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The ability to deliver personalized solutions to meet your business goals is what makes Virtina the leading Magento development company in Philadelphia, United States.

Trust the expert team in Virtina to comprehend your unique challenges and requirements. We provide a wide range of innovative eCommerce solutions to address every issue in your online store.

eCommerce business owners receive the highest return on investment after collaborating with Virtina.

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  • Magento website development
  • Magento Store Customization
  • Magento Third-party Plugins and Extensions
  • Magento App Development
  • Magento Migration Services
  • Magento Maintenance and Support
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Why Choose Virtina for Magento Development in Philadelphia?

Virtina is your most reliable eCommerce development company if you struggle with an issue in your Magento store. Our extensive experience in all facets of Magento makes us the best partner to integrate advanced features, streamline your business processes, improve your conversion rates, increase revenue, and elevate profits.

We serve online businesses in a range of industries and that too across different business types and sizes. Our commitment to clients is second to none. We see to it that every online business gets their expectations met precisely as they want. We deliver personalized experiences that leave a memorable impact on your visitors. 

Our custom features will take your E-Commerce store to the next level. Our Magento development teams, composed of Frontend developers and backend developers, see that your eCommerce store succeeds at all costs. Every Magento developer in Virtina is committed to revamping your digital presence and simplifying your complex business processes.

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The most reliable Magento
development company in Philadelphia

As a leading e-Commerce development company in Philadelphia, we don't accept compromised, run-of-the-mill, and generic solutions. Our development process starts by conducting a holistic analysis of your business model. 

Every Magento development resource in our company contributes a solution that syncs with your business model. With Virtina, you'll get the best digital engagement and lifetime value. 

Our Magento Development Agency hopes to change the way merchants approach eCommerce. 

Magento Web Development Services

The Magento development experts in Virtina provide a plethora of eCommerce services to
streamline, simplify, grow, and scale your eCommerce store on Magento

Magento Web Development

Virtina can create flawless, SEO-friendly, and profitable Magento eCommerce websites. Our Magento developers will create a memorable user experience and help simplify your backend processes. Our Magento designers will also make the website look unique and captivating. 

Custom Theme Development

Virtina's theme designers can craft an appealing theme from the ground-up for your unique preferences. We factor your brand identity, color scheme, user behaviour, industry, and do a competitor analysis to design the most aesthetic and visually appealing theme for your online business.

Magento Theme Development

Virtina's team of designers can design the most flawless templates for your website. We can install a stock theme or tweak the same to suit your brand identity. Our  planning, strategizing, framework, A/B Testing, prototyping, and AI  helps to create higher retention on your website.

Magento Integrations

Add advanced Magento Integrations to your Magento website to improve  functionalities and automate the backend processes. Our Magento experts can help you out integrate CRM, help with marketing automation, ERP, sales, logistics, inventory, or any other solution.

Magento Troubleshooting

Virtina's developers can scan your website to detect any bugs to prevent any crashes. Our early detection will keep your online store running smoothly and keep it accessible without any errors. We'll monitor and maintain your store to ensure it stays live and accessible 24/7 on all devices and browsers.

Magento responsive website

The Magento development team in Virtina can create a site that will be accessible on every device. Our team of Magento experts ensure that your site loads and  appears flawless, irrespective of the device or browser used. Users will get a frictionless experience on desktop, tablets, and mobile.

Magento Migration

Migrate your online store to the Magento platform seamlessly. Our Migration experts will help to securely transfer all the products, customers, content, orders, etc. from the source store to the target store, and that too without any data loss, corruption, or downtime. 

Magento Marketplace

Our Magento experts can help create a robust multi-vendor marketplace. We'll build a feature-rich marketplace that provides the best experience to both buyers and sellers. We can help you manage shipping, payments, sales, commission, and more with ease.

Plugins and Extensions

Our Magento developers can integrate a stock plugin on your store, modify a plugin, or develop a custom extension from the ground up to meet your unique preferences. Our experts can modify or fix payment, subscription, and a wide variety of other plugins. 

Magento Performance Optimization

The performance experts in Virtina can improve the speed of your Magento website on all devices. We'll minify CSS, JavaScript, optimize the database, check the hosting, check CDN, compress images, and fix other flaws. Our experts will reduce the load time of your website. 

Magento Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated Magento developers can manage your store to help you focus on growing your business. Be at ease, as our experts protect it from any unauthorised access or intrusion. No hacking, script injection, or other threat will take your eCommerce store down. 

Magento Inventory Management

Our experts can help you streamline your inventory management. Our Magento developers can modify and scale the inventory management tools. We'll add custom functionalities as per your preferences to help you get complete visibility, alerts, and analytics of your daily inventory.

Want to start a profitable eCommerce business on Magento?

Migration to Magento 2 For an Automotive Accessories Shop in USA

Virtina won a project from a company in Pennsylvania, USA via a marketing agency. The client is a leading manufacturer of custom & hard-to-find coolant tubes for show trucks, fire trucks, motor coaches, school buses & more.

Bush Refrigeration
Magento 2 Website for Refrigeration Products Manufacturer

Bush Refrigeration takes pride in dealing with the integrated sales and distribution of refrigeration systems meeting the various needs of customers commercially and non commercially. They wanted to build a technically-sound..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Virtina provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Magento websites?

Virtina provides a huge range of SEO services to eCommerce stores on Magento. From internal linking, image optimization, URL optimization, mobile-friendliness, meta optimization, and more. We can improve all the ranking factors that affect your website's organic revenue.

Can you complete the project sooner?

Yes, we can. Generally, all our projects end before the deadline. However, this isn't guaranteed. We'll give you a realistic timeline based on the project's complexity, scope, depth, and other variables. Nonetheless, our development team aims to finish it off before the deadline.

What is the cost of a Magento eCommerce project?

The total cost to start an eCommerce project will vary depending on the complexity, scope, and other parameters. Any third-party plugin cost will have to be borne by the client. Virtina will offer the most affordable rates for custom development, design, optimization, or any other improvement. 

Can you integrate a subscription program on my B2C store?

Yes, we can. Our eCommerce experts can integrate any level of subscription program and that too as per your preferences. From products, expiration dates, renewal dates, and other automation, we can configure anything into the program to improve the management on your end and increase Customer loyalty.

Is all the development work completed in-house?

Virtina has a dedicated team of in-house developers to work on your project. The project manager and the corresponding Magento developers will be the only ones overseeing your project from start to finish. We don't rely on freelancers or other external resources for any assistance.

Are your developers familiar with Magento Enterprise?

Yes. Our Magento development team has extensive experience in all facets of Magento Enterprise, and that too for different business types sizes in various industry verticals. We can customize or integrate any advanced features to simplify your business.

How do we communicate with your development team?

Virtina has project managers, and one of them will oversee your project. Our immaculate project management ensures you'll always be in the know-how about every development on your project. You can also get in touch with us through email, phone, instant messenger tools, or other channels.

Can your designers create a superior user experience on all devices?

Yes, we can. Our Magento designers and developers can create a flawless and responsive design that works well on all devices and browsers. Our development team will eliminate all the friction elements in the conversion funnel and remove all the roadblocks in the user experience.

Are you prepared to sign an NDA agreement with your clients?

Yes, we are willing to sign a Non-disclosure agreement. All the source code exchanged documentation and other sensitive material will stay protected with us. We won't disclose or publish the data to anyone outside the Magento team that handles your project.

How do you resolve any issues on my Magento website after the project is delivered?

In a scenario where the work done by our developers suffers from any issues, we offer a warranty period to fix the issue. Our experts will resolve any post-delivery issue during this period. However, this doesn't include problems caused by server/plugins, code changes, or 3rd party service provider changes.

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