eCommerce Strategy

Google says 80% to 97% of the eCommerce projects fail. Don’t you think you need a strategy NOT to become a statistic?

In recent times the eCommerce industry bared witness to some of the most significant changes ever in history. The eCommerce market is no longer what it used to be a year ago.

In the past, businesses could predict and prepare for what was going to happen in the eCommerce sphere. But that is no longer the case.

What used to be fluid and seamless path towards success for aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs and businesses - has now turned into a trail full of hardships filled with mud and dirt where everything is unpredictable.

Reaching that success at the end of the road is not merely about being fast now, it is about how well you can strategize and prepare yourself to beat the unpredictable terrain of today's eCommerce.

Do you think a failure an option for your eCommerce investment?

Success and Strategy

Knowing is the beginning. A sound strategy starts with knowing the failure reasons.

  • Lack of Understanding of the True Role of eCommerce
  • Lack of Planning
  • Lack of Understanding of Holistic Goals
  • Platform Focus
  • Just Another Website
  • Partner Task Misfit
  • Wrong Platform
  • Weak Implementation or Build Process
  • Build, They Will “NOT” Come
  • Absence of Continuous Improvement

Virtina Strategy: A 3-Phased Approach

Virtina Strategy: A 3 Phased Approach

Holistic Discovery

We always tell our clients or prospective clients that “You don’t have to trust our capability just because we told you so. We will earn your trust.” So how do we establish this trust? Well, we have a systematic process, during which we learn more about your business. Attention is given to the nuances, which play a role in your eCommerce business. During the process, steps are taken based on this analysis and the data collected.

Our process involves one of the best discovery phase strategies in the industry. In the discovery phase, we take into account three major aspects.

1. The Pain Points
2. The Objectives
3. The Wishlist
Discovery Phase Strategies

While most eCommerce companies only look at these aspects from the client’s perspective, Virtina looks at it from four different perspectives. Most eCommerce companies fail to yield the desired result because they don’t see the big picture. For an eCommerce business to be successful, you need a comprehensive solution that can work for all the contributing parties.


The customer’s pain points must be  given the highest priority when it comes to eCommerce stores because a user-friendly experience leads to a smoother buyer journey and hence to more sales. It is essential to provide a solution to their problems unless you want your customers to abandon the site and lose business.

Site Operators

The site operator is anyone who can access and operate from the back end of the website. This includes your sales representative, customer service administrator, site administrator, CRM administrator, and so on. It is important that any pain points of the site operator are addressed and solved for the smooth functioning of the eCommerce store.


This section includes all the internal and external departments that don’t directly deal with the system but interact with it, suppliers or vendors are part of this group. In order for the eCommerce store to be successful, you must keep your sellers happy as much as your buyers. By giving more control to your partners, you are enabling them to sell more on your eCommerce store.


The systems refers to the hardware used for your eCommerce store. This includes the platform, the plugin or extensions, custom modules and so on. Keeping your business in mind we find the most compatible systems that can bring out the best from your eCommerce store. A well functioning system can optimize the experience for all parties interacting on your website.

Master Survey

The data collected from the holistic discovery phase is the input for the master survey. The question for the master survey is customized to match your business. In this phase, the in-depth knowledge and expertise that Virtina has gained from various industries over the years play a crucial role. The expertise of Virtina includes over 900 eCommerce projects from almost all major industries.

We don’t just stop there, we take into account the latest trends in eCommerce and incorporate the statistics into the survey. We believe that as eCommerce partners, we should be invested in the project as much as you. This involvement motivates us to carry out the master survey to demonstrate and validate our understanding of your business.

The data from this survey will provide us with the most insightful information about your business and its eCommerce needs. To ensure that there is no error in this communication, Virtina provides two iterations for the master survey. Further from this, we will be available for your assistance to clarify any questions you have on the survey. 

Digital Roadmap

A 3-year digital roadmap that outlines the strategy you need to implement for your business is created in the final phase. This comprehensive roadmap could be the best thing that ever happens to your eCommerce business. The goal of the digital roadmap is to help you find the core functionalities for acquiring revenue and customers. 

With this Virtina helps you to increase the customer retention rate and enable you to decrease the cost of operation using the right technology. We emphasize on the fast low-hanging fruits of your business so that you can get the best with the least effort.

If done right, eCommerce can be the digital hub that meets if not exceeds the objectives of all the people involved in your business. It addresses the pain points, goals, and wishlist of the customers, site operators, partners, and system. And to top it off, it brings you the best revenue as well as customer experience. At Virtina, the only way to do eCommerce is the right way, and our results speak for themselves.

Why Choose Virtina for eCommerce?

Framework & Process

Our comprehensive digital growth framework coupled with an adaptive build process follows a holistic process to eCommerce strategy, design, development, and optimization. This makes it possible for us to address and solve that can lead to eCommerce project failures. 


We have a highly responsive team dedicated to serving you at all times. We value the time of our customers above everything, which is why we make it a point to respond to your questions and to have clear-cut communication with our clients.

Reputed Grit

Working on 950+ eCommerce projects Virtina has successfully made a reputation for itself with sheer grit. Over the years we’ve come up with innovative solutions for some of the toughest Commerce problems. This also earned us the trust of agencies and recognitions from eCommerce platforms.

Unbiased Expertise

Our certified partnership with 10+ major eCommerce platforms makes Virtina the ideal eCommerce partner for you. Being platform agnostic enables us to provide the best service for your unique business and its requirements.

Thought Leadership

To be relevant in the ever-changing eCommerce landscape you need to be a thought leader like Virtina. We employ and created the latest and best result oriented practices like CRO (Commerce Revenue Optimization) for eCommerce.

Unique Positioning

Our depth, breadth, and focus in eCommerce is unlike any other. We’ve built our life around eCommerce, everything we do and everything we think is influenced by it. It is precisely the reason why we are able to deliver successful eCommerce projects.

Profit & Revenue Growth Focus

At Virtina, we realize the ultimate goal of any business is growth. We approach each project we take up with a growth focus. Everything from design to development focuses on increasing Revenue, boosting Profit and enhancing Customer Experience.


We believe transparency between us and the client is the key to success of our ambitious eCommerce projects. You are kept in the loop of every stage of the projects and all your insights are factored in so that you get the eCommerce store that you dreamed of.

Experience & Certifications

With over 950+ eCommerce projects under our belt, and certifications from almost all major eCommerce platforms, Virtina is one of the most reliable and trusted eCommerce partners you can find for your business.

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