Magento Website Development

The certified Magento experts in Virtina can help you with Magento website development.

Only Trust our Magento Experts with your Magento Website Development

Virtina, as a Magento Website Development company has the most reliable, trustworthy, and skilled Magento Experts to address any challenge in your eCommerce store, regardless of the industry or business type. 

Our Magento team will craft personalized solutions for your unique business needs. Our impactful, practical, and innovative solutions will elevate your Magento store's conversions, revenue, and user experience.

Magento website development

Why choose Virtina for Magento Website Development?

Virtina offers the best development services for your Magento website. We cater to businesses in different industry verticals. Our competent team of Magento experts is skilled at developing reliable, personalized, and user-friendly websites for Magento Commerce and Open Source. Virtina has the best in-house team of Magento experts to create superior, stunning and seamless Magento websites.

Virtina specializes in all kinds of Magento website development. Our Magento experts create the most versatile and unique experiences imaginable for your eCommerce business. We follow the best eCommerce standards, practices, and methodologies to create stunning digital hubs for all brands. Our exceptionally customized Magento websites sync perfectly with your business identity. 

Virtina takes a very holistic, personalized, and humanistic approach towards Magento website development. Our team offers a wide array of Magento development services. Any Magento eCommerce store developed, designed, or worked on by the highly skilled developers in Virtina will witness maximum Return on Investments (ROI) and increased business potential.

  • Proven Work Expertise In Magento

  • Skilled and Certified¬†Magento Developers

  • Dedicated Team of In-house Experts

  • Data-driven Analysis of Your Requirements

  • Fast¬†Turnaround Time

  • Holistic Discovery Approach

  • Expert Management of Time and Resources

  • Agile and Adaptive Project Methodologies

  • Rigorous QA Testing on Your Project

  • Proactive Round-the-clock Communication

  • Budgeted and Cost-effective Solutions

  • Personalized and Tailor-made Solutions

Virtina's Magento Highlights

5+ Years of Expertise
100% Quality Assurance
100% Client Satisfaction
950+Global Clientele
200+Magento Projects Delivered
100%Project Transparency
Experience in Multiple Industry Verticals
Experience with Multiple Business Types
Increase Conversions Revenue & Profits

Magento Website Development Services

  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Migration Services
  • Magento Advanced Integrations
  • Magento Theme Customization
  • Magento Plugin Development
  • Magento Performance Optimization
  • Magento Website Development
  • Magento Plugin Customization

  • Magento Maintenance and Support

Brands That Entrusted Our Magento Developers

Magento Project Cycle - From Onboarding to Delivery







Virtina as a Magento Development Company

Virtina offers a wide range of Magento web development services. From advanced features to basic functionalities, our experts can implement anything in your Magento store. Our Magento development solutions sync perfectly with your business requirements. Our Development process is tailor-made for your business preferences. 

Virtina's Magento Experts are well-versed with different sorts of customization. Our developers can help with custom templates, custom module development, custom payment gateways, custom integrations, or other customization. With our assistance, business owners get the best digital experiences. We help online merchants create the best shopping experience. 

Business to business (B2B) or Business to consumer (B2C), Virtina is the best solutions partner for your Magento store. We will factor your business model to derive solutions. Virtina's intimate knowledge of Magento Commerce allows us to push the eCommerce platform to its limits. Rest assured, you'll receive world-class solutions to attain your business goals.

Magento Website Development Services

Magento website Development

Our Magento experts can create and customize the best eCommerce website for your business. If you are looking for a stunning, frictionless, and user-friendly website, then our highly skilled developers are the most reliable and trustworthy choice. Get a Magento website that is symmetric with your brand identity.

Magento Theme Development

The experts at Virtina help to design the perfect Magento theme for your eCommerce business. The experts here can also customize a Magento theme to improve the look and feel of your Magento website. An aesthetic, responsive, and stunning theme will certainly  improve the UX and elevate the conversions and revenue.

Magento Theme Customization

The expert designers at Virtina will use the latest design methodologies to customize the theme on your Magento site. Our Magento experts will conduct a holistic analysis of your business before tweaking any aspect of your theme to make it more stunning and fluid. We will redesign your theme as per your requirements.

Magento Integrations

The Magento experts in Virtina can help you to manage your internal backend processes even better. Instead of relying on manual work, you can easily automate many backend tasks with integrations.  CRM, ERP, logistics, inventory, PIM, or any other facet of your eCommerce business can be streamlined and simplified by our integration experts.

Magento Migration

The Migration experts in Virtina can securely migrate your eCommerce website from another platform to the Magento platform. Our Magento Experts will ensure complete data integrity, and perform a lossless migration of your inventory, customers, reviews and more. We will even preserve the SEO juice of your eCommerce website.

Magento Plugin Development

The highly skilled developers in Virtina can extend the features of your Magento website. Our developers can customize any of the pre-available free or premium extensions according to your needs. Our abilities and expertise with extensions will help to elevate the power of your Magento website. Virtina will create the best feature-rich website for your business

Magento App Development

The highly skilled developers at Virtina are capable of creating Magento apps for your unique business objectives. The apps that we build will help a company to simplify their business processes or offer their customers a better way to interact with its eCommerce website. Our developers can build apps that meet and fulfill any requirement you seek.

Magento Maintenance and Support

The technical support team in Virtina is fully capable of monitoring your Magento website. Our support team will check for speed, security issues, bugs, errors, or any kind of glitch that can potentially compromise or crash the website and create downtime. Our Magento developers are capable of ensuring optimal website performance.

Magento Performance Optimization

The Magento experts in Virtina are capable of improving the performance and page speed of your Magento website. Our experts will check the database, evaluate the server, perform an optimization of the front end elements, compress multimedia elements, minimize unoptimized coding and implement other tactics to speed up your Magento website.

Case Study

We enjoy helping our clients and take pride in making their business successful. These success stories keep us inspired to deliver you the best, always!

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Magento Website Development - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will Virtina take to complete a Magento project?

The extent of time needed to complete a project will depend on the nature of the project. Cosmetic changes take less time, and therefore the overall completion time is less. However, heavy-duty integrations and other complex changes will incur a more extended project cycle. Rest assured; we will deliver the project before the deadline.

Do the Magento developers work on a fixed cost/time basis?

Virtina takes up 95% of the Magento projects on a fixed cost/time basis. However, when troubleshooting is involved in the process, we request the client to buy a block of time. Once we get the go-ahead, the task gets allocated a certain number of hours (block) and an hourly quote. Furthermore, if we need more time, we'll inform you about the findings and request additional hours.

Does Virtina provide any warranty on the completed Magento project?

Yes, we do. All the issues are fixed for free during the warranty period (varies from project to project) from our work's production release, excluding any problems caused by server/plugins, code changes, or third-party service provider/developer changes. All work beyond the warranty period will be charged depending on the tasks.

Can you customize any of the integrations on our Magento website?

Yes. Our in-house developers have extensive experience in customizing any of the integrations on your Magento website. From shipping, inventory management, order management to ERP and CRM integrations, we can tweak the same and accommodate custom features and capabilities that aren't already present in the software.

Can the developers in Virtina build a custom plugin from the ground up?

Yes. The Magento developers in Virtina will evaluate your unique requirements, budget, scope, and other parameters to develop a plugin. Our experts will discuss your concerns, formulate a strategy, develop the plugin, perfect it, and demonstrate the same in a staging environment before deploying it to your live website.

Can you design a custom theme for our Magento website?

Yes. Our designers are more than capable of designing a custom theme for your Magento website from the ground up. Our Magento team will evaluate your business needs, customers, industry, inventory, and other parameters to design a stunning, frictionless, SEO-friendly, and responsive theme that matches your brand identity.

 Do you communicate frequently and provide updates to your client?

Virtina follows and abides by a model that allows frequent communication and complete transparency with our clients. You will be assigned a project manager, and he/she will always be around to keep you in the loop and keep you updated about the progress. Furthermore, you can contact us through Skype, mail, phone, instant messenger tools, or any other communication channel.

Does Virtina outsource any aspect of the Magento development project?

No. Our company has a full-time in-house team of certified Magento developers who work tirelessly on every project. Virtina doesn't need to outsource any work. Our Magento Web developers will be fully responsible and accountable for all the work. We don't run to freelancers for any aspect of your project.

Is Virtina willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes. We respect client confidentiality and take full responsibility for all the sensitive information, documents, and other confidential files shared with us. We will honor the NDA and only forward the project information to the team that oversees your project. All the code and other deliverables will stay between the two parties.

Does Virtina give any training to their clients' post project completion?

Yes. Virtina doesn't abandon its clients after the project's completion and delivery. Our Magento experts can provide you with adequate training and guidance on how to interact with a new feature on your Magento store. In some cases, we even offer training of up to 2 hours after completing the staging release.

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