Which are the most useful Shopify Apps ?

1. MailChimp for Shopify

Now you can integrate your Mailchimp account with your Shopify store! From automatically adding your customers to Mailchimp and thus being able to target email campaigns based on their consumer behaviour over a certain period of time – your store gets promoted like only it can!

2. Order Printer

This is your very own secretary. With Order Printer you can print all that you need for an order to go out – like invoices, labels, receipts etc and that too really quickly. And what more, it is customizable from top to bottom!

3. Product Reviews

Guess what works best for a product. It is the reviews by users for users viewing it. This app lets you do it!

4. Google Shopping

Let’s do a tiny experiment. Type “buy mop” in your Google search window. Chances are you will see a series of photos even before the content search of different mops, their merchants and their price. You need not even go to the site and navigate – you can just place an order. That convenience and marketing prowess is brought to you by
none other than Google Shopping. It syncs your Shopify store with the already super famous Google Merchant Center and keeps everything up to date – always.

5. Plug in SEO

Now here is your in house maintenance guy. The Plug in SEO from Shopify points out to you (of course only figuratively speaking) if by any chance your store has issues with search engine performance that must be fixed / is actually worthwhile to fixing. So you need not break your head over hunting for errors and then deciding whether
or not to invest in fixing them. Infact for whatever you can think of to better your store, Shopify can confidently put out the very famous line now in the smart age “There is an app for that!”

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