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Virtina is a certified partner that offers award-winning Magento development services for businesses of all sizes. We've helped companies, from small mom-and-pop shops to global corporations, solve their unique business challenges.

Our experts conduct a holistic and data-driven analysis of your business model to transform your website into an effective marketing tool.

Get personalized recommendations for your unique business challenges and make your ideas a reality!

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Magento Development Services

Magento Development Services in Los Angeles
  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Payment Integrations
  • Magento website development
  • Magento Store Customization
  • Magento Third-party Plugins and Extensions
  • Magento App Development
  • Magento Migration Services
  • Magento Maintenance and Support
  • Magento Performance Optimization

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Magento Project Cycle - From Onboarding to Delivery

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Why Choose Virtina for Magento Development?

Virtina is the most trusted Magento solution partner in Phoenix for all your eCommerce needs. We are a team of dedicated Magento developers equipped with industry-wise expertise and innovative ideas for different business types. We have customized powerful enterprise-level stores on Magento through our professional eCommerce solutions.

Our Magento developments services are designed to help you achieve your goals, whether that's to build the next great eCommerce success story or just give your existing store a boost. From Magento Open-source to Magento Commerce, we are skilled at handling everything Magento, irrespective of the versions, to help you make the most of your investment in the platform.

We've been developing Magento stores for many years and have worked with hundreds of clients across the country, so we know what it takes to create a successful business around this powerful platform. From SEO Services, Migration Services, Store Customization Services, Marketplace Development, Mobile App Development, Payment Gateway Integrations, and Optimizations, we got you covered with our full range of services.

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The Most Trusted Magento
Development Company in Phoenix

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their needs. Our team of Magento professionals has many years of experience in web development, and we are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions to help them thrive.

We believe that every business deserves a chance at success, so we're here to help you make that happen! Our Magento experts design, develop, and optimize novel online storefronts on Magento to make your backend operations feasible and simple.

We create exclusive custom websites that are guaranteed to succeed and grow.
Reliable Magento Development Company in Los Angeles

Magento Web Development Services

Our Magento Team provides a comprehensive range of Magento Solutions to every client irrespective of the platform version - Magento Community, Magento Enterprise, or others.

Magento Web Development

Magento is a complex and sophisticated platform that requires an expert, certified team to streamline its eCommerce footprint. Our Magento web development experts create robust and responsive high ROI eCommerce websites that are highly scalable, visually superior, and engaging.

Magento Theme Development

Virtina's experts deliver highly functional, fully manageable front-end Magento theme development services. Integrate a stock theme or customize it as you wish; we can help. The look and feel of your store will create more engagement and conversions.

Custom Theme Development

If you want your website to stand out, you need a unique theme. The expert Magento theme designers can fulfill this by creating a fully customized theme that reflects your brand value. We do everything from the wireframe to prototyping, to custom page designs, to testing them.

Plugins and Extensions

We create and integrate dependable Magento extensions to your website to expand its possibilities. From SEO suites to product options to order management to shipping suites, we can add additional features to every aspect of your website.

Magento Migration

Migrate to the Magento platform to give your existing website limitless capabilities. Provide an omnichannel shopping experience with a Magento platform. We migrate from other platforms to Magento and between Magento versions without data loss.

Magento Marketplace

Employ our certified Magento team to create a high-quality multi vendor marketplace that benefits your sellers. Convert your store into a marketplace, manage multiple vendors and products, support multiple languages and currencies, and much more with our services.

Magento Integrations

Give your Magento store exceptional functionalities with our ERP, payment gateway, shipping, accounting, CRM, inventory management, and many more integration services. Automate backend processes to ease your workload and focus on growing your business.

Magento Support and Services

Our Magento support and maintenance team fix every issue, from malware to plugins to bugs to glitches, to maintain a manageable workflow and guaranteed quality of your Magento store. We perform quality checks and ensure fixes to keep your website running smoothly at all hours.

Magento Module Development

Achieve next-level capabilities for your website with our custom modules and extensions. Our developers create modules with core customizations that help explore the full potential of your Magento store by effortlessly managing daily processes.

Magento Performance Optimization

Enhance site speed and optimize your website for mobile and desktops with our performance optimization services. Our experts optimize code, theme, style, third-party integrations, databases, and servers to give you a high-performance eCommerce store.

Magento Troubleshooting

Our monitoring and maintaining services would help keep your site live 24/7 without any risks of downtime or site crashes. Our expert Magento developers identify bugs and anomalies and fix them early on to keep your website functions uninterrupted.

Magento Stock Management

Manage your inventory successfully with a total view of your stock to improve efficiency. Streamline stock management end-to-end to avoid manual tasks. Our experts modify or scale the in-built inventory management features and access detailed analytics.

Personalize your Magento store to offer enhanced customer shopping experience
Migration to Magento 2 For an Automotive Accessories Shop in USA

Virtina won a project from a company in Pennsylvania, USA via a marketing agency. The client is a leading manufacturer of custom & hard-to-find coolant tubes for show trucks, fire trucks, motor coaches, school buses & more.

Bush Refrigeration
Magento 2 Website for Refrigeration Products Manufacturer

Bush Refrigeration takes pride in dealing with the integrated sales and distribution of refrigeration systems meeting the various needs of customers commercially and non commercially. They wanted to build a technically-sound..

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Magento Development Company in Phoenix - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the pros of the Magento platform?

Magento is an open-sourced platform and offers unlimited customization properties. It gives users complete control over the website. Magento has a modifiable source code making the functionalities extraordinarily flexible and customizable. It is feature-rich, SEO friendly, fast loading, flexible with content management, and has advanced reporting features.

Why are Magento Development Services essential?

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that caters to mid or large-scale businesses handling vast operations. The setup, development, customization, or migration processes for the platform are pretty intricate and arduous. The process cannot be done by merchants unfamiliar with coding. It has to be performed by an expert Development Company.

What do a Magento developer and designer team do?

Magento is a complicated platform for web developers to work with. It is advisable to depend on a team of Magento experts with a proven track record of building Magento-powered websites from scratch. Our dedicated Magento experts are also adept at Magento website customizations, third-party plugin integrations, and SEO services, among others.

Do you provide Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services? 

Yes. Virtina has a team of seasoned experts who can provide you with the ultimate migration services. We back up your store, clone the Magento 1 store and migrate to Magento 2 seamlessly after careful consideration of compatibility to make the migration services as seamless as possible. We take care to avoid data loss, glitches, and bugs.

Where can I view extensions and third-party connectors for my Magento Website?

It is quite simple. Since Magento is a top-rated platform, you can find numerous sites online to find both free and paid extensions. You can find hundreds of options to choose from with a quick Google search for 'Magento Connect.' Make sure to get an experienced developer's help with integration solutions to avoid errors and site crashes.

Do you provide Conversion Rate Optimization for an eCommerce store on Magento? 

Yes, we do. In fact, Virtina has a unique Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) program called Holistic Data-driven Commerce Revenue Optimization (CRO-HD). We took the generic CRO practices a step further and created CRO-HD that takes a holistic approach and focuses on not just one but multiple KPIs to deliver an optimized end-to-end digital experience.

How secure is my site's data with Magento and your company?

Magento is a very complex but stable and secure platform. It comes with some of the best security features available in the market. The probability of the Magento application getting hacked, therefore, is very low. It is one of the reasons why 2.3% of eCommerce stores worldwide choose the Magento platform to run their eCommerce sites.

Do you rely on freelancers to complete your projects?

Virtina has a dedicated team of certified in-house expert developers who handle the project from start to finish. The project manager and the internal team will be the only ones overseeing your project. We don't rely on freelancers or third-party agencies to complete a project. We function as an end-to-end Magento solution provider for our clients.

Are you willing to sign an NDA agreement with your clients? 

Yes, we generally sign an NDA agreement with our clients. Virtina respects client confidentiality. All your deliverables, source code, exchanged information, and other data will stay protected. We never share or communicate sensitive and classified information pertaining to your project to anyone outside the team that handles your project.

How do you update your clients about the progress of our project? 

Virtina makes it a point to keep in touch with our clients. Any update regarding the project is relayed to the client by the project manager overseeing the project. Furthermore, our clients can always reach out to us via phone, mail, instant messenger tools, and other mediums.

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