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Virtina has a dedicated Magento development team to plan, design, develop and launch challenging eCommerce stores. Our Magento experts deliver engaging omnichannel experiences to our clients through Magento Open Source or Commerce edition.

Trust Virtina to Take your Magento Store to the Next Level!

Enhance retention time, create conversions, increase revenue, and boost profits of your Magento eCommerce business. Our experts can help you build a new storefront or migrate your eCommerce store to Magento. 

Certified Magento eCommerce Developers

Virtina, as a premier Magento development company, can help you build a flawless and high-performing eCommerce store. Work with a trusted, reputed, and reliable Magento development company like Virtina to build a result-driven and high-quality Magento eCommerce store. Create a unique and exclusive presence online with our invaluable eCommerce advice.

  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Store Customization
  • Magento Migration Services
  • Magento Performance Optimization
  • Magento Payment Integrations
  • Magento Third-party Plugins and Extensions
  • Magento Maintenance and Support
  • Magento App Development

Our Magento development company has all the expertise, resources, and familiarity with creating the most robust, versatile, and innovative storefront for your eCommerce site. The certified Magento developers in our company can improve the look and feel, usability, functionality, and UX of your Magento eCommerce site. Your Magento store will feature all of the following:

  • Compatible with all devices and browsers
  • User-Friendly for a frictionless experience
  • Best navigation for seamless browsing
  • Stunning design to increase engagement
  • Fewest bugs and glitches on the Magento Site
  • Symmetric with your business identity
  • Top Performance With Fast Page Loads
  • SEO-friendly for ranking high on Search engines
  • Top-notch security to prevent any attack
  • Maximum Uptime and Top Load Capacity

Why Choose Virtina as your Magento Development Company?

Virtina offers the best development services for your eCommerce store on Magento. We cater to businesses of varied sizes and requirements. Our competent team of Magento experts is skilled at developing reliable, personalized, and user-friendly Magento stores. Virtina has the best in-house team of dedicated Magento experts that craft stunning and seamless eCommerce stores on Magento.

  • Proven Work Expertise in Magento
  • Budgeted and Cost Effective Solutions
  • Expert Management of Time and Resources
  • Rigorous QA Testing
  • Agile and Hybrid Project Delivery Methodologies
  • Skilled and Experienced Professionals
  • Pro-active Round-the-clock Communication
  • Expert Familiarity With Magento
  • In-house Team of Magento Experts
  • Shorter Development Times for timely delivery

Virtina specializes in all types of Magento development. Our Magento experts create the most versatile and unique experiences imaginable for your eCommerce business. We follow the best eCommerce standards, practices, and methodologies to develop stunning digital hubs for all companies. Our exceptionally customized Magento stores sync perfectly with your business identity. 

Virtina takes a very holistic, personalized, and humanistic approach towards Magento store development. Our methodologies are bound to satisfy every single human involved in your business. Any Magento store developed, designed, or worked on by the highly skilled developers in Virtina will undoubtedly feature maximum Return on Investments (ROI) and profits.

7+ Years of Expertise

100% Quality Assurance

100% Client Satisfaction

500+ Global Clientele

100% Project Delivered

10+ Industry Verticals

Do You Have a Magento Development Project in Mind?

Industries We Serve

Virtina has over the years assisted businesses in numerous industry verticals with Magento development services. From F&B to Electronics, we have experts, analysts, consultants, and developers familiar with every industry's intricate facets. Leave it to us to create a robust, flawless, and easily manageable eCommerce store on Magento, irrespective of the industry.

Magento Development Services

As a leading Magento development company, we provide every service you can imagine. The best part is that we provide innovative and impactful solutions for your eCommerce pain-points.

Magento Web Development

Our Magento experts will craft a high-performing, responsive, feature-loaded, and fast eCommerce store for your business on Magento. We do a holistic analysis to understand your unique business needs before developing and designing a frictionless, user-friendly, and profitable online store on the Magento platform.

Magento Theme Development

The creative and expert designers in Virtina will craft the most aesthetic, seamless, and immersive theme for your Magento eCommerce store. We can integrate a native or 3rd party theme on your Magento website. We can also customize a theme from the ground up according to your unique business identity.

Magento Omnichannel

Virtina has a team of Magento experts that can consolidate your multiple sales touchpoints. Track and analyze your sales figures, orders, stock count, inventory, etc., using a single interface. Sell on marketplaces, social media, retail stores, an eCommerce website, and more. Get maximum visibility across all sales channels.

Magento Integration

Virtina can integrate your eCommerce store on Magento with a wide-variety of systems, applications and third-party services. Our Magento experts can incorporate additional features to elevate the power of your eCommerce store. Our integrations will simplify your business's backend processes and improve your customer experience.

Magento Migration

Create a custom extension for your business and make it even easier for your target audience to access your business. Our Magento web developers can create custom extensions that can aid your business and contribute to its total revenue.

Custom Magento Development

Get the best custom Magento eCommerce development services for your business. The magento experts in Virtina will equip your eCommerce store with custom features and functionalities, that are best suited for your business model. We'll help you create a personalized storefront that accurately reflects your brand's vision and looks distinctive.

Magento App development

If you require an app to address any eCommerce concerns, then our Magento experts are more than willing to assist you in resolving the same. Our experts can develop high performance and feature rich apps for any aspect of your eCommerce business. From native to PWAs, we'll help your business become mobile-ready.

Support and Maintenance

The Magento experts in Virtina will ensure that your eCommerce store functions smoothly 24/7 without any disruption. Our timely intervention to detect any bugs, performance issues, glitches, malware, or anything else will prevent any crashes and ensure optimum stability to give your online store consistent uptime.

Plugins and Extensions

The Magento experts in Virtina can integrate a stock extension on your eCommerce store. We can also customize an extension or create one from the ground up to suit your requirements. We've built custom plugins for various aspects like payment, shipping, buyer relationship and more. Our Magento experts can develop any feature you need.

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Magento News

news image

Marketing Mix Modeling From Adobe to Measure the Impact of Marketing Dollars

October 25, 2022

The AI-powered solution from Adobe is a blessing for brands in targeting marketing dollars. Adobe‘s Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) service, available in Adobe Experience Cloud, delivers robust AI and machine learning-based features that help brands accurately estimate the impact of marketing dollars. It utilizes Adobe’s AI engine Adobe Sensei to process marketing and advertising budgets to assess their business impacts. This solution is flexible and easy to configure. MMM collects, analyzes, and helps companies act on the insights in just weeks instead of months. The tool provides optimal budget allocation, plan investment scenarios, flexible technology, quick delivery, and promise of a cookieless future. Merchants like AAA Northeast have leveraged MMM to reduce ad spends by 16% and increase targeted performance by 28%.

news image

Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements for Agile Editing

October 12, 2022

Renewed Photoshop Elements 2023 and Premiere Elements 2023 from Adobe uncover amazing video and photo editing capabilities. They are available at the adobe website and leading retailers, priced individually at $99.99 or bundled for $149.99. The updates let users without prior editing skills create customized and professional creatives thanks to the new Adobe Sensei AI-powered features and over 87 step-by-step Guided Edits that anyone from beginners to advanced users can utilize. Elements 2023 provides a complete networking experience through its English-only beta web and mobile companion apps, allowing access, viewing, and sharing of photos and videos on the job. The AI advancements let users add Moving Elements and Artistic Effects for a touch of extra. Peek-through Overlays help create an illusion of depth in the photos.

news image

Adobe Acquires Figma to Enhance Collaborative Creativity

September 27, 2022

Adobe recently announced that it has entered into a merger agreement to take over Figma for $20 billion in cash and stock. Figma is a web-first collaborative design platform that supports digital collaboration and design access between creators. Figma has a loyal user following consisting of developers, designers and students. The company enables mobile and web application creators to mingle online through its intricate design systems, comprehensive developer ecosystem, and multi-player workflows. The merger will change the future of creativity and productivity by accelerating the online process with modern product designs. Both companies will gain access to a combined and significant user pool and will be able to bring them together for collaboration, sharing ideas, brainstorming, collaborating, and creating together.

Case Study

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Magento Development Company - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to complete a Magento development project?

Ans. The extent of time varies depending on the project. Typically, 90% of the projects we take are on a fixed cost/time basis. However, there may be specific projects that need to be solved on an hourly basis. In that case, we'll buy a block of hours and look to finish off the project within that. We split the project into milestones to divide, prioritize, track and deliver each project on time.

How much does Virtina charge for a Magento development project?

The charges incurred on a Magento development project will invariably depend on the nature of the project. We need to consider various parameters before calculating the cost. The overall complexity, requirements, and scope will influence the final price. We can't give you an accurate quote, but our charges will undoubtedly be cost-effective.

Does Virtina handle all the Magento development work in-house?

Yes. Virtina, as a leading Magento development company, is committed to providing you the highest quality of development work from our in-house experts only. We don't assign your project to third-party agencies or freelancers. None of the work gets transferred, shared, or distributed outside of the concerned Magento team. We take strict measures to ensure that our developers comply with this policy.

How do you communicate and keep your clients updated about the progress?

Virtina pro-actively communicates all the latest developments in your project. The project manager will keep you in the loop. You will always be in the know-how about every aspect and milestone within the project. Furthermore, you can also contact us through Skype, mail, phone, instant messenger tools, etc., to discuss anything.

What happens if I face any issues in my project after it is delivered?

Virtina provides the best Magento development services in the world. We have a reliable QA team that assesses every aspect before delivery. Our experts will fix any issues you face an issue after the project gets delivered. Any post-delivery problems that arise during the period since production release will be resolved. However, this does not include issues caused by server/plugins, code changes, or third-party service provider changes.

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