Our Magento Services

Magento Bugfix

Our team of experts identifies and solves the issue in custom modules as well as third party extensions with minimal time. We make sure that your store is optimized to give your customers the best user experience.

Magento Integration Service

Integrate payments and shipments to make your transactions easy and accurately accounted for. With Magento Integration, third-party payment gateways like Stripe, Sagepay, etc can be integrated for greater flexibility of the website.

Custom Extensions for Magento

Add new features and functionalities to your Magento Store to enhance user experience and increase the sales potential of your website. You can also migrate your favorite feature/functionality from your old store and bring the best out of your Magento store.

Don’t Let a Bug Take Down Your Magento Store

A simple bug could be holding back your eCommerce store from achieving higher revenue. Why? Because most users tend to abandon sites that are slow or have some glitches in it. Severe Bugs can even cause payments to not go through or data corruptions.

To run a successful Magento store, you need to make sure it is user-friendly. And this not only means having a bug free website but also ensuring a smooth & easy buyer journey.

So how do you make the buyer journey easier and friendly? Custom Extensions can add more features to your Magento Store to help your customer make a quicker buying decision. You can further influence your customer buying decision by implementing reward programs and other features.

Our Process

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What Makes Virtina Your Trusted eCommerce Partner

We have an impeccable track record of delivering innovative eCommerce Solutions. Our team of Experts formulates custom solutions that are not just flexible but highly scalable as well. And more importantly, we make sure that you get your project on time, every time!

  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Predictable
  • On Time. Every Time

Want to add a cool new feature to your Magento Store?

Customer Feedback

Got the job done! Very happy with their team of WooCommerce experts. Quick response to emails and provided a solution to my WooCommerce issue within 48 hours. Will definitely be using the company on future WooCommerce projects.

Jason S

Our business has been mostly quite happy with the service Virtina has provided. When compared to other businesses in their space, Virtina is highly responsive, expedient, and affordable. We use them for small changes to our site, bug fixes, quick redesigns.

Dane Hetland

Wish I’d picked this company first! It’s so hard to tell from an ad on a website what the people behind the company are like. I ended up with Virtina after another company messed my site up by not listening to what I needed. Bob at Virtina had a dialog with me to clearly define what I considered to be problems and he then fixed them. I hope to take advantage of their expertise in the future as my business and site grows. 

Linda Sparks
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Can you implement Reward Programs on my Magento Store?

Yes! Virtina has employed various types of Reward Programs for its clients. The Reward Programs are customized to your specific requirements and parameters. They are flexible and can work around every business type. 

Can Virtina implement Multi-Store Front on Magento manageable by a single Admin?

Yes! Virtina has successfully implemented Multiple Store Fronts on Magento with a single Admin. The Multiple store feature on Magento allows you to sell different types of products from different websites, keep track of inventory from both stores and more using a single Admin.

Can you implement Dropshipping capabilities on my Magento Store?

Yes, we have implemented a Dropshipping capability for many of our clients. Dropshipping is one of the most sought after features in a Magento store, and Virtina has implemented it for stores that have multiple vendors & warehouses.

Can Virtina set up an Advanced Search feature on my Magento Website?

Yes, Virtina can set up an Advanced Search feature on any Magento Website. With an Advanced Search, we can set multiple fields through which a single search can include several parameters. This lets your customers find relevant products faster, with ease.

How much does Virtina charge for Magento Customization/Optimization? 

Virtina is popular for its economic eCommerce development/services. We take into account every factor of an eCommerce project and work or way to find the best solution for your Magento store that is also economical.