Woocommerce and GDPR

Is Your Woocommerce Store & WordPress GDPR Compliance – 2018

GDPR, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation will be coming into effect from 25 May 2018. So as a WooCommerce Store Owner, what all you should know about GDPR?

A generalisation of what the GDPR states that if a WordPress site collects information regarding an EU citizen is as follows:

    • User can access and take the information with them.
    • User has the ability to delete their information.
    • User should be informed, who you are, why you collect the information and for how long the information is being collected and who will be the ultimate owner/receiver of the information collected.
    • User consent must be collected before the information about the user is collected.
    • User should be informed if a data breach happen.

As a WooCommerce store owner, you need to understand about GDPR and if you have products intended to EU customers or if your store has visitors from EU. You can use SEO tools or even Google Analytics to understand the same.
GDPR is considered more stronger and restrictive than the “EU cookie law“. The Website can be termed as GDPR-complaint on how the website has been created and setup. It depends on how the user information is being used and processed in your WooCommerce website. The updation of the GDPR policy will be an important step to make the user understand about how the site complies about GDPR. To know more about the GDPR compliance for WooCommerce Stores, we suggest you to consult with a WooCommerce certified expert. Virtina as a Verified Woocommerce Expert and WordPress expert company, we recommend you to make sure that if your WooCommerce store collects information regarding an EU citizen or has visits from EU location, to make your WooCommerce store GDPR Compliant. We will be providing more information about GDPR for other ecommerce platforms.


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