eCommerce Roadmap

Virtina offers the best support to your eCommerce business, from the smartest certified experts, across every business type, on any aspect, and that too on any platform imaginable.

Did you know that the failure rate of eCommerce is a mind-blowing 80%, and some researchers suggest that it may be as high as 97%?

Lack of planning is the number one reason behind the downfall of eCommerce stores. A perfectly planned eCommerce store will be prepared for any eventualities- equipped with all of the necessary features and capability of catering to the needs of the user and the store owner. 

Map Out a Roadmap for Your eCommerce Website

Unplanned eCommerce stores lack the proper build to stimulate conversions. A neat, user-friendly website on the other hand, will boost retention, engagement and sales. However, a site with bad structure, improper navigation and cluttered interface will cut them drastically. From the discovery stage to taking your site live, you need extensive research to create the best eCommerce store.

Even with the perfect plan intact, you still need a proficient eCommerce expert that can help you create a well-thought-out eCommerce roadmap for your unique business needs. Virtina’s eCommerce roadmap is a 3-year strategic guideline that outlines where your company is headed and the steps you need to take to get there.

Virtina's eCommerce Roadmap to Success Exclusively for You

  • 3-year eCommerce roadmap tailor-made for your unique business
  • A holistic approach that takes into account all of the contributing factors for your business.
  • An in-depth discovery call to understand your unique business and its requirements.
  • Master Survey that provides insightful information about your business and its eCommerce needs.

How Your 3-Year eCommerce Roadmap Is Prepared

1 Hour Holistic Discovery Call

Holistic Discovery

At Virtina, we follow a systematic approach in everything we do. From eCommerce development to our discovery calls. Our first step to creating a comprehensive eCommerce roadmap for your business is a 1-Hour Holistic Discovery Call. Attention is given to the nuances, which play a role in your eCommerce business. During the process, steps are taken based on this analysis and the data collected.

Most eCommerce ventures fail because they fail to see eCommerce as a human-to-human (H2H) business. By the end of the day, your technical superiority comes only second. The success of any business including eCommerce depends on how well the humans involved in it are treated and whether they are satisfied with it or not. For an eCommerce business to be successful, you need a comprehensive solution that can work for all the contributing parties (Customers, Site Operators, Partners, and Systems).

Our process involves one of the best discovery phase strategies in the industry. In the discovery phase, we take into account three major aspects:

  1. The Pain Points
  2. The Objectives
  3. The Wishlist

Master Survey

The Master Survey makes use of the data collected from the holistic discovery phase as its input. The questions in the master survey are custom made for your unique business and its requirements. In this phase, the in-depth knowledge and expertise that Virtina has gained from various industries over the years play a crucial role. The expertise of Virtina includes over 900 eCommerce projects from almost all major industries.

To ensure that there is absolutely no error in the data obtained through the master survey, Virtina provides two iterations for the master survey. Furthermore, Virtina factors in the latest trends in eCommerce and incorporates the statistics into the survey. As your eCommerce partner, we are invested in your eCommerce project as much as you are.

Digital Roadmap

The comprehensive eCommerce roadmap could be the best thing that ever happens to your eCommerce business. A 3-year digital roadmap is created that outlines your eCommerce business goals and the ideal strategy that you need to follow to reach the goal. The goal of the digital roadmap is to help you find the core functionalities for acquiring revenue and customers. 

That being said, Virtina helps you increase the customer retention rate and enables you to decrease the cost of operation using the right technology. We emphasize on the fast low-hanging fruits of your business so that you can get the best with the least effort. 

When eCommerce is implemented correctly, it becomes the central hub for your business. It is capable of meeting and even exceeding the objectives of every person involved in your business. It addresses the pain points, goals, and wishlist of all humans involved in your business. From customers, to site operators, to partners, and even the system used. At Virtina, the only way to do eCommerce is the right way, and we have proven to exceed eCommerce expectations every time.

Why Choose Virtina?


Understand the mission and vision of your eCommerce business for the next three years to outline a robust and powerful eCommerce model for the same


Conduct a holistic analysis of your SKUs, market, customer and performance data, industry data, seek info from stakeholders, and finally understand your brand.


Define all the appropriate solutions that align with your business needs. The right feature set, functionalities, platform, integrations, hosting, design, extensions, and more. 


Focus on flexibility, scalability, agility, time to market, initial cost, ongoing cost, and other elements to determine the best capabilities for your eCommerce business.


No planning is complete till we fully comprehend and satisfy all the human's involved in the business. Evaluate and meet all their goals, pain points and wish lists.


Once done, we will document all the high level and low-level requirements. Establish the indispensable needs and list all the corresponding features that will address those needs.

Behind Every Successful eCommerce Store Is an Extensive Roadmap