Volusion Paypal Integration

A Sneak Peak To Volusion – PayPal Express Business Account Integration

Volusion have been working closer with the merchants to understand the needs and concerns which have resulted in making the current PayPal Express ( for users) available on both the cart and the checkout for the optimal conversion, which has further resulted in an easier transaction scenario.

As per Volusion statistics the the checkout conversion is up to 44% higher for a Paypal vs non-Paypal transaction. With more than 218 million user accounts PayPal is one among the favorite platform for the online users especially for the online shoppers due to its easy and secure transaction.

Some of the main reasons we as a certified Volusion experts suggests you to use Paypal Express is the additional features that are included,

New Payment UI
The payment UI has been redesigned for easier and better experienced with focus on simplifying the whole process.

Guest checkout
The customers who doesn’t hold a PayPal account now can make the payment with a credit card.

Authorization & capture
PayPal has made available a new option to capture the funds when merchant is ready to ship.

PayPal Credit ( US only)
This is feature that will help both the Customers and Merchants, as the Merchants will get the payment upfront and the customers will get an opportunity/time to pay later.

Speed up checkout
The shipping and billing info will be auto populated in PayPal Express business account

Some of the other features that encourages to use the Paypal Express business account includes the acceptance of credit card even if the payment gateway doesn’t accept the same. The customers will experience a better shopping with a trusted payment method. Volusion merchants with PayPal experienced a 650% average revenue compared to merchants without Paypal. A 20% average conversion rate for merchants who offered paypal payment was observed in comparison to the merchants who did not provide the Paypal payment option. As a certified Volusion partner we also encourages you to use PayPal account / PayPal Express business account as a payment method.

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