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Volusion Store Template Editing & Customization Tutorial

Even though Volusion provides quality templates with responsive design, you may have to tweak it make it suitable for your branding and purpose. For a person who is well versed with HTML and CSS can do it easily. Here we are trying to give you a small guide on how to make changes to your templates.

1. Let’s first duplicate a template

  • Go to Design > Template in your Admin area.
  • Click ‘Duplicate Next’ under the ‘Saved Templates Tab’.
  • Enter a filename and click Duplicate.
  • Now you can see it in your list

2. Now let’s see how you can make changes to different design components.

  • Go to Design > File Editor
  • Take the duplicate template we have created.

3. Here you can find the header on the top section of the page.

4. Search section can be found beneath it.
In some templates search may be given on the header itself.

5. Then you can see the Shopping Cart Display section.
Home, About Us, My Account, Help Links, etc come under it. Navigation Menu comes after this section.

6. Footer Section comes next.
It contains links like About Us, My Account, Products and other info links.

7. Editing Template.CSS
If you have knowledge on HTML and CSS, you can work on the codes to get the design changes you need. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, spacing, styling and so on. You can also change the order of the components of a menu. You can also add or delete different page elements as you wish.   The Styling of your template can be done by choosing ‘vspfiles’ from the dropdown menu. Then templates > the copy > CSS > the page element you want to modify.

After you finish the changes, you have to save it.

You should never forget to take a backup of your template changing it. Otherwise, you cannot restore the previous version, in case it is damaged while customization. Volusion does not provide any support if you damage your template by custom coding.

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