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7 Ways To Boost e-Commerce Sales

In this digital world, relatively a large number of people prefer Online Shopping and Online stores. With the rise of many online stores for same products, “sales” turn out to be a challenging task for every store owner. So what do online stores do? How do stores drive traffic and improve sales?

As Rightly quoted by philosopher Sun Tzu “People should not be unfamiliar with strategy. Those who understand it will survive and those who do not will perish”. This quote is very much applicable to online sales because familiarizing strategies and implementing it, is the only way to boost online sales.

So, what are the most appealing strategies for e-commerce platforms?? Let us look into the details….

As a complete eCommerce solution provider, we have tried to list 7 ways to boost your e-commerce sales.

#1: Focus on a Single product

Focusing on a single product helps you to give maximum attention to the growth of that particular product. When handling Single product, you will have a better understanding of that product and its pros and cons. This understanding will, in fact, help you to tackle any problem the store face, thus to resolve it at a faster pace. In precise, focusing on single product will help you to gain customers trust and loyalty easily.

#2: Upselling and downselling

Up-selling is one of the favorite technique used by e-commerce platforms to convince their customers to buy a product which is even more costly than the one they are planning to buy. This method encourages customers to purchase additional, better or larger products by spending some extra money. Upselling increases cart value, give rise to profit margin and also results in better customer satisfaction. To get a clear picture, Let us take KFC as an example: You are with your family, and If an individual fill up costs $5 per item, you will choose $20 family, and that is exactly what upselling is all about.

On the contrary, down-selling is the best way to retain a customer who tends to leave the store before making a purchase. When applying this technique, the store owner should adjust offers suitable for buyer’s budget. This process involves offering low-budget products with same features as that of the product, the customer was planning to buy.This results in customer retention, promotion of brand loyalty and to serve clients with different budgets in a better way.

#3: Advertise

In e-commerce, social media plays a crucial role in promoting the products and sales. By advertising your products and stores in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google AdWord (PPC) campaign, etc. you can witness an increase in sales.

#4: Create subscriptions

Most of the e-commerce stores provide an option to make product subscriptions. This option invites more sales and attention from customers because in no time they keep getting new products of their choices or preferences.

#5: Recover abandoned shoppers

By recovering abandoned shopping carts, you can boost your sales. For that, you have to keep tempting them to complete the purchase by using different methods like Exit-intent popups with offers and deals, retargeting, web push notifications, follow-up emails, etc.. For many stores this has worked out well!

#6: Optimize your checkout process

Many times carts are abandoned because of the complexity of checkout procedures. If customers find checkout as time-consuming chances for them to leave the e-commerce shopping cart is higher.To overcome this issue, analyze the abandonment rate, and then introduce an optimized check-out process. Also, ask for information that is very vital for sales and encourage buyers to create an account, without forcing them to do so. Also, On the check out page introduce the product image because finding the picture of products bought before making the payment will help customers to confirm their purchase and avoid confusions if any. Apart from that, introducing different payment options and bringing Mobile apps also give a significant rise in sales. So if you take care of all these, you can boost your sales to a greater extent!!

#7: Referral programs

It is a good idea to introduce Referral programs to boost your sales because a buyer will be aware of what their peers or family is preferring. When launching a referral program with simple offers like earn 20 bucks with referring, will show how powerful word of mouth can be. Referrals help stores to be connected with new buyers and also to maintain their existing customers in a more relaxed way.

When implementing these tips, you should also keep in mind that to be a successful global store you also have to act like a local because only then you will be able to attract and maintain customers from far and near.

It is certain that these strategies will give a rise in your sales, but the list never ends here. There are many more things you can do to boost your e-commerce sales.

However, these seven tips are the main strategies that you can apply immediately. With the right approach, these handful strategies will be enough to get an unexpected increase in your sales.

Even after implementing these strategies mentioned above, if you still face any struggle in boosting your sales, We, “Virtina” as a team of eCommerce experts will happily assist you.

We have supported large, medium and small stores to successfully convert shoppers as paying customers, reduce abandoned carts, generate leads, build customer loyalty, improvise search engine visibility (SEO) and many more…

Whenever you feel stuck, contact us, we will provide a better strategy to boost your sales!!

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