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Our team of WooCommerce experts makes sure that you get your website up and running on WooCommerce with advanced features and functionalities to help you boost your traffic and increase your revenue potential.

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Why Choose WooCommerce as Your eCommerce Platform?

WooCommerce is the leading open-source platform for building an eCommerce store trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and businesses all around the globe. WooCommerce comes equipped with WordPress’s superior flexibility and customization capability making it the ideal platform for your business.

Around 15 million websites running today are powered by the WooCommerce platform thanks to its superior flexibility and customization capability. WooCommerce is the preferred choice for many businesses because it is reliable and comes with all the goodies from WordPress. Being based on WordPress allows WooCommerce to implement advanced marketing techniques like content commerce. Furthermore, the open-source WooCommerce platform is powerful enough to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it, including extensive product catalogs or rich media content.
  • Open-source
  • Superior Customization
  • Responsive Themes
  • Highly Flexible
  • Adaptive Nature
  • Easy Integrations
  • Modular Nature
  • Superior Scalability
  • Powered by WordPress

Virtina is proud to be officially listed as an eCommerce Business Service Provider (BSP) by the U.S. Commercial Service. The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the United States Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. They extend their services and a full range of expertise to companies involved in international trade including eCommerce.

ITA eCommerce Innovation Lab
ISO 9001: 2015

Virtina is now officially ISO 9001:2015 certified! This is a huge accomplishment for our team, and we are so proud to be recognized for our commitment to excellence in eCommerce development. The certificate implies that we are now recognized as an international leader in eCommerce development. We are always committed to providing our clients with the highest quality eCommerce development services.

Various Technologies

Virtina’s WooCommerce Migration Services

Virtina is a leading WooCommerce development company in the world with certified expertise and years of experience serving the eCommerce industry with innovative solutions.

Zero Downtime

At Virtina, we understand the severity of downtime. No matter how small a downtime, maybe it could potentially cost you sales and a valuable customer. Our WooExperts make it a point to have zero downtime during the migration process. We ensure that your store remains accessible to your customers throughout the migration process.

WooCommerce Certified Developers

Our team of certified WooCommerce developers works day in and day out to get you the results you want. We are listed among the only 17 certified WooExperts in the US. Our team ensures that all your migration needs are met without any error so that you can provide your customers with a memorable user experience.

Flawless Data Migration

When it comes to migration, the biggest concern for people is their data. No one wants to lose the data of their products or their valuable customers. Our experts make sure that all the data, including the media files and even customer reviews, are safely and securely migrated to your new WooCommerce store with no data loss or data mismatch.

Customized Design Migration

The migration process presents you with the perfect opportunity to revamp your online store. The experts at Virtina can customize your existing store's design to one that aligns with your brand and can tell your brand story to the world. We can also ensure that your website retains all your old design features if that’s your choice.

WooCommerce Layout Transfer

Are you worried that you might lose your eCommerce store's layout that you have worked hard to create? Worry no more because Virtina's holistic process migrates your eCommerce store in every possible aspect, including the layout. Our experts can even work out a more advanced version of the current layout.

Brand-new Functionalities

Take the migration of your online store as an opportunity to implement that new feature or functionality that you always wanted to implement. Furthermore, the implementation of new and advanced functionality on your store along with a migration process can save you valuable time and money.

WooCommerce Function Transfer

Do you have advanced or custom functionality in your store and worried that you might lose it with a migration? Let me put your mind at ease. Our experts carry out a full function transfer from your source store to the new WooCommerce store. We can retain, remove, or improve the functions of your store.

WooCommerce SEO Migration

Another aspect of your store that you have most likely spent hours and hours is your SEO. Virtina ensures that you don’t lose the SEO juice you have worked hard to generate. Our SEO experts analyze your store, retain your SEO efforts, and even make suggestions on how you can further improve your SEO.

Holistic Migration and QA

We follow a holistic approach to all our eCommerce projects, including WooCommerce migration. We assess every relevant part of your business to find the most effective yet innovative solutions that can get the job done in the most effective way. Our QA experts further ensure that we maintain a top-tier quality of work.

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Why Choose Virtina as Your WooCommerce Migration Project?

Agile and Hybrid Build Methodologies

Virtina presents you with two methodologies that can help you achieve all your eCommerce goals regardless of the time or scope restriction through our Agile and Hybrid Build Methodologies. While one focuses on time-sensitive projects, the other focuses on obtaining feasible long-term results.

30-day Support Period

A migration project is a major step and often comes with its own complications. Virtina enables you to navigate through these complications and come out stronger. Our 30-day support period ensures that you are safe from any unprecedented issues that could affect your store.

Punctual Delivery

At Virtina, we give predominant priority to deliver every project on time. As a result, we have developed a process that always ensures that every project we undertake is delivered on time. Furthermore, our WooCommerce experts try to give you the most accurate time estimate of the project.

Balanced Solution Cost

At Virtina, we believe that quality is always our top priority, and we do not compromise on it. We do not claim that our price is the lowest in the market, but we can tell you that we offer a balanced solution cost that minimizes your expenses using smart solutions and state of the art technology.

Adaptable Solution

Our WooCommerce experts implement solutions for your store that are adaptable so that they can serve you even if your business evolves. The adaptable solution from Virtina ensures that you are able to serve your customers at all times by preparing the store for the inevitable changes.

24/7 Support

Virtina provides you with 24/7 WooCommerce support from our experts. You can always reach out to us at any time regarding any WooCommerce issue that you are facing. We ensure that you never have to face another broken or unresponsive site ever again.

WooCommerce News

news image

Booster Plugin Fixes Reflected Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability

January 9, 2023

Booster for WooCommerce, a renowned all-in-one WordPress plugin, offers 100+ WooCommerce website customization functions. It has a modular bundle that helps merchants run online stores easily. It has the functionality to create custom payment gateways, shopping carts, price labels, and buttons according to customer requirements. Users have installed the plugin in up to 70,000+ sites, and Booster for WooCommerce offers a patch to the Reflected Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability for all the sites using it. A Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) involves extra inputs, including malware scripts diplaying in response to specific inputs. It allows attackers to execute scripts on websites or take over admin credentials and website control. The reflected attacks are delivered to end users via e-mail message or other websites. December 31, 2022

news image

WooCommerce Blocks 9.2.0 Released With New Features

December 31, 2022

WooCommerce released WooCommerce Blocks 9.2.0 with novel upgrades to documentation, enhancements, and bug fixes. The first change is that the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and ‘Place Order’ buttons on the cart block and checkout block are editable via the editor for customization as per user needs. Secondly, the checkout process is simplified by removing duplicate settings in the account creation and logging-in processes. The new settings are based on the WooCommerce Core. Users can also leverage the option to add non-ASCII product attributes to the Filter by Attribute block. The latest version does not have hidden auto-complete fields in the checkout. It has extra documentation for cart data store selectors and added Product Visibility support. The new release is now available on GitHub and WordPress.org for users to download.

news image

Vulnerabilities Revealed in Five Major WooCommerce Plugins

December 21, 2022

Five famous plugins from WooCommerce have been reported to harbor vulnerabilities, according to the U.S. government National Vulnerability Database (NVD). The plugins have been installed in over 135,000 websites and might affect all the user websites. The vulnerabilities have severity ratings as high as 9.8/10, are marked as ‘Critical,’ and have been allotted CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) identity numbers. The Advanced Order Export plugin, the Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce plugin, Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons plugin, and Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce plugins have Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, the WooCommerce Dropshipping by OPMC – Critical is riddled with unauthenticated SQL injection vulnerability. WooCommerce has since then patched all the vulnerabilities.

Case Study

We enjoy helping our clients and take pride in making their business successful. These success stories keep us inspired to deliver you the best, always!

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WooCommerce  Migration - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a typical WooCommerce migration project cost?

The WooCommerce migration project cost can vary based on a number of factors. Depending on the size, complexity, and scope, the project cost can also change. That being said, Virtina undertakes projects on a fixed cost or time basis. We recommend that you buy a block of time after our experts analyze your project and provide you with an accurate estimate of the project. In case the project is finished before the allotted time, you can always have it refunded.

How fast can you complete my WooCommerce migration?

No two migration projects are ever the same, and hence there can be no fixed time for the completion of a WooCommerce migration project. Like the project cost, the time taken for a project depends on multiple factors, including the size, complexity, and scope of the project. However, our experts can analyze your unique requirements and submit an accurate estimate based on them.

Are you willing to sign an NDA agreement?

Yes, we do not take client privacy and confidentiality lightly. An NDA agreement is signed for every project we undertake, including WooCommerce migration. We will be more than happy to present you with a signed NDA document along with confidential letters and other MoUs before the commencement of the project.

Will I be updated on the progress of the WooCOmmerce migration project?

Yes, we make it a point to contact our clients to keep them updated about the project's progress. Any significant issues faced on the project are conveyed to you by the project manager, and your opinion is taken into account throughout the project. Our clients can also reach out to us at any time via Skype, mail, phone, instant messenger tools, etc.

What happens if I face any issue after the project is delivered to me?

Every project undertaken by Virtina comes with a 30-day support period. Any issue that you may face during this time will be assessed and fixed by our WooCommerce experts. This includes any compatibility issues or even minor bugs. However, the support does not include any unauthorized changes made to the website by a third party.

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