Inventory and Catalog Synchronization

If you are working with a multi-ware house or multi-vendor environment, you will understand the pain of getting your inventory correct every time. There would be many instances where the stock shown online and what is available in warehouse will be wrong - which can lead you to big headaches at the time of order fulfillment.

Our Data Synchronization service has your back. We are capable doing any sort of data syncing; let it be one way, two way, fully automatic, semi automatic or manual. We can get you the complete catalog perfectly to your target system, no matter what is the size of initial load and data format. Above that we can update your inventory on specific, defined intervals to ensure a smooth order placement and customer satisfaction. 

Also, Virtina can automate your orders if you wish and we can customize it the way you want; automate the complete process, automate the order and add a manual approval process, split order based on the products and categories and send it respective fulfillment centers.

Any stock-level changes will be updated on the store dynamically. We will save you time in doing the tedious inventory management. Remove discontinued products with continuous tracking — export inventory to the vendor to track stock held in store. Even manage multiple drop shippers in this manner, effortlessly.

How many times the data should be synched a day.
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Upload a CSV, XLS file with sample details of the products, customers, and orders