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End-to-End WooCommerce development services for your peace of mind.

Ecommerce website development goes beyond just the engineering. It starts with detailed planning, proper UI/UX, followed by core engineering, quality control, data management, marketing alignment and several other components to ensure the website isn’t just a digital asset but something that drives revenue.

Woocommerce is the most popular ecommerce website platform in the world today and our team of Woo Experts ensure you get the most of it with high performing websites that your customers love.

  • Certified Woo Experts
  • End to End Delivery capabilities
  • 1300+ WooCommerce projects delivered
  • On-time delivery and competitive pricing
  • Extensive experience across industries in both B2C and B2B eCommerce
  • Track record of 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Always SEO Friendly and High Performance websites
  • Deep expertise in custom development, enterprise system integrations, plugin development

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Want to convert your existing eCommerce website to WooCommerce?

At Virtina we have  specialised eCommerce development teams for all the major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion and we bank on these specialized expertise to make sure any WooCommerce migration project are handled with utmost care.

Common challenges like minimising any downtime, avoiding data loss, preserving existing SEO strengths, setting up the right redirections - we know all the curves on this way to safely navigate you to eCommerce success.

If you are not sure if WooCommerce is the right platform for you, we can review and audit your existing eCommerce website and advise and help you choose the right eCommerce platform for your business.

We can help you migrate across any of the eCommerce platforms


End-to-end WooCommerce
Development Services

Virtina is a leading WooCommerce development company with extensive technical expertise and years of experience catering to the eCommerce industry by providing innovative WooCommerce solutions.


WooCommerce Website Strategy

Creating a website needs a sound roadmap. Our WooCommerce experts are adept at planning and executing technical and business aspects. They define the target audience, create a compelling user experience, optimize product catalog structure, implement effective marketing strategies, ensure smooth checkout processes, integrate analytics tools for data-driven decision-making, and continuously refine the website based on user behavior and market trends.


WooCommerce Web Design

Virtina uses the latest design best practices to create the perfect WooCommerce storefronts that align with your brand and drive sales. Our fully-interactive prototypes help you visualize even before the website is built. We leverage the extensive range of WooCommerce design options and features to craft an engaging shopping experience while incorporating branding elements and optimizing the site for conversions.


WooCommerce Website Development

WooCommerce website development requires a solid technical foundation to ensure you have a high-performing website that can scale with time, has all the features needed for day-to-day operations, and, most importantly, makes it easy for customers to purchase. We execute product catalog setup, payment gateway integration, order management, shipping options, and optimizing the website for performance and security.


WooCommerce Custom Theme Development

Whether you want to customize a ready-made theme or build a custom WooCommerce theme from scratch, our expert team of WooCommerce developers can deliver the perfect solution. We assemble robust, scalable themes that not only look good but drive sales and reflect the client's brand, incorporating custom layouts, styling, and functionality to deliver a personalized customer journey.


WooCommerce Plugin Development

Our team of expert WooCommerce developers create custom WooCommerce plugins or customize existing WooCommerce plugins to meet the unique functional needs of your website. We utilize the WooCommerce API and hooks to develop plugins that add new features, integrate with third-party services, enhance existing functionalities, or customize the behavior of the online store, creating content customers.


WooCommerce Customization Services

Not happy with your out-of-the-box WooCommerce website? A customer-friendly WooCommerce store needs significant customization services that involve specific modifications and adjustments to an existing website. Trust Virtina's WooCommerce developers to deliver on your WooCommerce customization needs. We alter themes, implement bespoke functionality, integrate with third-party systems, optimize performance, and enhance the user experience, providing tailored and highly adaptable online storefronts.


WooCommerce Migration Services

Is your current website a snooze fest? Are you facing issues with functionality, speed, and features? Now is the time for testing WooCommerce. As certified consultants, we offer comprehensive WooCommerce migration services involving meticulous planning, data migration, and integration of products, customers, orders, and other relevant data from the current platform to WooCommerce, while preserving SEO rankings and data integrity and minimizing downtime.


WooCommerce Mobile App Development

When most buyers use handheld devices to purchase, having an app becomes a mandate. Who better than Virtina to help you with apps? We leverage the latest technologies to create robust and feature-rich mobile applications. We build custom app interfaces, implement real-time synchronization, integrate secure payment gateways, and optimize performance for mobile devices, empowering businesses to drive sales through mobile commerce.


WooCommerce Native and Third-party Integration

From non-native payment gateways to complex CRM and ERP integrations, we have done it all. Whether you are a B2B or B2C, the WooCommerce integration needs could be very different, and our developers are here to help. We use WooCommerce's native APIs, extensions, and external integrations to enable payment gateways, shipping providers, inventory management systems, CRM software, and marketing automation tools to enhance the eCommerce ecosystem.


WooCommerce Headless Development

WooCommerce Headless Development is an architectural approach that decouples the frontend presentation layer from the backend, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability. By utilizing APIs, our developers build the frontend using modern frameworks while still banking on the robust eCommerce functionality of WooCommerce for product management, order processing, and inventory control. It enables faster page rendering, improved performance, and better multi-channel experiences.


PSD to WooCommerce Conversion

A good website starts with a good design. Already have your own PSD design file? We can convert your design into a pixel-perfect version of a fully functional WooCommerce website. We transform the design's visual elements, layout, and features into a custom WooCommerce theme, enabling seamless integration with the powerful eCommerce functionality of WooCommerce.


WooCommerce Maintenance and Support

Completing a project is not everything. Your website requires constant support and maintenance to curb bugs, downtime, and errors. Virtina is here when you need help. Our experts perform regular updates, monitor performance and security, resolve technical issues, optimize website speed and responsiveness, conduct backups and recovery, and offer ongoing assistance and troubleshooting to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

Why Choose WooCommerce for eCommerce Websites?

WordPress Integration

WooCommerce has an advantage over other platforms in that it is a WordPress Plugin. It can, thus, integrate seamlessly into WordPress to create robust websites.


WooCommerce has unrestrained customization abilities that make it a cult favorite. You don’t need to be a geek to set up or manage a WooCommerce store.

Theme Options

Who wouldn’t want to stand apart in the crowd? You can do that with abundant customizable themes in the WooCommerce and WordPress library.

Payment Process

WooCommerce has easy to set up payment options. The inbuilt payment gateways support almost everything on the planet - Stripe, Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank transfers, Checks, or even Cash on Delivery.

SEO Support

Remember that WooCommerce comes from the WordPress family. This makes it a natural with SEOs. They have a powerful SEO game that gets your page ranking high.

Dashboard Interface

It is as simple as it can get! Get things done quickly, with complete admin control through automated tax calculations, live shipping rates, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Seamless Integration
of Marketing Tools

Integrate with excellent marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Mailchimp through your store. Track your marketing campaigns in an instant!


WordPress was made for bloggers, remember? Your WooCommerce site can directly publish exciting content and blogs through WordPress support.

Unlimited Product
and Photo Display

Showcase your entire inventory on your site and keep track without a care in the world. WooCommerce supports endless inventory and photo additions and tracking.

Sorting and
Rating Products

Integrate with excellent marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Mailchimp through your store. Track your marketing campaigns in an instant!

Start a WooCommerce Project With Us

Want to get a tailor-made WooCommerce plan for your business? Talk to our dedicated team of Woo Experts for a free consultation today!

Case Study

We enjoy helping our clients and take pride in making their business successful. These success stories keep us inspired to deliver you the best, always!

National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound is a privately-held dedicated medical equipment supplier founded in 2003 with the mission to continually..

Healthy Path CBD

The Health Tree in Hammonton, NJ offers all-natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. They offer a large selection of gluten-free products..

WooCommerce Project Cycle -
From Onboarding to Delivery

Our Clients Share Their
WooCommerce Development Experience


Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 2, 2023

Virtina’s brand-new website has boosted my sales and improved the shopping experience. Plus, the Virtina crew was a delight to work with –friendly, responsive, and helpful. They took care of everything! If you’re a busy businessperson looking for hassle-free WooCommerce website development, these are your guys!



Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 27, 2023

I just had to thank the awesome team at Virtina for creating such a fantastic WooCommerce payment gateway plugin. It’s like they read my mind and developed what I needed for my store. The plugin is so flexible and customizable. Doing international business never felt so easy!



Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 24, 2023

Using Virtina’s custom inventory management plugin turned my business around. It’s user-friendly and intuitive and has made managing my inventory and orders a cakewalk. Thanks to Virtina, I can focus on growing my business without worrying about the technical stuff. Highly recommend their WooCommerce plugin.



Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 17, 2023

I was skeptical about migrating my current platform to WooCommerce. But Virtina’s experts promptly addressed all my questions and provided valuable guidance. I am thrilled with the final outcome and would not hesitate to collaborate with them for future WooCommerce development projects. Thanks, guys!



Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 12, 2023

Working with Virtina for WooCommerce development was a breeze. Their WooCommerce developers have exceptional skill and expertise and delivered a high-quality, fully functional eCommerce platform within the timeline. Throughout the project, they also maintained excellent communication.

Washington D.C.


Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 9, 2023

Thanks to Virtina’s WooCommerce website designing skills, my sales have hit the roof, and I have received numerous compliments on the design and functionality of my WooCommerce site. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking expert WooCommerce development and customization.

Los Angeles


Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 5, 2023

What exceptional WooCommerce development services! Their team was dedicated and attentive from the moment they got on my project requirements. They carefully listened to my ideas and transformed them into a futuristic store that exceeded my expectations. They were detailed and were able to tackle all technical challenges.



Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 29, 2023

My apparel business faced a lull during the pandemic, and I decided to revamp the site. Thanks to Virtina’s WooCommerce experts, my online business has experienced significant growth, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend them to all business types looking for ace WooCommerce development.

Washington D.C.


Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 25, 2023

I am ecstatic with the WooCommerce development services provided by Virtina. They helped me set up my online store from the ground up and customized it perfectly in sync with my brand’s aesthetic. The team was highly professional and knowledgeable, guiding me through every step.



Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 20, 2023

We are thrilled with the WooCommerce development services provided by Virtina. Their experts transformed our online store and enhanced its functionality. The site now runs smoothly, and our customers love the new features. They even offered tips on future site maintenance.



Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 17, 2023

Virtina’s developer team did a fantastic job creating a fully personalized WooCommerce website for our business. They had extreme attention to detail and commitment to work. We are now experiencing increased sales and traffic thanks to Virtina’s hard work! Great effort, team!

New York


Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 14, 2023

WooCommerce plugins are a great way to build an edge over your competitors—and Virtina has helped create customized plugins for my business with their expertise. Their customer service and knowledge of craft are impressive! We won’t hesitate to work with them again!


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Why Choose Virtina as Your WooCommerce Development Agency?

Holistic Workflow

At Virtina, we follow a holistic workflow, which makes us consider every plausible scenario when undertaking a project. This holistic analysis of your business and its eCommerce requirement ensures a superior quality WooCommerce web development.

Team of WooCommerce Certified Developer

Our team of certified WooCommerce developers has worked with leading brands worldwide on both B2B and B2C spectrums. Our invaluable experience working with almost all industry verticals gives us the edge over the competition.

Agile and Hybrid Build Methodologies

Virtina offers an agile development process as well as adaptive methodology for the projects based on their nature. The agile method is time-sensitive and ideal for emergency requirements, while the adaptive hybrid method is a holistic approach for obtaining feasible long-term results.

30-day Support Period

Virtina provides you with a 30-day support period, during which our dedicated developers address any irregularities or eCommerce emergencies in the store. This ensures that your website is protected from any unprecedented issues that may occur after the project delivery.

Quality Assurance

As a WooCommerce development service provider with extensive experience, we never compromise on our work quality. Cutting-edge practices like fully-interactive prototypes and AI-assisted technologies combined with our own expert QA team ensure our work's top-tier quality.

Balanced Solution Cost

We do not make the empty promise of delivering your dream project at the lowest price, but we can promise you that we have a cost-effective method. When coupled with the latest tech, our holistic planning minimizes the time and effort spent on your project, effectively saving your money.

Frequent Communication

Our team of experts will be in touch with you throughout the project’s duration. You are frequently updated by the project manager about the progress made and also the roadblocks faced by the team taking away any scope of error.

On-time Delivery

We know the importance of on-time delivery for an eCommerce project. Our WooExperts provide you with the most accurate time estimate before each project and we even make it a point to deliver the project even before the deadline.

Adaptable Solution

There is a new and advanced eCommerce trend popping up every day, and you need a WooCommerce team that can keep up with these changes, and Virtina does precisely that. Our solutions are capable of adapting to your business's changing trends and needs.

24/7 Support

Our team of developers are available to help you with anything you may need at all times. With Virtina’s support, you'll never have to deal with a broken or irresponsive site. This makes sure that your WooCommerce store is always up and running.

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WooCommerce News

news image

Booster Plugin Fixes Reflected Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability

January 9, 2023

Booster for WooCommerce, a renowned all-in-one WordPress plugin, offers 100+ WooCommerce website customization functions. It has a modular bundle that helps merchants run online stores easily. It has the functionality to create custom payment gateways, shopping carts, price labels, and buttons according to customer requirements. Users have installed the plugin in up to 70,000+ sites, and Booster for WooCommerce offers a patch to the Reflected Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability for all the sites using it. A Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) involves extra inputs, including malware scripts diplaying in response to specific inputs. It allows attackers to execute scripts on websites or take over admin credentials and website control. The reflected attacks are delivered to end users via e-mail message or other websites. December 31, 2022

news image

WooCommerce Blocks 9.2.0 Released With New Features

December 31, 2022

WooCommerce released WooCommerce Blocks 9.2.0 with novel upgrades to documentation, enhancements, and bug fixes. The first change is that the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and ‘Place Order’ buttons on the cart block and checkout block are editable via the editor for customization as per user needs. Secondly, the checkout process is simplified by removing duplicate settings in the account creation and logging-in processes. The new settings are based on the WooCommerce Core. Users can also leverage the option to add non-ASCII product attributes to the Filter by Attribute block. The latest version does not have hidden auto-complete fields in the checkout. It has extra documentation for cart data store selectors and added Product Visibility support. The new release is now available on GitHub and for users to download.

news image

Vulnerabilities Revealed in Five Major WooCommerce Plugins

December 21, 2022

Five famous plugins from WooCommerce have been reported to harbor vulnerabilities, according to the U.S. government National Vulnerability Database (NVD). The plugins have been installed in over 135,000 websites and might affect all the user websites. The vulnerabilities have severity ratings as high as 9.8/10, are marked as ‘Critical,’ and have been allotted CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) identity numbers. The Advanced Order Export plugin, the Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce plugin, Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons plugin, and Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce plugins have Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, the WooCommerce Dropshipping by OPMC – Critical is riddled with unauthenticated SQL injection vulnerability. WooCommerce has since then patched all the vulnerabilities.

WooCommerce Development Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a typical WooCommerce project cost?

A typical WooCommerce website's development cost varies based on various factors, such as the project's size, complexity, and scope. However, Virtina undertakes projects on a fixed cost or time basis, and we recommend buying a block of time. We provide you with the most accurate estimate possible, and in case the project is delivered to you earlier, you can get a refund for the remaining time you have bought.

How soon can you complete my WooCommerce project?

Each project is unique, and the time needed for the development is based on its size, complexity, and scope. Our experienced team of WooCommerce developers will analyze your project requirements and give you an estimate based on your unique needs, business processes, and business demands.

Do you provide a signed NDA agreement?

Yes, we give utmost importance to our client's confidentiality. Every project we undertake comes under the scrutiny of an NDA agreement. We will provide you with a signed NDA document along with confidential letters and other MoUs before we commence the project. Regardless of the WooCommerce development services you undertake, we will sign an NDA agreement with your business.

How do I track the development progress of the project?

You will be an integral part of the WooCommerce web development project throughout its duration. We keep complete transparency with our clients, and you will be kept in the loop of all the progress (good or bad) by the assigned project manager. Furthermore, you can always contact us via Skype, mail, phone, instant messenger tools, etc. As a WooCommerce eCommerce development company, we do everything in our power to keep you involved in the project as much as we can.

Do you provide post-completion support for the WooCommerce projects after project delivery?

All the projects delivered by Virtina comes with a support period. During the support period, any abrupt issues occurring on your website will be assessed by our experienced developers free of cost. Any issues caused by the changes made by Virtina will be fixed promptly. This includes any compatibility issues or bugs on your WooCommerce store. However, the support does not extend to any unauthorized changes made to the website by a third party.

Do you optimize the websites for SEO?

Yes, we are fully aware of the importance of SEO for an eCommerce website. In a full-fledged WooCommerce project, everything from your content to meta tags is SEO optimized to get you the best result and drag in traffic from the target audience. We also offer dedicated SEO optimization packages specially formulated to SEO holistically optimize your store.

How many users can WooCommerce handle?

There is practically no limit to the number of users your WooCommerce store can handle at a time. As long as you have a reliable hosting provider, there should be no issues no matter how big traffic your website gets. WooCommerce is well equipped to handle over 100,000 products and thousands of transactions per minute. You can ensure that your WooCommerce store works at its best by carrying out a detailed WooCommerce optimization.

What versions of WooCommerce are supported and best suited for my business?

It is always best if you go with the latest WooCommerce version for your eCommerce venture. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most important one is security. Each update comes with some form of security patches that protect your WooCommerce store from malicious attacks. Using an older version of WooCommerce could jeopardize your online store. The latest version is optimized for security and also likely has advanced features as well.

How can I integrate new features into the WooCommerce website?

You can integrate new and advanced features to your WooCommerce website using the numerous plugins available in the WordPress marketplace. You have plenty of options to choose from, and many of the plugins are either free or freemium versions meaning you can access most of the basic features without having to splurge money on them. WooCommerce is an open-source platform, and it allows you to integrate advanced third-party plugins or customize existing ones to meet your unique needs.

Can WooCommerce be used to sell subscription-based products or services?

Yes, you can easily sell subscription-based products and services on WooCommerce. It is worth noting that the subscription capabilities do not come out-of-the-box for WooCommerce. However, there are many plugins available, including WooCommerce Subscriptions. They can easily be integrated into your WooCommerce store for incorporating subscription capabilities and advanced subscription features that can enhance user experience and help you boost conversions on your website.

Why is WooCommerce a great platform for store development?

WooCommerce is often considered to be one of the best platforms for eCommerce store development. There are many reasons for this, but the most important among these is that it is super easy to use, even for newbies and if you have basic knowledge of WordPress, then you are pretty much set. Apart from this, WooCommerce is one-source and modular, meaning that it can be customized in any way you want. This includes the theme, interface, product catalog, and much more.

How to boost conversions for my WooCommerce site?

You can boost the conversion rate of your WooCommerce store by optimizing it for easy, friction-free, and fast navigation through your website. Make use of SEO strategies for bringing in more organic traffic. Furthermore, you can also make use of advanced strategies like Content Marketing, run promotions, and so on. You can even invest in an advanced revenue-centered (Conversion Rate Optimization) or CRO such as Virtina’s holistic and data-driven Commerce Revenue Optimization or CRO-HD for a guaranteed result.

How do I manually install a WooCommerce plugin?

You can manually install a WooCommerce plugin by downloading the relevant .zip file of the relevant plugin. You will first need to login into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins section. From there, you will see an option for the “Add New'' plugin, and on top of the page, there will be an “Upload Plugin” button. Click on the Upload Plugin and choose the relevant file from your computer. After that, all you have to do is press “Install Now,” and you are ready to go. However, keep in mind that some integrations may be codependent, and their functioning may be affected if you introduce a new system. In such a case, seek plugin Development Services from Virtina.

What are the best practices in customizing a WooCommerce website?

There are many practices that you can adopt when customizing a WooCommerce website. You can start by choosing the apt hosting plan for your unique needs. Adding an SSL to your store lets your user know that your website is safe and reliable. Always ensure that your WooCOmmerce store is running on the latest version and avoid any security risks if at all possible. Furthermore, give critical importance to data security, and most importantly, pay attention to what your users want through advanced data analytics.

Can I use WooCommerce for a large store?

Yes, you can absolutely run a large store on WooCommerce. There is practically no limit to the number of products you can list on WooCommerce. Provided that you choose the right hosting provider, WooCommerce can handle heavy traffic and carry out numerous transactions simultaneously without slowing down or causing a discrepancy in the buying process. Furthermore, you can even equip it with advanced features such as product comparison.

How scalable is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most scalable eCommerce platforms available in the market today. WooCommerce stores can handle an unlimited number of products and still run your website as smoothly as ever. However, to ensure this, you need to conduct a quality optimization process that covers the website speed, page load time, and more. You need a certified expert like Virtina to make sure that your website is running at its optimal condition.

Start a WooCommerce Project With Us

Want to get a tailor-made WooCommerce plan for your business? Talk to our dedicated team of Woo Experts for a free consultation today!