integrate an ERP/CRM solution on your eCommerce website as well. The ERP/CRM tool will eliminate the need to enter data manually. Instead, you'll be able to automate and manage your client relationships more easily.

Do you provide training and support after completing a project?

Yes. The work doesn't end with the completion of the project. Our team provides the required knowledge transfer to manage the operations of your eCommerce store. You will get complete training to use the integrated features. Our support team is available to help address all your concerns.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Virtina, as a trustworthy eCommerce company, will assign a project manager who will keep in touch with you all the time and keep you updated about the progress. We'll notify you about every milestone that we complete on your project. You may get in touch with us through Skype, phone, email, instant messaging tool, or any other communication channel of your choice.

Are you willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes. We respect client confidentiality and are more than willing to sign an NDA. Virtina doesn't reveal any sensitive information exchanged with the client to anyone outside the internal team that handles your project. Virtina won't disclose the project information to any third parties. We follow a strict policy to secure your confidential info at all times.

Do you provide eCommerce development services out of the United States?

Yes, we do. Over the years Virtina has collaborated with companies from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates, we don't limit ourselves to any region. The project management softwares and other communication tools have made it easier for us to coordinate, track, and address issues for online stores worldwide. 

Can you help me with advanced integrations for my online store?

Yes, we can. From inventory management to sales management, accounting, logistics, and other integrations, our eCommerce experts can easily handle it all. We will even conduct a holistic analysis of your pain points and business processes to determine and finalize the best integration for your unique ecosystem.

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