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Selling electronics in a physical store will cut you a limited revenue. Nowadays, your brand needs to be seen on every device plausible; to get the highest traffic; which will then convert into orders, sales, and rising profits. Don’t stay put in one domain, expand!

Do drop shipping, offer subscriptions, showcase products in your webstore in stunning detail, plug your products on social media to attract the audience there and even run exclusive promotions with ease.

An Omnichannel business model sets up a future with higher rewards

Customers can access your store from anywhere - no geographic limitations. You’ll be able to target your users better, offer price comparisons, give combo deals, quick delivery, video insights and much more.

  • Through content, email, social media and affiliate marketing; you’ll be interacting with more people. A scenario that is bound to generate higher income for your business.

  • Round the clock availability, via chat, email and other discussion boards mean you are never too far from your buyers. Queries and issues are also resolved at the earliest.

  • Intelligent advertising, done via calculated SEO planning will position you at the top of your industry. Use analytics and other vital metrics to get more effective data-driven publicity.

  • Build a multilingual store, offer numerous payment modes, setup auctions, give loyalty points, customize anything to the user’s taste and lastly get to write vivid descriptions of the items sold.

Following the eCommerce model will give your networking a sharp boost since you start to get the much-needed attention from every touch point. Heavy appliances, accessories or hardware; whatever it is that you sell, they all deserve to be seen in a feature-rich digital store.

Electrical & Electronics : Relevance of eCommerce

  • 89% of the retail sales of computers in the US will be online in 2022

  • Almost 40% of the eCommerce sales of 2018 holiday season were made on a phone.

  • The eCommerce conversion rate for Electronics is the highest at 22%

  • Brazil sells the highest eCommerce consumer electronics at 57%

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