Magento support

Magento support

Get World-class Magento Support Services for Your Business

Virtina's certified Magento experts ensure that your store always delivers consistent performance and an engaging shopping experience. We are well aware of the need for online businesses to be always accessible for their customers.

Virtina provides one of the best Magento support services in the world. Our experts are available at your service 24/7 for all your Magento support requirements. Furthermore, we make it a point to have your issues resolved at the earliest because we know how important it is for an online store.

Why Do You Need Reliable Magento Support for Your Business?

The success of your online business is greatly dependent on consistency. It depends on how consistent the quality of your product and service is. It depends on how consistently you can tend to the needs of your customers. As far as your Magento store is concerned, it would be best if you were prepared for any eventualities because an eCommerce emergency never comes with a warning.

This is where Virtina comes into the picture to save the day. We provide top-tier Magento support and maintenance services that can ensure your Magento store's smooth and uninterrupted running. We safeguard your Magento store to protect your online business from any unprecedented eventualities that could potentially bring down your Magento store and cost you valuable business.

Apart from losing potential customers and revenue, an unresponsive or slow-loading Magento store can also negatively affect your brand. If the customer cannot access your store at his/her convenience, it is more than likely that they will consider your website to be unreliable. A superior Magento support like the one provided by Virtina saves you from such circumstances and maintains the store's integrity.

Virtina’s Magento Support Services

The Magento support services offered by Virtina are tailored to suit your unique requirements. We provide both ongoing and emergency support for Magento websites so that you have a reliable and certified Magento expert to turn to no matter what.

Magento Ongoing Support

Virtina's Magento ongoing support provides you with a team of Magento experts who consistently work on improving your eCommerce store. Our experts keep track of your website's performance and its stability. Furthermore, in time our holistic and continuous analysis of your business and its specifics enable us to optimize your solutions and directly contribute to your revenue growth.

Magento Emergency Support

The Magento emergency support offered by Virtina provides quick and reliable support for businesses if or when they are faced with an unprecedented troubleshoot. A sudden breakdown of your eCommerce store could directly affect your business and its revenue. Our experts are available 24/7 at your service to help you with any problem.

Magento Customization

Many troubleshoot problems require a development or customization process to get the website back on track. Our experts are well-versed in the Magento platform and are capable of implementing the required changes swiftly.

Magento Bug Fixing

A simple bug could cause your website to slow down or even breakdown entirely in severe cases. Our Magento experts can quickly analyze your website for any bugs or other potential threats that could bring down your store and fix them efficiently.

Magento Outage Recovery

Your servers come with a risk of failure, and in the case that multiple servers are lost, Virtina helps you retrieve the data on the remaining servers. The Magento outage recovery manages to keep your business afloat by recovering your data.

Magento Server Monitoring

Virtina carries out a server monitoring of your Magento store to ensure the safety of your data. The Magento server monitoring reveals any server issues or potential threats that could jeopardize your online store, and our experts can have it fixed in the early stages.

Magento Code Review

Coding is not something that an amateur can handle. You need a real expert like Virtina to review your Magento code for any errors or potential incompatibility issues. Our experts can save you valuable time and unnecessary efforts with Magento code review.

Magento Performance Optimization

A user is bound to navigate away from your store if your site is loading very slow or due to a lack of performance. Our Magento experts team can ensure that your Magento store works at its optimal condition to provide a streamlined and intuitive experience to the user.

Extension Installation

Are you worried that installing a new extension to your Magento store may affect your store or its existing systems? Virtina can help you set up your store with advanced extensions and ensure that they work in tandem with your current system.

Magento Vulnerability Test

We carry out an automated security monitoring of your Magento store. The monitoring reveals the security gaps that are present in your store, and they are then categorized and prioritized based on their threat level.

Magento Security Patches

Virtina carries out a security check on your store that tells us everything we need to know about your website's security. Once we get approval from the client, the required security patches, we swiftly carry them out without any delay.

Magneto Anti-hacking Support

One of the worst threats faced by online stores all around the globe is hacking. Virtina rescues you from any unwarranted attacks from hackers and ensures that your business is safe from any form of external attacks by tracking your store's weak points and fixing them.

Magento Compatibility Issues

Everything from simple integration to an extension installation can directly impact the working of your store. The compatibility of the new integration introduced to the system can vary according to the codependence of the systems, and Virtina protects you from such issues.

Penetration Testing

Virtina can measure the safety of your Magento store by simulating a cyberattack where highly-skilled ethical hackers try to break into your store. The test reveals practical problems that prevail in your store and allows you to rectify the same. We ensure that your website is safe from all malicious factors.

Why Choose Virtina for Magento Maintenance and Support Service

Holistic Workflow

We follow a holistic work process from beginning to end that ensures no detail is missed.

Dedicated Magento Team

We have a team of certified Magento experts who work relentlessly to solve your issue

Quality Assurance

Our QA team tests and confirms that your project is of the highest quality.

Balanced Solution Cost

We ensure that you get the best possible pricing while maintaining top-quality work.

Adaptable Solution

Our solutions are capable of adapting and growing depending on your unique needs.

24/7 Support

Our Magento team is available at your service 24/7 for your Magento support service needs.

Magento Support - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will it take to resolve a troubleshoot issue on my Magento store?

A number of reasons could be the cause behind the Magento troubleshoot you are facing. It could be a server issue, it could be a bug, or it could even be a hacker breaking into your store. Depending on the nature of your issue, the time taken for resolving the issue may vary. Virtina makes it a point to promptly resolve the issues so that it is minimal downtime for your Magento store. That being said, our Magento emergency support should have your business up and running in practically no time.

Do I need to get ongoing support for my Magento store?

It is not necessary that you get ongoing support for your Magento store. However, it does help you resolve issues way before it can cause any trouble to your business or its revenue. This means that you will be prepared for any unprecedented emergencies and equipped to handle almost anything. Furthermore, everything in your Magento store, including the solutions, is optimized. The solution can further be evolved for giving the ideal performance, thanks to our Magento support team.

Can you integrate third-party applications into my Magento store?

Yes, our experts are more than capable of integrating any compatible third-party application into your Magento store. Virtina provides superior Magento eCommerce support services that take into account every aspect of your business. This means that the existing systems and their codependence are analyzed before integrating a new application into your store. Our experts ensure that the new integration works seamlessly with the existing system.

What happens if my site ends up not working as promised once the project is delivered?

Virtina has a reliable QA team that assesses every project before delivery. The QA team ensures that your Magento store is working exactly how you want it to. But, on the off chance that you do encounter any issue after the delivery, you still have Virtina's 30-day guarantee. Our experts will fix any post-delivery issue within 30 days after the project's delivery. However, the 30-day guarantee from Virtina does not include problems caused by server/plugins, code changes, or third-party service provider changes.

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