Creating Digital Marketing Agency Heroes

When it comes to eCommerce Projects. Don’t you wish for MORE happy endings? Or have MORE beginnings?


It’s crucial for agencies like yours to provide a great first impression for your prospects. All this is NECESSARY to land that long-term marketing contract with your eCommerce clients.

  • And yet how many eCommerce projects have you worked on that did not end up on a good note?
  • Or did they exceed the budget?
  • Do you often convince yourself saying that, “we will recoup the losses in development from the marketing services revenue?”


You achieve this by giving a smooth development experience with happy delivery. This way, you get to what you do best & get rewarded from the most; MARKETING.

But often, the development phase ends up being the most painful experience. With lots of headaches, heartburns, & leaving gaping holes in your wallet. And you are forced to go through that experience for the "carrot" at the end: a long-term contract for marketing services.

If this is too familiar to you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. According to industry statistics, 97% of eCommerce projects fail to meet their objectives. Even if we subtract the percentages of "eCommerce preneneuers" looking to hit success overnight; like a moth to a flame in B2C. Even the B2B eCommerce projects failure rate is high as 95%. We, along with our agency partners, have learned from experience that there are many reasons for failure. We have highlighted some below.

  • Just Another Website Mentality
  • Wrong Platform/ Platform Bias
  • Wrong Goals
  • Lack of Poor Planning
  • Lead in with Platform instead of business needs
  • Lack of Right Skills

Want to hear how we interact with our agency partners?

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An eCommerce build with significant sales volume is not a "just another website" project. To succeed the development phase one should start with a careful analysis of the current businesses, its pain points, & growth potentials.

Don't take an important step, like picking the right platform lightly.

Too often, the decision to use a platform is made solely on theservice provider's familiarity or skill set. The platform they pick may be convenient, but it might not be the ideal platform for the client's business needs. Once the platform is selected, it is easy for developers to get myopic. Those who see the long term know that successful projects are built & planned with a user-centric, software engineering mindset. Thus, it requires keeping a lean delivery process, predictable costs, time estimates, and being modular or flexible to your client's ever-changing needs.

Sounds difficult?  It shouldn’t be!

Virtina brings the experience & process to put your eCommerce client into the 3% bracket that succeed. We take the risk of getting your eCommerce projects done on time & budget.

Only 3% of eCommerce sites make it successfully. Want to know how?

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We've learned from experience. By harnessing the insight from many custom software & integration projects since 2011. All this with the 750+ eCommerce projects since mid-2016, have helped us to develop a unique eCommerce analysis framework that our agency partners love.

Co-engineered eCommerce. Delivered Smarter. Assured Success



We’ve also come up with an adaptive delivery process that ensures the successful completion under budget and on-time. All this achieved, by reducing the risks of time, scope, and costs while being flexible to your client’s business needs.

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Here’s how our agency partners feel:

“This is the most common-sense approach we have ever seen”!

“Your process is so simple but most effective”

“Love the flexibility on the scope and the predictability of cost. Ingenious.!

“How else someone could develop eCommerce projects”

Let our laser focus on eCommerce strategy and development work for your your your clients' business success.

Now that we gave you a glimpse into the secret “tools” of our success, you may be wondering how this helps our agency partners to increase their closure ratio of eCommerce projects.

Virtina understands that every happy ending begins with a convincing story. Something done by creating trust, meticulous planning, flawless execution and relentless problem-solving attitude. Virtina brings it all.

Let’s face it, once you identify an opportunity, the WIN aka “the close” is about how fast you evoke the trust. Virtina brings certified partnerships, development expertise in 10 different eCommerce platforms & eCommerce development experience in almost every industry out there. You can count on us to increase the trust level with your prospect from the very beginning. With us, you get one reliable long-term ally on your side to tackle the challenges in every eCommerce project.

We bring thought-provoking questions, revenue-raising tactics, cross-industry feature ideas, & cost-reduction strategies. As a result of which you seem like a hero who thinks like an owner. That is exactly what we do. We make you the hero for your prospects which helps you grab & wrap more eCommerce projects.

Want to be a Hero to your eCommerce clients?