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3 Reasons Why Volusion a Beloved eCommerce Platform?

Volusion is one of the most loved eCommerce platforms in the world. More than 40000 thousand vendors across the globe are using Volusion for their eCommerce businesses. According to Volusion’s official source, the total business is more than $18 billion till date. This article is trying to point out some significant qualities of Volusion that make it highly popular among eCommerce businesses.

Easy Setup

That is the most tempting quality of Volusion. With Volusion, anyone can start an online store. They have made it as simple as starting a blog. You don’t need any technical know how to set up a Volusion store. Just sign up, choose a template and follow the instructions of the setup wizard. It has the right tools to customize your store as you like. This makes Volusion very appealing to aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Professional Customer Care

Volusion should be appreciated for the care they are giving to their customers. They are maintaining a very easy way for integrating stores so that anyone can do it without much difficulty. Volusion also provides a lot of tutorial videos, and FAQ sections to guide users to set up and run a store perfectly. User can ask their doubts in the forum and it will be answered promptly. Customers are also provided call and live chat option to solve their issues with the online store. Overall, their customer care service is highly professional.

Top-notch Security

Nowadays the most crucial concern of all online businesses, especially the eCommerce sector, is building security against internet frauds. Preventing such frauds is really important in the success of ever businesses. Volusion considers this matter with utmost importance and provides infallible security to its customer stores. The security system is comprehensive and offers features like Payment Card Industry Programme, Cardholder Information Security Programme, Security Socket Layer, etc. Their security system protects customers’ credit/debit card data. It also prevents data from being forged during transactions.

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