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Core Web Vitals Effect the Page Experience of Your eCommerce Business

Core Web Vitals Influence

✓ How Quickly your site loads
✓ Time it takes for the site to become functional
✓ How effortless it is to use your site - UX

If any of the above diminishes, your website will witness the following:

  • Low Organic Traffic
  • Low Page Speed
  • Low User Experience
  • Severe Drop in Sales

Our performance optimization experts will detect, diagnose, and fix all the issues affecting your site's Core Web Vitals. Once done, your site will start witnessing more traffic, better  page speeds, more engagement, and higher conversions.

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If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over 25% of users will click away
- Kissmetrics

Drawbacks of Unoptimized Core Web Vitals

  • Low ranking on Search Engine
  • Flawed User Experience (UX)
  • Increased Abandonment or Bounce Rates
  • Drop in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Minimal Organic Traffic to your online store
  • Decreased Retention Time and Engagement
  • Lower Order Placements or Conversion Rate
  • Significant Decrease in Revenue and Profits

Don't let the Core Web Vitals Update ruin your eCommerce business

Virtina's Core Web Vitals Results

Our Page Speed Clientele

Virtina's Diverse Platform Capability

Why Choose Virtina to Optimize Your Website's Core Web Vitals?

Virtina is the most reliable company to optimize Google Core Web Vitals. We assess, research, and detect flaws, errors, and other anomalies in your website. Once done, we implement impactful and effective tactics and solutions. Our holistic approach and methodologies result in improved User Experience, page speed, and search rankings for your website.

  • Expert Familiarity With Page Speed Optimization
  • Familiarity With B2B and B2C Websites
  • Budgeted and Affordable Solutions
  • Highly-skilled Page Speed Experts
  • Proactive Communication and Updates
  • Timely Delivery of Projects
  • Impactful Page Speed Optimization Tactics
  • Rigorous Testing Methodologies
  • Dedicated Team of In-house Page Speed Experts

What Are the Core Web Vitals?

Starting June 2021, Core Web Vitals have become part of Google’s Page Experience signals. The Core Web Vitals score will measure the Quality Of User Experience (UX) on a website. The page experience update will impact your site's Search Engine Rankings as well. Optimize the Core Web Vitals now.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) measures when the largest content element (main content) in the viewport becomes visible. LCP indicates the time it takes for the main content of the page to finish rendering on screen. (LOADING)

First Input Delay (FID) indicates the website’s responsiveness. FID measures the time between the first interaction with a page to the time when the browser starts processing event handlers to respond to that interaction. (INTERACTIVITY)

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) indicates how often visitors on your website's page experience abrupt layout shifts. A lower Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) score will result in the best user experience. (VISUAL STABILITY)

How Can Virtina Help With Core Web Vitals Optimization?

  • Optimize the Multimedia Elements
  • Analyze the Server and CDN
  • Reduce Redirects and HTTP Requests
  • Optimize Bloated 3rd-party Plugins
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Minify Code on the Webpages
  • Assess Your Hosting solution
  • Database Optimization
  • Analyze Badly Caching Pages
  • Check CSS performance

Elements we Target to Optimize Core Web Vitals?

  • Server responsiveness
  • Resource load time
  • JavaScript and CSS  
  • Client-side rendering
  • Check the CDN in place
  • Identify Render blocking resources
  • Minify the code
  • Check and improve the Caching policy on your server
  • Identify slow third-party scripts
  • Internal linking
  • Unused codes from files
  • Device Compatibility of pages
  • Code-splitting
  • Check for Redundant Scripts
  • JavaScript execution time
  • Use Web workers to reduce the load
  • Third-party widgets, ads, iframes
  • Fonts with Flash of Invisible Text 
  • Fonts with Flash of Unstyled Text
  • Dynamically injected content
  • Videos and images 
  • Inappropriate background image or HTML code image size
  • Animations with layout shifts
  • Document Object Model (DOM) elements

Our Services to Improve Core Web Vitals

Plugin Optimization

The experts at Virtina will help review, rewrite the code, and optimize any 3rd Party plugins for efficient performance.  We'll identify  plugins with buggy code that increase the load on your server's resources, introduce additional database queries, and diminish your website's performance.

Multimedia Optimization

Our experts will compress and optimize images, videos, to other visuals that deplete the site's performance. We will shrink all the heavy elements on the page to a bare minimum. We utilize lazy load, srcset, video embedding, image optimizers, and various other tactics to optimize a laggy site.

Database Optimization

Our Database Analyst will study your database setup and configuration. We'll evaluate  your database schema – reduce joins, de-couple the data where necessary, and monitor the database read and write time. Our experts will also check for unnecessary data and clean out old unused tables.

Mobile Optimization

Virtina's page speed experts assist with fluid grids, flexible images, media queries, and Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Thus, your visitors receive fast responding sites and ultra-low page load times. Our experts help to improve mobile experience, elevate your rank on SERP, and increase the organic traffic to your site.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Our experts will help to reduce excessive redirects. Too many redirects increase the number of server requests- which'll slow down page loads. We avoid redundant redirects, reduce chain redirects, clean-up old redirects that conflict with new URLs. Furthermore, we help fix redirect loops, 301 and 302 redirects, and 404 error pages.

CSS Performance

Our performance experts will remove any unused CSS in the style sheet. We'll focus on stripping all of the unused styles and leave the least amount of CSS needed for optimum performance. We'll reduce the stylesheet to achieve a quicker load. Furthermore, we'll lessen the amount of CSS files and properly call your CSS file.

Hosting Evaluation

Our experts will review and compare the performance of your hosting company, with other popular, credible, and highly recommended hosting providers. We will evaluate your current hosting packages and infrastructure, then make the right recommendation to   choose the right configuration or hosting provider.

Optimize / Minimize the Code

The page speed experts at Virtina will minimize the code size as much as possible. Fewer lines of code will speed up the delivery of the site’s files to the requesting browsers. Our experts use the best CSS delivery practices. We optimize the code by looking at the execution time and remove unwanted looping.

Minify JavaScript

Our performance experts will Minify JavaScript, remove all of the jumbled and complicated HTML code, merge JS files, and trim the excess of code pieces to reduce the number of server requests and deliver the content more smoothly to optimize the rendering path. We'll minify your CSS and optimize the critical rendering path. 

Get your eCommerce website to load faster on every device and browser


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Core Web Vitals Optimization - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do you take to complete a page speed optimization project?

The overall time needed for completion will depend on the complexity of the project. The cost of a Page speed optimization project varies depending on the scale and complexity of your specific requirements. Thus, the extent of time will vary depending on the number of pages, code anomalies, unoptimized elements,  database complications, and other factors.

What will it cost to start a page speed optimization project with Virtina?

The overall cost of a page speed optimization project will depend on the exact nature of the project. Our experts will evaluate your specific requirements to fully understand your website's page speed pain points before arriving at a final quote. Nonetheless, all our solutions are cost-effective and affordable.

Do you complete the page speed optimization project in-house?

Yes. Virtina doesn't assign/forward the project details to any external agency or freelancer. All the sensitive source code gets handled in-house, and no other organization/individual will be involved with the project. We entrust all the page speed optimization work to our internal experts. Our in-house team will be the only ones overseeing your project. 

How does Virtina communicate with its clients?

Virtina will keep in touch throughout the project. We will assign a Project Manager who will be your point of contact. The manager will update you about all the progress (milestone completion) that happens in the project. We use several communication mediums like email, instant messenger tools, phone, etc., to stay connected.

Is Virtina ready to sign an NDA agreement?

Yes, we don't take privacy and confidentiality lightly. Virtina signs an NDA agreement for every project it undertakes. This gives our clients utmost confidence and relief when collaborating and communicating with us. We are more than willing to present you with an NDA document and other confidential letters before the project's commencement.

Can you improve Core Web Vitals irrespective of the eCommerce platform?

Yes. Our experts can optimize the various elements slowing your website, irrespective of the eCommerce platform. Our expert familiarity with Open-source and SaaS platforms means we can elevate the page speeds on every single platform. From WooCommerce to BigCommerce, and many others, we'll improve your site's load speed and various aspects of user experience.

How do you measure the Core Web Vitals of an eCommerce website?

Our experts will use both lab tools and field tools to measure your online store's Core Web Vitals value. We will evaluate your website through PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, Chrome User Experience Report,, Google Search Console, and many other tools to get the best insight into code issues, Slow Server Response Times, and other experience metrics.

Does Virtina submit a report of its findings to the client?

Yes, we do. Our experts will prepare a detailed report with actionable insights of the comprehensive tests we've run on your eCommerce store to identify the flaws, the findings we have accumulated from these steps, and finally, all the subsequent steps you need to take to improve your website's loading experience and Google Core Web Vitals Score.

What happens if I face any issues with my project post its production release?

If anything goes wrong after the project gets delivered, we will fix any issues in an unlikely scenario. Any post-delivery problems that arise during the period (number of days) since production release will be resolved. However, this doesn't include problems caused by server/plugins, code changes, or third-party service provider changes.

 Can you optimize my eCommerce website on desktop and mobile devices?

Yes, we can. Our experts will help optimize your online store for the best user experience on desktop and mobile devices. We can build Accelerated mobile pages, optimize the rendering order, compress items, cache the pages correctly, and apply suitable tactics to provide fast loading on both smartphones and desktops.

Improve the Core Web Vitals of
Your eCommerce Website

Don't let an eCommerce website with slow page loads and poor User Experience (UX) eat into your revenue and profits. Reach out to our experts now.