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What is a Customer Data Platform - CDP?

CDP or Customer Data Platform collects, organizes, and presents customer data to help you build a granular, unified, and 360-degree customer profile. CDP provides a single digital platform with multiple views that connect both structured and unstructured data in real time. 

CDP creates a persistent, unified customer database, in sync with existing software and marketing solutions, which helps the organization build better customer relationships. The platform accepts, consolidates, and cleanses customer data from multiple sources.

Customer Data Platform - All You Need to Know

CDP helps you to extract and compile intuitive, informative, and actionable data about your buyers into a central hub for easy access and zero silos

Behavioral Data Transactional Data Demographic Data

Use all the above from every key touchpoint to develop a holistic 360 degree understanding of your customers. No more relying on vague and cluttered data. 

Furthermore, the true omnichannel potential of CDP means you can reach out to your buyers with personalized and impactful messaging on any channel.

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Top Benefits of Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  • Structured, Sorted, and Clean Data
  • Deliver Personalization
  • Omnichannel Delivery
  • Demographic, Psychographic Data With Behavioral Identifiers
  • Campaign Optimization and Learning
  • Real-time Data Processing
  • 360ā° Holistic Analysis
  • Build Buyer Demographics
  • AI-driven Automated Processes
  • Ready-made In-built Workflows
  • Unify Zero and First-Party Data
  • Product Recommendations

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How Customer Data Platform Helps Your eCommerce Business?

  • Enrich Customer Experience and Increase Engagement
  • Centralize the data and remove silos
  • In-depth and Granular understanding of Buyer Persona
  • Increase Sales, Revenue, and Profits
  • Maximize Marketing Returns from all channels - Email, SMS, etc.
  • Take Impactful Data-driven Decisions
  • Tremendous data compliance procedures
  • Tap into unknown territories and Capture new customers
  • Track every Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Improve Customer Relationship and Lifetime Value (CLV)

Supported eCommerce Platforms

Supported Industry Verticals

Food & Beverages

Electronics & Electricals

Medical Devices



Fashion & Apparel

Fire Arms

Sports Equipments

Building Materials

Automotive / Automobile



Deliver a Hyper Personalized Experience
to Buyers Across Any Channel

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