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Data Migration

Is your current store incapable of handling your brand's growth, do you wish to diversify your product catalog or is the current interface too primitive?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then it’s time to re-platform your business. And Virtina is your partner for that. 

Our deep knowledge and expertise in multiple eCommerce platforms enable us to migrate data from one platform to another. Your business entities like orders, products, customers and more would be transferred correctly to the new system.

All the relationship between entities is well preserved in your new store. In the past, we have rescued complex project migrations that have gone wrong. We even have the experience in fixing data in a live environment, so you can go on with your business without worrying about anything failing.

Mapping the source field to the target field is carefully performed to reduce mistakes and numerous other potential issues.

Make the switch and realize the perfect store that compliments your company “to the t.”


Supported eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce platform migration

Why Choose Virtina?

Expert Resources

Virtina is armed with expert consultants, developers, and programmers with the technical know-how in multiple platforms; who will help you to pick the right platform. A decision that sees your business flourish tremendously due to finding the perfect business-platform sync.

Industry Expertise

Virtina has years of experience in a plethora of sectors, having dealt with clients from varied fields. Our years of growth allow us to give expert wisdom on any eCommerce issue with absolute ease. Consult us to expand your business presence on any channel.

Uncompromising Quality

Virtina’s services and resources come with the highest credibility. Our sheer dedication and passion, towards your business, will mirror your company vision. An approach that blends commitment and craft to give you the best output always. The finest results to help grow your business.

Start a project with us!

Virtina can help you to increase your revenue, improve profit and enhance customer experience.