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Get the leading eCommerce web design and development company in the United States for your eCommerce project.

Looking for a Reliable eCommerce Development Partner in New York?

With certified experts in all major eCommerce platforms, Virtina is  the premier, truly platform-agnostic eCommerce development company in the world. Our extensive experience working with the leading B2B and B2C brands makes us the number one choice when it comes to eCommerce development in New York.

Experienced Professionals Who Have Worked on All Industry Verticals

Our expert team has had the pleasure of working with every industry vertical you can think of, from fashion to healthcare or retailers to wholesalers and more. Our impactful solutions assist with increasing conversion rates and scaling businesses.

eCommerce Development in New York

Get the Best Custom eCommerce Website Development in New York

Virtina is a leader in custom eCommerce development. Having delivered numerous successful eCommerce projects, including fully customized eCommerce stores with advanced capabilities and functionalities, Any of our out-of-the-box custom solutions stand above other eCommerce companies. We offer a wide range of eCommerce solutions to all types of businesses, in sync with their business requirements. Our solutions help you create the perfect experience for your website. 

Our experts have even created custom software for major eCommerce platforms, making store management a breeze for business owners. Our advanced eCommerce solutions are a testament to our expertise in eCommerce. Our eCommerce intelligence allows us to suggest the best business solutions. 

We have completed multiple successful projects for different business types - B2B, B2C, Marketplaces. 

We offer tailor-made digital solutions for our clients. Our core competencies and vast experience in eCommerce allow us to create the most profitable digital experiences. Our certified experts can take your digital business to the next level. Let us handle the software development on your eCommerce store. Our dedicated team of experts provides the following eCommerce solutions to our clients.

Virtina's Custom solutions for your eCommerce website

Virtina has a proven track record of offering personalized software development services for our clients. You could be in real estate, medical, or any other industry, we promise to craft custom software solutions for your eCommerce business. 

As a premier eCommerce software development company, our focus is to ensure our custom solutions address all the technical frictional elements on your eCommerce site, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Approach the leading eCommerce development agency, Virtina to solve all your eCommerce custom software development needs.

  • Custom eCommerce Website Development
  • Custom eCommerce Integrations
  • Custom eCommerce Website Design
  • Custom eCommerce Software  Solutions
  • Custom eCommerce Theme Development
  • 24/7 Support for Custom Modifications

What Makes Virtina the Perfect eCommerce Development Company in New York?

Virtina has worked with some of the leading companies in New York to help them make a mark in the eCommerce industry. Our business intelligence and novel digital strategy helps brands succeed in the highly competitive eCommerce market. We equip eCommerce stores with custom capabilities that enhance their user experience, reduce friction elements, and encourage conversions. From integrating advanced features, developing mobile applications to creating a responsive theme, we can do it all. 

Our core expertise in eCommerce helps us figure out the best digital transformation strategy for your business. Our experts will assess your pain points in the strategy and planning phase, define effective solutions, create a roadmap, and implement the same, to simplify your business operations and eliminate all the hurdles from your eCommerce store - so you can focus on growing your business. 
  • Holistic Workflow
  • Agile and Hybrid Build Methodologies
  • 30-day Support Period
  • Certified Developer
  • Quality Assurance
  • On-time Delivery
  • Platform-agnostic
  • Balanced Solution Cost
  • Adaptable Solution

Our Wide Spectrum of eCommerce Development Services

  • eCommerce Web Design
  • eCommerce Platform Migration
  • Native and Third-party  Integrations
  • eCommerce Custom Development
  • Mobile app development
  • eCommerce Maintenance and Support
  • eCommerce Extension Development
  • eCommerce Strategy and Roadmap
  • eCommerce Optimization

Create a custom eCommerce Store for your business

Platform-agnostic eCommerce Development Company in New York

eCommerce Design and Development in New York

Virtina follows a platform-agnostic approach to eCommerce. After working in the eCommerce industry for years, we know that no two eCommerce businesses are the same, and neither are their requirements. The eCommerce platform you select can be quintessential in determining the fate of your online business. A platform mismatch can become fatal for your business and its functioning.

Virtina has vast experience in helping businesses figure out which platform and solutions can work best for your unique business requirements. New York is home to every kind of business imaginable and what’s even more intriguing is that almost all of them have a strong online presence. At Virtina, we hope to bring new businesses to the digital forefront and help the existing ones to do better. 

Virtina's impactful methodologies help you register true business growth. Our innovative solutions are personalized for your unique challenges. We conduct a holistic analysis of your business model, inventory, customers, industry and competitors. Our business analysts and experienced team of eCommerce strategists will guide you towards the best digital commerce platform.

  • WooCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Prestashop
  • 3dCart
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Shopify
  • Odoo
  • WordPress
  • Vtex

Leave the eCommerce development to the experts in Virtina

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Virtina’s Adaptive Methodologies

As a leading eCommerce development firm, our development process revolves around two adaptive methodologies that are built specifically for eCommerce.

Adaptive Agile Build

Adaptive Agile Build
  • Agile methodology for emergency requirements
  • Ideal for time-sensitive projects
  • Quick implementation

Adaptive Hybrid Build

Adaptive Hybrid Build
  • Adaptive hybrid build for long-term plans
  • Ideal for long-term growth plan
  • Holistic and detailed approach

Case Study

We enjoy helping our clients and take pride in making their business successful. These success stories keep us inspired to deliver you the best, always!

National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound is a privately-held dedicated medical equipment supplier founded in 2003 with the mission to continually..

Healthy Path CBD

The Health Tree in Hammonton, NJ offers all-natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. They offer a large selection of gluten-free products..

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 15, 2021

Like any other startup, we had to face several complex issues. It was nearly impossible to find cost-friendly and highly-optimized WooCommerce development solutions for our company. We are so grateful to have come across Virtina. Their expertise helped in the growth of our firm.

Kelvin Deskins
New York

No Title

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 30, 2021

Virtina is my go-to company when it comes to any WooCommerce emergency. They are fast, reliable, and efficient. They have found and fixed bugs on my WooCommerce store on so many occasions that has saved me and my business a lot of valuable time. Thanks to the expert developers!

Ned Hain

No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 28, 2021

We are really happy working with their team of WooCommerce developers. Virtina has often undertaken time-sensitive projects that our in-house team was not able to finish on time no matter how complicated the task was. The charges are much affordable than what many of their peers offer.

William Decker
Washington D.C.

No Title

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 1, 2021

I’m a graphic designer with limited development knowledge, so I reached out to Virtina to help me launch my first WooCommerce site for a client. I was very pleasantly surprised at the speed at which the team got in touch and worked.

Natalie Latouf

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the best eCommerce platform for my business?

To select the best platform, you need first to analyze your business and its requirements. You can even come up with a list of these requirements in the order of their priority. Once you've done that, you can check for platforms that are best suited for your requirements and your budget. Of course, an easier and more effective way would be to let a platform-agnostic professional eCommerce developer like Virtina come up with the ideal eCommerce strategy for your business, including the selection of a platform.

Can I get a fully customized theme for my online store?

Yes. We offer end-to-end design services. Virtina also offers custom eCommerce solutions, thus, we can create a customized theme for your online store. Our designers will evaluate your business requirements, inventory, competitors, etc., to create a flawless and user-friendly eCommerce design. Our experts can develop a custom theme design for your responsive website  that will align with your brand, convey your brand story to the customers, and elevate your digital presence.

Can you automate my business's tax returns on my eCommerce store?

Yes, we can automate the tax returns of your eCommerce business. We can integrate third-party applications such as TaxJar to accomplish this. The integration is carried out seamlessly by our development team of experts keeping in mind your exact business processes. We ensure that the integration does not affect your existing systems. With our advanced integration, you can fully automate your tax-returns and save your valuable time and effort. 

Can I allow other vendors to sell on my eCommerce website?

Yes, you can sell your own products or allow others to sell through your website and use it as a marketplace. You can also simultaneously sell your amazing products and vendor products on your website. We can use a multi-vendor plugin to allow other vendors to sell on your eCommerce website. Furthermore, we can even enable advanced options like customized commission fees, discount coupon generation for each vendor, and even a customized dashboard for the vendors.

Is there any way of getting the data on website visitors and their behavior on my eCommerce website?

Yes, we can integrate advanced analytics solutions like Google Analytics, SemRush, or any other analytics software for your website. The detailed analytics allow you to find out valuable data that can be used to enhance your user experience, reduce friction elements, and streamline your website for conversion. Our experts can seamlessly integrate analytic software into your website, and we can even optimize it for higher revenue using advanced Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies.

Can you customize any of the existing plugins on my eCommerce website?

Yes. Depending on the client requirements and the customizable features within the plugin, our developers will try to accommodate extra features on any of the plugins on your eCommerce website. However, the inherent limitations of the plugin will decide how far we can go with our customization. From payment to shipping, we'll help you tweak the plugin of your choice.

How do you communicate with your eCommerce clients?

Virtina will assign a project manager who will keep in touch with you all the time and keep you updated about the progress. We'll notify you about every milestone that we complete on your project. You can contact us through phone, email, instant messaging tool, or any other communication medium of your choice.

Do you provide training and support after completing a project?

Yes. The work doesn't end with the completion of the project. Our development team provides the required knowledge transfer to manage the operations of your eCommerce website. You will get complete training on how to use or interact with the new changes. Our support team is available to address all your concerns.

Are you willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes. We are more than willing to sign an NDA. Virtina doesn't reveal any sensitive information exchanged with the client to anyone outside the internal team that handles your project. Virtina won't disclose the project information to any third parties. We follow a strict policy to secure your confidential info at all times.

How much does it cost to start an eCommerce development project?

The project cost is decided on the basis of your unique requirements. The complexity, scope, time, and other parameters will influence the final price. No two projects are the same, so tend not to display eCommerce rates. We will evaluate your needs and submit a final quote. Regardless, we offer the most cost-effective rates in New York.

Can I expert the eCommerce project delivery within a brief period?

Yes, of course. We are keen to deliver your project timely. We will confirm the delivery of your project after consideration of the complexity of the project. We will assess the tasks involved for the completion of the project as this determines the time period required for delivering the project. However,you can be assured that there will be no delay to the completion of the project after the specified deadline. The project will be delivered timely and this is among our prime concerns.

How experienced is your team in eCommerce project development?

We have a certified team of developers keen on delivering their expertise for the successful completion of your project. They will devote their efficiency and employ the right platform and website builder for developing revenue-generating online stores. We are experienced in developing online stores using more than 10 different platforms. Our expertise lies in building feature-rich, revenue-generating eCommerce stores.

I am currently running  an eCommerce store. But I want to plan a migration to another platform. Can you offer me assistance?

Of course… We are continually helping our clients with our migration services. We allow seamless migration to better and updated platforms. Our purpose is to settle you happily with a feature-rich, revenue generating eCommerce store that best meets your business requirements. We are confirmed to help your migration to another advanced platform securely without data loss or other complications.

What would be the capabilities of the eCommerce stores development from your company? Can it be used to sell unlimited products?

Definitely. You will be able to sell unlimited products using the online stores developed by our experts. We have the platforms that can be used to sell huge numbers of products and we will build your online stores using these high-capability platforms and meet your business requirements. We will deliver you the best platforms that align with your specific interests. We already have clients who are successfully running large online stores selling endless products, built by our experts.

I am new to eCommerce and  want to build a user-friendly online store with advanced features. Can you help me?

We are keen to help you. You have reached us rightly with your requirements. We have the best eCommerce website builder platforms and we will develop excelling online stores with easy-to-use interface, thus meeting your requirements perfectly. WooCommerce and Magento are both examples of our user-friendly website builders. In fact, all our platforms have more useful features that will help in the proper functioning and conversion generation of your e-stores. We promise our assistance.

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