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We are reshaping the way you conduct B2B eCommerce business with personalized and feature-rich websites with specific B2B functionalities that streamline process flow and drive revenue.

B2B eCommerce Websites

Our tailored B2B eCommerce services help B2B customers with easy research, verification, and immediate bulk purchases with detailed product catalogs, effortless navigation, and simple interfaces that attract buyers.


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An Introduction to
B2B eCommerce Development

B2B businesses are almost six times bigger than the B2C market, with transactions conducted via one or a combination of the below website classifications.


Company Websites

They primarily target business clients and employees and might sell directly to other businesses.


Product Supply and Procurement Websites

These websites are designed specifically for shopping. They allow purchasers to shop from multiple vendors.


Industry Portals

These specialized portals provide specific information and product catalogs and even support buying and selling.


Brokering Sites

Such sites facilitate contacts by acting as intermediaries between buyers and service providers.


Information Sites

They provide companies and employees with detailed information about particular industries.


Manufacturing Sites

These websites are designed for manufacturers to showcase their products, services, and capabilities to potential customers.


Wholesaler Sites

These online platforms provide a digital marketplace for wholesalers to showcase and sell their products in bulk to retailers and other businesses.


Distributor Sites

These specialized websites are a hub for distributors to display and sell products from various manufacturers to retailers, businesses, or end consumers.


Customer Account Portals

They are secure spaces for customers to manage their accounts, access order history, track shipments, and engage with businesses for enhanced customer self-service and convenience.

B2B eCommerce Development Services and Core Features

Unlike B2C businesses, B2B eCommerce involves large-scale process flows and features to keep the mechanism running smoothly.


Personalized Pricing and Quoting

B2B eCommerce needs a dynamic pricing and quoting system that supports complex pricing structures, volume discounts, contract pricing, and custom quote. The system enables businesses to generate accurate and personalized quotes based on customer-specific requirements, ensuring transparency and facilitating the negotiation processes. Virtina's B2B experts create pricing engines that handle various pricing rules and calculations based on customer segments, order quantities, discounts, and contractual agreements.


Customized Contract Pricing

This is a crucial feature in B2B eCommerce development and allows businesses to establish special pricing agreements with specific customers. It enables enterprises to negotiate pricing terms based on customer grouping depending on factors such as order volumes, long-term contracts, loyalty, and other personalized arrangements. By implementing a robust customized contract pricing system, businesses can enhance customer relationships, incentivize long-term partnerships, and drive revenue through tailored pricing strategies.


Personalized Pricing and Quoting

B2B eCommerce websites need a flexible and intuitive catalog management system that enables businesses to create, update, and organize their product catalog efficiently. We include features like bulk product uploads, SKU management, categorization, and product attribute customization to streamline the catalog management process. Virtina can design a user-friendly interface for managing products, allowing businesses to easily add, edit, and delete products. We also incorporate advanced search and filtering options.


Tailored User Management System

Implementing a comprehensive user management system that allows businesses to create and manage multiple user accounts with varying access levels, permissions, and roles is a crucial feature for B2B websites. It ensures secure and controlled access to the B2B platform and facilitates efficient collaboration between different teams and departments. Our B2B specialists develop robust user registration and authentication systems that include features like account creation, password management, and role-based access control.


Maintenance and Support

Virtina's B2B eCommerce development team offers crucial service options to ensure the eCommerce platform's smooth operation and ongoing success. We have both general and SLA-based maintenance and support. General support involves continuous monitoring, updates, bug fixes, and technical assistance to address any issues that may arise. The maintenance and support services consist of services such as server management, security updates, performance optimization, and regular backups to maintain the platform's stability and reliability.


Personalized Account Dashboards

Creating personalized account dashboards for B2B buyers, allowing them to view their order history, track shipments, access invoices, manage account settings, and easily reorder previously placed orders, generally help nurture brand trust. It also enhances customer self-service capabilities and improves overall user experience. Our B2B eCommerce developers design a dashboard interface that summarizes critical account information, order history, and tracking status. We also incorporate intuitive navigation and search functionalities.


Customized B2B Portal for Supplier and Partner Collaboration

We facilitate efficient collaboration between businesses and their suppliers or partners by providing features like vendor portals, shared product catalogs, automated purchase order generation, and streamlined communication channels. It enhances supply chain efficiency and fosters strong business relationships. For this, we need to develop a vendor portal that allows suppliers and partners to manage their product information, update pricing, and access order-related information.


Extensive Sales Order Management

We design a comprehensive order management system that facilitates smooth order processing, tracking, and fulfillment for B2B customers to purchase quickly. Include features like order placement, order status updates, real-time inventory synchronization, backorder management, and automated notifications to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. Virtina's B2B specialists create an intuitive order placement process, allowing businesses to add products to a cart, specify quantities, and select shipping and payment options.


Integration with ERP and CRM Systems

We enable seamless integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to synchronize data, streamline processes, and provide a unified view of customer interactions and transactions. Virtina devises connectors or APIs facilitating bidirectional data exchange between the B2B eCommerce platform and ERP/CRM systems. We enable real-time synchronization of customer information, product data, pricing, inventory levels, and order details to maintain data consistency and provide a holistic view of customer interactions.


Broad B2B Digital Payment and Checkout Options

Implementing secure payment gateways and providing a seamless and intuitive checkout process is necessary for B2B businesses. B2B websites must support multiple payment options, such as credit cards, electronic fund transfers, and lines of credit, to cater to diverse business needs. We help integrate trusted payment gateways that comply with industry standards and ensure secure transactions. We design a user-friendly and optimized checkout process with minimal steps, clear instructions, and transparent pricing information.


Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Build robust analytics and reporting capabilities that provide businesses with actionable insights into sales performance, customer behavior, product trends, and inventory management helps keep a grip on the B2B business. Generate comprehensive reports, dashboards, and visualizations to enable data-driven decision-making and optimize business strategies. We implement data tracking and analytics tools to capture relevant metrics such as sales volume, revenue, customer acquisition, conversion rates, and product popularity.


Scalability and Customizability

We build flexible and scalable B2B eCommerce platforms that accommodate growing business needs, adapt to evolving market trends, and support future expansions. We provide customization options to tailor the platform to each business's unique requirements and branding. Our experts use modular architecture and scalable infrastructure to ensure the platform can handle increased traffic, transaction volumes, and data storage requirements. We adopt development frameworks that support rapid customization and enhancements.

Make use of our well-thought-out B2B eCommerce services to help you cut through the noise of competition and win

Additional Features of B2B eCommerce


Capacity to Order in Bulk With Little Effort

The capacity to quickly order in bulk is a valuable asset in B2B eCommerce development that simplifies and streamlines the process of placing large-volume orders. It allows B2B buyers to select quantities easily, add items to their cart, and initiate bulk orders without requiring manual data entry or repetitive actions. By enabling options for bulk ordering with minimal effort, businesses can save time, and enhance the efficiency of their procurement processes, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.


Quick Reordering With a Few Clicks

Adding this convenient feature in B2B eCommerce development allows businesses to easily reorder previously purchased items without going through the entire product selection process. It provides a streamlined and efficient way for customers to replenish their inventory or repeat their previous orders. By enabling quick reordering, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, save time, and facilitate seamless replenishment of essential products or supplies with just a few clicks.


Restricted Access Control for Pricing

Restricting access to pricing is a vital feature in B2B eCommerce development that allows businesses to control pricing visibility and accessibility based on user roles or customer segments. It enables companies to display customized pricing information only to authorized customers, ensuring confidentiality and maintaining a competitive advantage. By implementing this feature, businesses can securely offer personalized pricing to specific customer groups, protect sensitive pricing information, and foster a sense of exclusivity for privileged customers.


B2B Portal Customization for Easy Navigation

This feature enables easy navigation, a key aspect of B2B eCommerce development. It focuses on tailoring the user interface and layout of the portal to ensure intuitive and efficient navigation. It involves organizing content, menus, and features in a logical and user-friendly manner, allowing businesses to quickly and easily find the information they need. By customizing the B2B portal for easy navigation, organizations can enhance user experience, reduce learning curves, and improve overall productivity by enabling seamless access to essential resources and functionalities.


Shared and Multiple Shopping Carts

Shared and multiple shopping carts are factors of substance in B2B eCommerce development that enable companies to collaborate and streamline the purchasing process. With shared shopping carts, various users from the same organization can add products to a single cart, facilitating teamwork and collective decision-making. Additionally, the ability to have multiple shopping carts allows users to create separate carts for different projects, departments, or purchasing scenarios, improving organization and efficiency.


Automated Quote Management

Automated quote management is a powerful feature in B2B eCommerce development that streamlines the process of generating and managing quotes for businesses. It eliminates the need for manual calculations and paperwork by automating the quote generation based on predefined pricing rules and customer-specific information. Adding this feature to a website reduces the decision-maker's workload, making approvals smooth. With automated quote management, businesses can accelerate the quoting process and improve overall efficiency in securing sales deals.

Our B2B eCommerce
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Popular B2B
eCommerce Platforms

We only work with the best platforms for B2B and have expertise in over ten of them.



This open-source technology is highly scalable and has flexible capabilities, making it a suitable choice for medium and enterprise-level businesses with high-volume transactions. It also has a robust SEO, marketing, and catalog management system.



The platform gives users advanced control over uploading images and content, processing discounts, adding more products, and creating new landing pages. It is the first choice for SME businesses.



It is an open-source, free, mobile-friendly, and customizable platform with tons of preloaded themes. It is highly flexible for B2B eCommerce-related coding.



It is an all-in-one cloud-based platform with fantastic customization capabilities and a large selection of themes. It has an economical startup cost and a user-friendly interface fit for a wholesale business.

Discover the eCommerce platform that aligns with your brand principles and long-term business goals

The Shift to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

B2B eCommerce Development Services

Most manufacturers are yet to take the much-awaited plunge into digital transformation. But those who have taken the big step have been seen to invest in eCommerce platforms, EDI, Digital Marketing Tools, and Customer Portals. Though there has been a 20% decrease in investments in digital transformation, 47% of merchants continue to increase their investments. Most smart organizations try to maximize their investments with an organization-wide digital agenda.

Hallmark Characteristics of B2B Clients

B2B customers research, compare, verify, and shop online. But even with established websites having multiple payment portals, industrial and commercial customers might still opt to transact offline. The trick is to make them execute the transactions online by providing various purchase options. While large-scale enterprises have achieved their goals to an extent, smaller competitors continue to invest in strategies. There are some successful personalization strategies we can implement to make customers purchase. 

Hallmark Characteristics of B2B Clients

New Ways to Make Customers Purchase

A little nudge in the right direction can help customers make purchase decisions. We recommend B2B businesses invest in the features below to increase sales.

In-stock Product Notifications

Displaying inventory availability and sending notifications tend to convert more transactions.

Improving Site and eCommerce Analytics

Data-driven insights can help sellers drive decision-making for enhanced customer experiences.

On-site Search

Personalized site search results tend to provide better chances of conversions.

Customer-specific Pricing

A hallmark feature of B2B, this option will show only approved products and negotiated prices.

Product Recommendations

Recommending product segments the customer is likely to buy increases the chances of conversion.


Promotions targeting buyers have more chances of hitting the mark.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Featuring genuine product reviews and ratings on the website will help with sales numbers.

Progressive Web Application

Everyone prefers to shop in-app, and B2B customers are no different.

Embedding eCommerce

Embedding in other channels using headless technology helps drive sales.

Product Videos

Displaying product videos is excellent for arresting customer attention.

Optimizing Native Mobile Experiences

Optimizing a website for mobile devices is a great way to make your customers buy.

Product Bundling

Display products as essential package deals based on customer buying history helps in bulk purchases.

Pain Points and Virtina’s Specialized Payment Solutions

There are some complicated factors that we need to address while running a B2B eCommerce business. We consider the specific characteristics of B2B customers and devise solutions that directly tackle the pain areas.

Two-tier Pricing

We always recommend maintaining two-tier pricing, i.e., wholesale and retail pricing. Display standard item prices to regular customers while showing discounted rates to specific customers. Virtina can achieve it by coding regular buyers for lower rates on an item basis. We can create a single website with both pricing or two websites displaying wholesale and retail pricing based on customer grouping. But these separate websites will have the same backend process.

Provision for RFQ and RFI

Since many B2B customers prefer to research, verify and shop online, they would instead make a direct call to transact with merchants. In such cases, we provide a Request for Quote (RFQ), or Request for Information (RFI) form to gather more buyer data to complete the buying process.

Bank Account Transactions

A majority of customers prefer online transfers. With this in mind, we set up payment methods using their bank account numbers rather than credit cards. We add this function as a simple step during the checkout process to attract such a segment of customers. To check out, they can simply type in the bank routing and account numbers in the two fields.

Purchase Order Shipping Cart

Transactions with purchase orders is another preferred payment method in business-to-business transactions. We can set up an option for a purchase order on the checkout page and include a field where customers can key in the purchase order number and check out.

UPS-based Shipping

If customers prefer UPS account number payment for their shipping, we set up the option on the website to deliver a seamless customer experience. We add two fields to add the UPS account number and the zip code to ease the shipping process for the buyer.

Specialized Shipping Options

Volume-based Shipping

Customers are segmented into bulk-order or regular-order customers and provided free shipping based on transaction volume. Regular customers can also get discounted shipping rates. We can incorporate both options based on your industry and selling patterns.

Zip Code-based Delivery

You need to restrict your delivery options to a particular area based on the kind of delivery process and available vehicle. This option must be incorporated into your website to access customers with such needs. We include a field to collect the zip code data on checkout to simplify the process.

Our Core Competencies

We build robust and scalable solutions that help you establish a seamless online presence to optimize your B2B business.


Customized eCommerce Solutions

Our team of skilled developers works closely with your business to understand your unique requirements and tailor a B2B eCommerce solution that aligns perfectly with your goals. From designing intuitive user interfaces to integrating advanced features, we ensure a personalized and engaging online experience for your customers.


Multi-channel Integration

We enable seamless integration of your B2B eCommerce platform with various sales channels, such as marketplaces, social media platforms, and third-party systems. This integration allows you to expand your reach, increase brand visibility, and effortlessly manage sales across multiple channels, ensuring a cohesive customer experience.


Advanced Product Catalog Management

Our B2B eCommerce development services include robust product catalog management solutions that enable you to organize and showcase your vast array of products efficiently. With advanced features like bulk uploading, variant management, and flexible pricing options, you can easily maintain and update your product catalog, enhancing customer convenience and driving sales.


Secure Payment and Checkout Solutions

We prioritize the security of your transactions by implementing robust payment gateways and ensuring PCI compliance. Our B2B eCommerce development services include seamless checkout solutions, allowing your customers to make secure and hassle-free transactions. By instilling trust and providing a smooth purchasing experience, we help you boost conversions and customer satisfaction.

B2B eCommerce Integrations

The process involves the communication of your eCommerce system with other parts of your sales infrastructure to provide a seamless customer experience. This interaction of software increases productivity, helps inventory tracking, and lowers delivery time.


Order Management Systems

An order management system (OMS) will help track the orders, fulfillment, and inventory for B2B businesses and keep the order system out of trouble.


Shipping Integration

Integration between a company’s shipping system and order management software enables tracking shipping charges, faster delivery, and lesser chances of error.


CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management software helps businesses communicate with other companies, build and nurture existing business relationships, and reach out to new ones.


ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Management facilitates other companies to integrate with B2B eCommerce solutions. The software provides procurement, accounting, supply chain, compliance, and risk management for a company.


PIM Integration

Product Information Management (PIM) software tracks B2B business metrics. They store customer information and demographics. They also keep a company’s sales and marketing assets in order.


Punchout Integration

Punchout Catalogs help buyers get a clear idea of your inventory without leaving their procurement software, thus making the ordering process uncomplicated.

Revolutionizing B2B eCommerce: The Transformative Impact of Online Marketplaces

In the rapidly evolving landscape of B2B eCommerce, the emergence of online marketplaces has revolutionized how B2B businesses operate. The scope of creating new marketplaces has opened up unprecedented opportunities for companies to expand their reach and tap into unexplored markets. These digital platforms provide a centralized hub where buyers and sellers can seamlessly engage in transactions, eliminating the barriers of time and location.

The trend has spurred collaboration and innovation, encouraging businesses to explore new partnerships and solutions in a digitally interconnected ecosystem. Building your own marketplace will enable you to earn with every single sale through the platform. Virtina can help you create customizable and highly functional marketplaces that facilitate seamless transactions, enhance product visibility, and foster collaboration within the B2B ecosystem, ultimately driving your business growth and success. 
Revolutionizing B2B eCommerce: The Transformative Impact of Online Marketplaces


Expand your business globally with our Manufacturing B2B eCommerce services. We comprehend the unique requirements of this niche and develop B2B eCommerce solutions that cater to complex product configurations, pricing structures, and order management. Our platforms empower manufacturers to efficiently manage inventory, automate procurement processes, and enhance collaboration with suppliers and distributors.

Wholesale and Distribution

Manage sales teams, create new digital branches, and boost customer adoption with our state-of-the-art B2B eCommerce solutions. Our B2B eCommerce solutions for wholesale and distribution businesses focus on optimizing inventory management, streamlining order fulfillment, and enhancing supply chain visibility. We create platforms that enable real-time inventory tracking, bulk ordering, customized pricing, and seamless integration with logistics partners.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Use our multifaceted B2B eCommerce websites to get your services noticed by people. Thrive in the healthcare industry with our appealing designs. In the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we design B2B eCommerce platforms that comply with regulatory standards while providing a secure and efficient means for ordering medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceutical products. Our solutions incorporate features like secure data exchange, integration with ERP systems, and automated compliance documentation.

Technology and Electronics

Technology is changing daily, and B2B businesses in the sector need flexible and scalable websites to meet market demands. We specialize in developing ingenious B2B eCommerce solutions for technology and electronics companies, enabling them to showcase their products, manage complex pricing structures, and offer personalized product configurations. Our platforms support seamless integration with CRM systems, order tracking, and efficient customer support functionalities.

Food and Beverage

This niche needs websites that bring in organic business and nurture long-standing commercial relationships. For companies in the food and beverage industry, we create B2B eCommerce platforms that streamline order processing, enable efficient inventory management, and facilitate personalized pricing for bulk orders. Our solutions incorporate features like product traceability, batch tracking, and integration with ERP and POS systems for seamless operations.

Construction and Building Materials

This enormous market requires complex eCommerce solutions that can handle heavy traffic and perform with simultaneous bulk orders. Our B2B eCommerce solutions for the construction and building materials industry focus on simplifying complex procurement processes, managing large product catalogs, and optimizing supply chain operations. We develop platforms supporting project-based ordering, customized pricing, integration of inventory management systems, and subcontractor collaborations.

Automotive and Parts

A dynamic industry, this segment requires high-functional, feature-rich websites. For the automotive and parts industry, we build B2B eCommerce platforms that streamline ordering automotive components, spare parts, and accessories. Our solutions facilitate efficient catalog management, real-time availability tracking, integration with electronic parts catalogs, and seamless collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Launching B2B eCommerce Solutions for a Variety of Industries

We cater to various industries that manage large-scale transactions and offer services. We concentrate on some of the largest B2B sectors and specialize in creating dynamic and scalable solutions tailored to them.
B2B eCommerce Integrations

Why is Virtina the Best B2B eCommerce Development Company for You?

Outclass competition with avant-garde eCommerce development services Virtina provides. We create innovative digital business solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers across a diverse array of industries. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us for your needs.

Timely Delivery

We make it a point to deliver projects on time to our customers, come what may. We stick to our timelines and work to deliver results in advance.


We set up a liaison team to update our clients during various stages of our projects. We conduct regular meetings to resolve queries and keep clients apprised.


Our expert developers have experience dealing with complex projects and are thus adept at tailoring our services to your needs and goals. Trust us to build websites that resonate with your brand.

Expertise and Experience

We have multiple eCommerce platform expertise and can manage almost all major platforms in the market. We have work experience that spans years; there is very little we cannot do.


We create high-performance solutions that fit your pocket. We make sure that we provide our services at competitive pricing.

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Virtina can help create a robust B2B eCommerce website that elevates your business to unprecedented levels

B2B eCommerce Development Services – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are B2B eCommerce services relevant?

Studies by Grand View Research say the global B2B eCommerce will reach a whopping $20.9 trillion by 2027. It expectedly projects a 17.5% compound annual growth rate from 2020 - 2027. More and more B2B businesses are getting into eCommerce to handle the increasing transaction rate and expand transactions. Hence, eCommerce development services become paramount.

What is B2B eCommerce development and what is its relevance?

B2B eCommerce development is the engineering process of creating a personalized platform or website which aids the buying and selling of products and services between businesses online. Since all business classes are moving online with their business, it is high time you kick off your online business to beat the competition and create market authority.

What industries benefit from B2B eCommerce development?

Industries that handle high-volume transactions like technology, manufacturing, retail, real estate, food, and beverage depend on B2B eCommerce development services to manage the marketing volume. So do industries providing specific services like financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, telecommunications, and sales and marketing.

Will my wholesale business benefit from B2B eCommerce?

With the new wholesale business trend shifting to online, it is imperative that you start eCommerce business development. A search-engine-friendly wholesale website with SEO capabilities can boost your visibility and generate organic leads. You can also feature your complete catalog with imaginative product descriptions.

Will B2B eCommerce be able to handle my complex business processes?

Since the B2B business has been gaining traction in the past years and is projected to create a stir in the coming decade, you need to move online to handle the business volume and complexities. Power your eCommerce business with the best B2B platform to address the wide range of deliverables, customer service, order scale, and marketing needs. 

What is the duration of developing a B2B eCommerce website?

The duration of a project depends on specific requirements. The time taken will be shorter if we use standard templates and free plugins. If you need a complex, feature-rich, and highly customized web store with large product catalogs, we need more time to design it. But we do undertake fast development services in case of emergency requirements.

What is the cost of developing a custom B2B website?

The cost of building websites varies from client to client. It all depends on the complexity and customization requirements. Time consumed also acts as a factor. If the site has a simple layout and storefront, it costs much less than one with a complex design and catalog. We offer our clients the best solutions at an affordable fee.

What are the salient features a B2B eCommerce platform needs?

The essential features a B2B eCommerce platform should possess include user authentication, product catalog management, inventory management, order management, payment processing, and customer relationship management. It should be able to withstand the high volume of transactions and traffic a B2B business enthuses without downtime.

How do I choose a B2B eCommerce development company for my services?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a B2B eCommerce development company. The most important is their industry experience. The company should possess a vast portfolio spanning multiple industries and business sizes. They should have a competent technical expert team that can handle challenges. Finally, they should be transparent and affordable.

What are the major hurdles in B2B eCommerce development?

The key challenge in B2B eCommerce development is integrating the platform or website with existing operating systems. A clash can be fatal. Managing complex pricing structures by hiding price ranges from buyers can be taxing. Handling massive product catalogs and simultaneously providing personalized customer experiences can also get tricky.

How do you measure if your B2B eCommerce platform is successful?

Several factors contribute to the success of your platform. There are many criteria on which success depends. You can use these key metrics to measure the success of your B2B eCommerce platform. They include organic website traffic, conversion rates, average order value, revenue growth, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

What do you mean by Magento eCommerce?

Magento is a PHP-based eCommerce development platform owned by Adobe. It specializes in flexible and scalable eCommerce websites and gives developers great control over the functionality, content, and looks. The platform mainly supports medium and large companies selling a wide range of products.

What are the criteria to remember when choosing a B2B eCommerce platform?

The market is packed with eCommerce platforms, and picking one can seem intimidating. Consider these factors while choosing. Think about how fast you want to grow your business and how much running cost you will be able to afford down the line. You should also consider your customer engagement pattern and business objectives before deciding.

Is it advisable to integrate my website with other systems?

Simply put, yes! Integrating other systems with your B2B eCommerce will give you more control over the processes. You can track orders, buyer activities, logistics, and shipping costs. It also improves security in customer service and accounting. This automation will give you ample time to focus on your core business development.

Will B2B eCommerce solutions stand the test of time?

We understand your apprehension about investing a lump sum on your eCommerce website. But it will persevere if you make sure of a few things. It should be responsive and work on any mobile device. It should have an appealing interface and must accommodate your selling rules. You should also be able to add features and update the platform regularly.

Will a B2B eCommerce site fit my budget?

Once you step into the eCommerce arena, you can tally your material costs and see how beneficial the investment is for your business. Once you start marketing your products online, you will be able to cut down on spends for generic marketing. You can save on physical pamphlets, catalogs, and related marketing paraphernalia costs.

Is a B2B eCommerce site easy to use for my customers?

Most customers must shop and conduct their businesses online or through mobile devices. A B2B site would not bother them. The key is choosing the right platform that fits your business, product type, brand image, and target audience. You should also take care to optimize it for mobile devices so that users can place orders from their handhelds.

How good is WooCommerce at creating a B2B eCommerce platform?

WooCommerce is a comprehensive B2B platform for multiple reasons. It is a free platform, and you get access to the WordPress capabilities and community. It is mobile-friendly and accessible from any handheld device. You can customize the platform at the code level and sell an array of products, including digital equipment owing to its personalization capacity.

What are the different methods of B2B eCommerce integration?

There are three ways to perform the integrations between one computer application to another – manual(CSV file upload), real-time(API/Application Programming Interface), and scheduled (SFTP/Secure File Transfer Protocol or API). Uploading CSV files is laborious and needs a portable data transfer device. SFTP and API are much quicker and more efficient.

How is a Punchout Catalog helpful?

A Punchout catalog integrated into your procurement system helps streamline the purchase process. It automatically adds purchase orders to the system and saves time and money. The integration leads to improved accuracy and customer service. It rules out the need for data entry and improves data accuracy in the purchase process.