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The Most Reliable and Trustworthy Magento Development Company in New York

Virtina, as a certified Magento Partner is the most reliable and affordable Magento development company in New York. 

Our Magento developers have years of expertise in solving problems for different business types, business sizes, in various industry verticals.

Our experts will do a holistic and data-driven analysis on your business model. Consult us now to receive personalized recommendations for your unique business challenges and requirements.

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  • Magento website development
  • Magento Store Customization
  • Magento Third-party Plugins and Extensions
  • Magento App Development
  • Magento Migration Services
  • Magento Maintenance and Support
  • Magento Performance Optimization

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Why Choose Virtina for Magento Development?

Virtina is the most reliable and trustworthy Magento development company in New York, United States. Our Magento development resources have extensive experience in developing and designing profitable eCommerce stores on Magento. Our development process involves a holistic analysis of your business model in the discovery phase to create solutions in sync with your unique needs.  

Our Magento developers can create a feature-rich eCommerce store on Magento. From Magento open-source to Magento Commerce, our e-Commerce development team is highly skilled and experienced with every facet of Magento. From Mobile App Development, to Payment Gateways, Custom Integrations, and minor optimizations, we provide all the core services for your Magento site.

As a Magento Solution Partner, Virtina has a group of dedicated Magento experts equipped with industry-wise expertise and innovative ideas for different business types. We have customized powerful enterprise-level stores on Magento through our expert eCommerce solutions. We'll make it easier to manage backend processes and elevate the user experience on your website.

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The Most Reliable Magento
Development Company in New York

Virtina takes an unbiased approach towards your Magento website. Our analysts and expert developers don't recommend run-of-the-mill, generic solutions. Instead, we offer impactful and innovative solutions that complement your business goals. 

The Magento experts in our eCommerce Development company can design, develop, or optimize your online store on Magento. The knowledgeable and experienced team of Magento experts will enhance your storefront and simplify your backend operations. 

Our Magento experts will help you create a personalized yet flawless eCommerce experience.

Magento Web Development Services

The expert Magento team in Virtina can provide a wide range of services to improve and elevate your eCommerce business on the Magento platform, be it Magento Community or Magento Enterprise.

Magento Web Development

Virtina can create a SEO-friendly, and profitable eCommerce store on Magento. Our experts will help create a memorable user experience on your site and help simplify your backend business processes. The Magento developers will make it responsive and ensure top performance.  

Magento Theme Development

Our expert designers can craft the most seamless, and user-friendly templates for your online store on magento. We can integrate a stock theme or customize it. The aesthetic quality of your eCommerce store on Magento will help to create more engagement and conversions. 

Custom Theme Development

Our Magento theme designers  can create an attractive theme from the ground-up for your eCommerce business. From the wireframe to prototyping, all the phases will uncover your business's unique quotient to craft a stunning and exclusive storefront for your eCommerce visitors. 

Plugins and Extensions

Our Magento developers can help integrate extensions. Our Magento experts can integrate a stock plugin on your store, modify a plugin to your needs, or develop a new plugin from the ground up to meet your unique expectations to elevate your Magento store.

Magento Migration

Migrate your online store from another platform to Magento. Our Magento migration experts will help to swiftly and securely transfer all the products, customers, orders, etc. from the source website to the target website, and that too without any data loss, corruption, or downtime.

Magento Marketplace

Our Magento experts can help create a robust multi-vendor marketplace. We'll build a feature-rich marketplace that provides the best experience to both buyers and sellers. We can help you manage shipping, payments, sales, commission, and more with ease. 

Magento Integrations

Equip your Magento store with extra functionalities to automate your manual backend processes and improve the way you serve your customers. Our Magento experts can integrate CRM, ERP, Logistics,or any other solution for your eCommerce business. We'll help you manage your Magento business better.

Magento Support and Maintenance

Don't let a glitch or bug create downtime on your online store. Our Magento experts can conduct a few quality checks, perform tests, and execute enough fixes to keep your website functioning 24/7. From malware to plugins, we address every issue on your Magento site.

Magento Module Development

The Magento Experts in Virtina can create a custom module for your Magento store. Our Magento development experts can create the best module to fulfill your unique business needs. Manage your inventory, taxes, SEO, orders, logistics, or address any other aspect of your online store.

Magento Performance Optimization

The Magento developers and performance experts in Virtina can speed up your slow and bloated Magento website on desktop and mobile devices. From minifying CSS, JavaScript to optimizing images, and fixing other flaws, we'll improve the performance of your online store. 

Magento Troubleshooting

Our Magento developers can detect any bugs and anomalies on your Magento website early to prevent any downtime or crashes. Keep your website functioning smoothly and accessible 24/7 without any glitches. We'll monitor and maintain your store to ensure it stays live. 

Magento Stock Management

Our experts can help you manage your inventory with ease. If you wish to modify or scale the in-built inventory management features, then our Magento developers can be at your service. Get full visibility about your stock, plus access detailed analytics to help make better decisions.

Talk to our experts to develop an eCommerce store on Magento

Migration to Magento 2 For an Automotive Accessories Shop in USA

Virtina won a project from a company in Pennsylvania, USA via a marketing agency. The client is a leading manufacturer of custom & hard-to-find coolant tubes for show trucks, fire trucks, motor coaches, school buses & more.

Bush Refrigeration
Magento 2 Website for Refrigeration Products Manufacturer

Bush Refrigeration takes pride in dealing with the integrated sales and distribution of refrigeration systems meeting the various needs of customers commercially and non commercially. They wanted to build a technically-sound..

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Magento Development Company in New York - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you update your clients about the progress of our project?

Virtina makes it a point to keep in touch with our clients. Any update regarding the project is relayed to the client by the project manager overseeing the project. Furthermore, our clients can always reach out to us via phone, mail,  instant messenger tools, and other mediums. 

How much do you charge per Magento development project?

The project's total cost will depend on numerous variables, such as size, complexity, requirements, scope, and other factors. We'll give you an affordable quote after thoroughly analyzing the intricate details of your unique project and the corresponding solutions.

How long does it take to complete a development project?

The time it takes to complete the project depends on the complexity, issues, and challenges. 95% of the projects we handle are on a fixed cost or time basis. However, now and then, we advise our customers to work on an hourly basis on projects that require an extensive amount of troubleshooting. We'll bill you according to the number of hours used. 

Do you provide Search Engine Optimization services for a Magento website?

The Search Engine Optimization Experts in Virtina can assist you with any SEO-related requirements for your Magento site. From link analysis to keyword research, sitemap, meta tags, image optimization, and more, we can implement every aspect within the SEO spectrum to improve your SEO ranking and organic traffic.

Can you develop a custom plugin for our unique requirements?

Our expert developers are more than capable of developing a custom plugin or tweaking a plugin to meet your unique business requirements. Our Magento team can even build complex plugins with many features from the ground up for your eCommerce store.

Do you provide Conversion Rate optimization for an eCommerce store on Magento?

Yes, we do. In fact, Virtina has a unique Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) program called Holistic Data-driven Commerce Revenue Optimization (CRO-HD). We took the generic CRO practices a step further and created CRO-HD that takes a holistic approach and focuses on not just one but multiple KPIs.

Can you create a custom theme for my eCommerce store?

Yes, we can. The Magento theme designers in Virtina can create a unique, stunning, responsive, user-friendly and, SEO-friendly theme or template from the ground up for your unique business requirements and in sync with your brand identity. 

Will I face any issues in my project post-production release?

Virtina has a reliable QA team that assesses every aspect of the project before delivery. Our experts will fix any issues you face after the project gets delivered. Any post-delivery problems that emerge after production release will be resolved. However, this doesn't include problems caused by server/plugins, code changes, or third-party service provider changes.

Do you rely on freelancers to complete the project?

Virtina has a dedicated team of certified in-house expert developers who handle the project from start to finish. The project manager and the internal team will be the only ones overseeing your project. We don't rely on freelancers or third-party agencies to complete the project. 

Are you willing to sign an NDA agreement with your clients?

Yes, we'll sign an NDA agreement. Virtina respects client confidentiality. All your deliverables, source code, exchanged information, and other data will stay protected. We don't share or communicate sensitive and classified information to anyone outside the team that handles your project.

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