Add Innovative Features to Your Website With Virtina’s WordPress Development Services

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WordPress Development Services for Boosting Your Traffic and Engagements

At Virtina, we focus on providing personalized WordPress development services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We engineer unique solutions to help you launch dynamic WordPress websites that grow with your varying needs. 

Our experts help organizations develop beautiful WordPress websites that stand the test of time. The certified experts at Virtina can help you add advanced managerial features on the backend to enable advanced CMS capabilities on your WordPress website.

Set up your WordPress website with advanced features and functionalities

WordPress Development Services From Virtina

Virtina is home to several leading certified WordPress developers. As a team, we have delivered numerous WordPress projects. We have even developed and launched plugins for the WordPress marketplace. With Virtina by your side, you can access the following WordPress development services for your business.


Custom WordPress Development Services

Regardless of how specific or complex your requirements are, our experts can make your vision a reality with custom WordPress development services. Our experts will create a WordPress solution to address your unique pain points and help you meet your business goals.


WordPress Plugin Development and Integration

Virtina is an expert in developing custom WordPress plugins. Our experts have experience developing and launching personalized plugins for the WordPress marketplace. We can also help you integrate native and third-party plugins to your WordPress website to enhance its capabilities and drive more traffic.


WordPress Theme Customization to Match Your Brand

The experts at Virtina can ensure that your WordPress website reflects your branding on every page. Our team specializes in creating custom WordPress themes that match your branding while providing a memorable user experience. As a result, you get a WordPress theme that aligns with your brand and unique features and establishes your site's visual identity.


WordPress Feature Identification and Implementation

Your WordPress website is only as good as the helpful features and functionalities it offers. The certified WordPress experts from Virtina can help you identify scopes for improvements and implement relevant features and capabilities to overcome them. Moreover, the custom features we implement can help better manage your business, saving you valuable time and effort.


WordPress Content Management Solutions

WordPress is the perfect platform for using blogs and helpful content to generate organic traffic. Our expert team can ensure you utilize the platform's full potential with personalized WordPress blog and content management solutions. Or advanced solutions help you automate time-consuming tasks and manage your tasks and content as effectively as possible.


Seamless Website Migration to WordPress

Our experts can help you move your website from its existing platform to WordPress's highly flexible platform. We can securely shift everything from your valuable content to product data to the WordPress platform and set it up with custom features. Our expert team will help you completely reinvent your website and grow the reach of your newly-migrated WordPress site.


WordPress Multilingual Capabilities and Global Solutions

Virtina can help you set up your WordPress store for a global audience. We can help you implement multilingual capabilities and more to streamline the user experience for an international audience. Besides, we can equip your WordPress website with global solutions to efficiently serve your international customers.


Customized WordPress Security and Backup Solutions

At Virtina, we always prioritize security in every project we undertake. We use the latest security and backup solutions to ensure your precious data is safe from cybersecurity risks. Our robust security measure uses the newest technology and can incorporate AI-based capabilities and automation to ensure a seamless user experience.


WordPress SEO Optimization and Integration

You can integrate advanced SEO tools into your WordPress website with the expert help of Virtina. Our team can help you make the most out of your WordPress content by optimizing it according to the latest SEO standards. We use best SEO practices and advanced automation tools to set up a holistic SEO strategy to boost your organic traffic.

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WordPress Development Service Features you can Expect From Virtina

Virtina is one of the few experts offering its clients holistic, end-to-end custom WordPress development services. Some of the unique WordPress development service features we offer include the following. 


Years of Expertise and Extensive WordPress Wisdom

With Virtina as your WordPress development partner, you get access to the years of wisdom we acquired over the years. The Virtina team has worked with leading brands and large government organizations. Moreover, you also get valuable insights and tips from our certified professionals in design and development.


WordPress Plugin and Theme Development

We are one of the few WordPress development companies capable of building a fully-personalized plugin and theme for your website. Our experts can implement any advanced feature or functionality for the WordPress website that blend seamlessly with your existing system. By doing so, we deliver an optimal user experience even when integrating advanced features into your website.


Dependable Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Virtina stands by your side even after we deliver the quality-checked project to your hands. We offer one of the industry's best and most reliable post-development support. Our dedicated ongoing support and maintenance can help you ensure regular updates for your WordPress site and address issues with zero downtime.


Superior WordPress Customization

Our expert team specializes in WordPress customization. We can customize your WordPress site for a new look and feel. Virtina can also help you customize plugins and implement custom features to your WordPress website. Our experts can customize native and third-party plugins and apps to enhance your WordPress capabilities.


SEO-first WordPress Development

At Virtina, we follow an SEO-focused approach for every WordPress project we undertake. SEO is at the core of WordPress, and we help companies make the most out of the platform. We enhance your site's visibility and SERP ranking with systematic SEO-first WordPress design and development.


Collaboration and Communication

Our team has vast experience collaborating with various brands, including leading CRM and ERP software solution providers. We can collaborate with technology brands and create customized solutions for your unique requirements. The Virtina team consistently meets the client's goals and expectations with collaborative effort and communication.

Develop a customized WordPress plugin for your website

WordPress Development Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I choose a custom WordPress website over a pre-designed template?

A custom WordPress website means you can personalize every aspect of the website, from the design to core features. You can use a customized theme to reflect your brand and its values. A pre-designed template often has several restrictions. With a custom WordPress, you get complete control of the site's look, feel, and features.

Can you ensure my WordPress website design is responsive on all mobile devices?

Absolutely! Our expert team specializes in building mobile-responsive WordPress websites. At Virtina, we follow a mobile-first approach because we know more than half of the web traffic is from mobile devices. Our experts ensure a seamless user experience across all mobile devices and browsers to facilitate maximum traffic to your site.

Is the WordPress platform only good for blogging?

The WordPress platform is highly diverse and flexible, meaning it can serve various website needs, including eCommerce. By simply integrating a WooCommerce plugin, we can convert your WordPress site into a fully-fledged eCommerce store. Moreover, you can use WordPress's advanced CMS system to generate more traffic via quality content.

How long does developing a custom website on WordPress take?

The development time for a custom WordPress website varies depending on your specific requirements and their complexities. Our team can help you minimize the development time for your WordPress project by optimizing the process and using advanced AI-based solutions. We formulate a precise timeline based on your requirements and deliver it on time.

Can you help me migrate my existing website to WordPress?

Yes! We can help you migrate your existing website to WordPress. Virtina provides you with an expert migration team that will help safely migrate all data to your new WordPress website. Our expert will assess your existing website and create a personalized migration plan to shift to the WordPress platform in the shortest possible time.