60%+ of B2B merchants will build an eCommerce site in next 18 months.

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B2B ecommerce is predicted to reach $9 trillion by 2018. Most companies have already made the shift to cyberspace realizing how an online presence is a significant opportunity to lift your business, switching to a B2C model and moving away from the outdated production and plant system, where being equipped with adequate machinery and a product line was enough to close the deal.

60% of manufacturers were without an ecommerce website, 70% of them are now going for one, a testament to how establishments are adapting in the modern era. Setting up the correct feature-rich ecommerce portal will streamline the process, increase sales considerably & lower seasonal costs. Running around with pamphlets to nearby potential prospects or spending on local agents to track suitable clients, will now be a thing of the past. Having a site means they’d get the advantage of a direct link into the company’s inventory. The digital revamp done will soon reflect as massive dividends.

Statistics on B2B Buying & Selling 


Use the internet to find products

Use google to find products

Say Site Design is the most important buying factor

Are influenced by Social

Create an ecommerce website and not just any site, but one that incorporates the very best of the modern space-age gears. From augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, rich-catchy videos, immersive graphical content, sharp-crisp surveys, effective HD imagery, SKU promo videos, testimonials, comprehensive contact details of personnel’s and a plethora of such novel design elements to push the very best in terms of user satisfaction to ensure the highest customer-driven content fuels the site.

A natural consequence of adopting the above model is that the visitor is always pleased by the relaxed yet detailed layout of the ecommerce website and how easy it becomes to navigate and organically access any specific information. At the crux, this idea results in an efficient user experience, who is then more likely to browse further, which in turn will improve the conversion rates; manifest into order placements; leading to a boost in sales and the revenue going uphill.

B2B Core Objectives

Increase Sales

Increase sales to achieve the desired revenue target and improve funds at any cost. When the profits escalate it’ll automatically result in a stronger financial stability for the company.

Streamline Processes

Every corporate wants to streamline processes to make the most efficient use of available resources; reduce errors and delays to manage their complex workflows even better.

Lower Cost

Lower day to day operational costs without compromising on the quality of services rendered. Embrace the latest tech and identify unused facilities that are eating into your income, to reduce expenses.

Enhance Customer Experience

Lastly it is imperative that regardless of the business protocol in place, the company can enhance the customer experience. All this done to position them in the path of success and greater rewards

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