eCommerce Platform Selection

The platform selection process is initiated to determine the right eCommerce platform for your business model. The best eCommerce platform will support and capture all your business objectives. Choose the right platform for your unique business needs.

Lack of planning leads businesses to select the wrong platform for their eCommerce venture and is often the reason behind this colossal failure rate in eCommerce. The eCommerce platform you choose to run your business can either help you achieve all of your business goals, or take your business down. Overlooking the importance of platform selection could be the most costly mistake you could make.

Your Business Model Is Unique

eCommerce businesses fail due to several reasons, and one of the reasons is not choosing the right platform. Owners make the mistake of obsessing over a specific platform, relying on Google research, biased eCommerce experts, or on word of mouth to finalize an eCommerce platform for their businesses. Owners lack a proper understanding of their goals and fail to see the true role of eCommerce.

Since platform selection is one of the most crucial steps in setting up a successful eCommerce store, you need a reliable and experienced eCommerce partner. Virtina, with over 950 eCommerce projects under the belt and certified expertise in all major eCommerce platforms, offers you the flexibility to choose the best platform for your business.

Every business is unique with its own individual needs and you need a platform that can complement your business along with its requirements. At Virtina, we realize this and with our platform-agnostic approach, we ensure that your business is set up on the eCommerce platform that is best suited for your business.

All the eCommerce Platforms We Support

Virtina eCommerce Platforms

Factors to Consider While Choosing an eCommerce Platform

  • Initial Costs
  • On-going Costs
  • Security
  • Customer Service (Support)
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Uniqueness Across Devices
  • Business Model
  • Stability
  • Resource Availability
  • Platform Maturity
  • Business Maturity or Growth
  • Ease of Administration
  • Integrations
  • Time to Market
  • Automation of Business Processes
  • International/Localization
  • Market Share
  • Data Platform Ownership
  • Internal Skills

How Virtina Helps To Pick The Right Platform for Your Business?

Platform Agnostic Approach

At Virtina, we have certified expertise in almost all major eCommerce platforms. This enables us to be objective and find the best eCommerce platform for your business. Your business is carefully analyzed and studied. Virtina factors in your competitor data, the functionalities and features required on your eCommerce store, and presents you with the platform options you could choose from.

Proven Expertise

Virtina is one of the eCommerce leaders, let it be eCommerce strategy, development, or planning. With more than 950 successful eCommerce projects under our belt, we know every trick there is to know about eCommerce. Virtina has worked in almost all verticals and industry types. The knowledge we have accumulated throughout each case study proves our expertise in selecting the best eCommerce platform for you.

Holistic Process

We follow a holistic approach to eCommerce and we do the same for the platform selection process as well. We don’t just consider the nature of the business of our clients. We look into the depths of your business and its eCommerce requirements. Furthermore, we also take into account your competition and their business model to give you the best results.

Identify Features and Functionalities

The expert team at Virtina comes up with a list of features and functionalities that your eCommerce store can use after analyzing your business and its requirements. The process also sheds light on what kind of eCommerce platform can suit your unique business needs. After listing all of the functionalities and features to be implemented on your website, we make a list of all potential eCommerce platforms.

Platform Selection

Once all of the processes mentioned above are carried out, we present you with our findings and shortlist the best eCommerce platform to set up your business. We will further recommend the best option out of the shortlisted eCommerce platforms. Aside from this, you can also choose to let an expert at Virtina set up your eCommerce store and equip it with custom features and functionalities.

Why Choose Virtina?


Build a clear vision of the path forward for the organization. In essence, establish the mission, vision, present goals and future objectives of the business. Furthermore, analyze past performance.


Identify voids, bottlenecks, irregularities and other hard to detect implicit requirements in the existing business model. Figure out corresponding remedial solutions around these critical issues.


Document and build requirements around the various opportunities and efficiencies to be gained going ahead via eCommerce. A detailed insight on how the platform benefits your business


Clarify the full selection process, including roles and responsibilities of all the humans involved in the ecosystem - team members, stakeholders, partners, vendors, and more.


After defining your goals, platform requirements, and auditing the business KPIs the next step will be to layout a project timeline with milestones to help reach your eCommerce goals.


Once you have a clear strategy on how to proceed and attain your short and long-term project deliverables, it's only a matter of successful execution. Test, tweak and launch the eCommerce website.

Our Experts Help Select the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Unique Business Needs