eCommerce QA Services

Ensure the fully functional and operational capability of your eCommerce store with Virtina’s eCommerce-focused Quality Assurance Process.

Virtina brings you the industry-first eCommerce focused Quality Assurance or QA process. The QA process is unlike any other testing type. Even though many methods, including user testing, functional testing, requirements testing, and so on, have similar goals as that of QA, they are simply not the same.

Furthermore, Virtina's eCommerce QA is specially designed for eCommerce websites to ensure that the test considers an eCommerce business's capabilities and goals. It is quintessential for eCommerce websites to work seamlessly. Failing to do so could directly result in loss of sales and revenue.

Ensure a Seamless eCommerce Experience With Virtina’s QA

Virtina's eCommerce focused QA is a unique quality assurance process that tests eCommerce websites to find mistakes, errors, or oversights that may have escaped your notice in the development and design phases. Virtina's eCommerce focused QA process kicks into operation as soon as the website's requirements are laid out and even before the development begins. The more holistic the approach to QA, the better will be the quality of the website.

For ensuring a seamless eCommerce experience, Virtina considers multiple factors. Some of the significant factors considered include the audience, the type of eCommerce website, mobile testing, risk level, estimated number of users, etc. Each factor we consider before the QA process gives us valuable insight into what your eCommerce website really needs.

Taking a closer look at your eCommerce store's audience helps us narrow down the testing environment for your websites, such as the browsers and devices to conduct the test. Similarly, the process also finds out the need for mobile optimization. Our process clearly defines the assumptions and preconditions and employs real data for more accurate results. Furthermore, working with an estimated number of users gives us valuable insight into the traffic that your website can handle.

Why Your eCommerce Website Needs a Comprehensive QA Process 

Become a Reputable Brand

The main reason behind QA or Quality Assurance is to come across as a reliable and reputable brand to your customers. No one wants to transact through an eCommerce store that offers a shady user interface and below-par functionalities that may or may not work. Virtina's eCommerce-focused QA process addresses all the points that could sway the opinion of the customers on your eCommerce store and provides the ideal solutions to fix these issues.

Avoid Dire Consequences

Unlike a typical informative website, eCommerce websites transact money through it, and hence security is a prime concern here. Virtina understands the uniqueness of eCommerce websites more than anyone. Our eCommerce-focused QA process dives into the intrinsic details that include but are not limited to the website's security. Every aspect of the eCommerce store is analyzed, and their cumulative effect is drawn to figure out the ideal solution for the issues in your eCommerce website.

Deliver a Reliable eCommerce Store

The reliability of an eCommerce store is determined by its customers based on several factors. An eCommerce website needs to be accessible 24/7 without any issue. Even a small glitch can cause customers to abandon the site leading to valuable loss of sales. Virtina's eCommerce focused QA process ensures that everything in your eCommerce store from pages to backlinks is working seamlessly to provide the optimal user experience to your customers.

Save Time and Money

Virtina's holistic and eCommerce focused QA approach enables you to find any form of bugs well before it can cause any damage to your eCommerce store. It is more economical to have your eCommerce store bug free before it goes public. This further ensures that none of your users face any problem on the site due to any bug. It thereby saves you any loss from users abandoning the website due to any form of glitch. Finally, our QA process ensures a smooth and friction-free shopping experience on your website.

How Virtina’s eCommerce-focused QA Works?

Requirement Specification

Virtina follows a holistic approach to its eCommerce focused QA process, and it is one of the most effective processes in the industry. Our QA process begins by listing all the requirements of the client. The requirements are listed based on their business and their unique needs.

Requirement Analysis

The listing of requirements allows our expert to understand the tests that may be required on the client's eCommerce store. Furthermore, Virtina's eCommerce focused QA process starts from the design stage itself, working throughout the development and delivery phases, ensuring constant changes.

QA Testing Phase

The most significant part of any QA process is the testing phase, where multiple tests are carried out to find out where and how your eCommerce website needs to be fixed and tweaked for its optimal performance.

A detailed QA report is then prepared, including the title and description of the issue found, along with the relevant links and attachments. The report will also contain details on the severity, priority, and due date to fix the issue, along with expert comments on the particular issues.

Follow-up Review

Once the testing phase is finished, Virtina conducts a follow-up of the QA process just to ensure that we missed nothing in the process.

Retesting of Fixed Bugs

The bugs found during the QA testing phase are immediately fixed and tested. The fixed bugs are subjected to retesting in this phase.

Regression Testing

The regression testing phase in Virtina's QA process re-runs both functional and non-functional tests to ensure that everything is working properly. A "QA Approved" status is given to the project after this phase.

Interim Testing

The interim testing phase is where our experts classify the pending bugs they have unearthed from your website and prioritized in order of their severity. The report is then sent to the internal/external personnel in charge depending on the client’s wish.

Smoke Testing

Before the delivery of a project, smoke testing is conducted on the client's eCommerce store to reveal simple failures that may be severe enough to affect the site from going live.

Internal Project Delivery

The project is now all set for delivery to the project head, who then assesses the QA process conducted on the client's eCommerce site along with the test report.

Final Project Delivery

Once the project head's final assessment is finished, the project is ready to be handed over to the client along with a copy of the QA report.

Is Your Website Running in its Optimal Condition? Conduct a Holistic QA to Find Out!